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MacTavish rolled onto his side and moaned as the bright light shown through his window. His calloused hands shielded his face from the intruding light and he winced as the door to the room he was currently occupying was slammed open.

There in the doorway stood the one man he had left in this world to trust as a close friend, in a simple pair of boxers. He held a plate in one hand and a coffee cup in the other.

"Hn." The man grunted. "Feel like movin` your ass sometime today?"

Soap turned to his captain to get a better look at him. The man hadn't shaved in a few days and his stubble was blatant all around. He looked exhausted.

Since Price and Soap had been deployed in Victoria, there wasn't much time to get the simplest things in. And yet ironically, Soap still thought of Him several times a day. There wasn't a day that went by that he didn't.

It had been 4 months since Nicolai had flown them outta there. That wretched place. Everyone knew now that Shepard had been a traitor. They knew of the deaths that had occurred. The murders, to be more exact.

" Time is it Price?" he asked as he moved to sit up, wincing once again as he felt a sharp pain in his ribs.

"Dun matter what time it is. Eat something John," Price said eyeing him.

" He's been gone for almost 5 months, you can't go on like this forever." He paused. " I didn't. Because I couldn't. We don't have such luxuries anymore. This job doesn't entail such and s`why we don't get attached damn it."

Soap glanced at him and then sharply took the plate from his hand. He shoved a piece of toast in his mouth and Price frowned. He sat down next to Soap and set the mug on the stand by the bed. Elbows on his knees he leaned forward and sighed. He hadn't a clue as to what he should've been telling the younger man or even how he should say it. Though it was times like these Price really valued their relationship, knowing that not always something had to be said.

Price leaned back to rest his head against the wall while he waited for MacTavish to finish, thrumming his fingers on his thigh to a rhythm only he could hear. When Soap was done he lay back onto the bed and closed his eyes.



"Tell me about a time between you and him."

Price scratched his stubble and thought for a moment. Soap was getting into the habit of asking for such things, well, at least since the betrayal. Seemed reasonable since his situation had ended so much like Price's.

"I have one. But. I'll tell you only, and only if you do something other than lay in this bed all day like a vegetable. We leave Victoria tomorrow to head back to the states. Get up and stretch. Just do something. You`ll feel better John," Price replied as he got up to take the plate from Soap.

" Fine," Soap ground out in irritation. " We goin` to the docks later Price?"

Price paused in the doorway and turned to him. He gave a slight nod of his head and shut the door back behind him.

MacTavish folded his pillow in half and lay his head back against it. He let his eyes slowly close and he huffed. He was acting like some pathetic bitch. And it had been nearly 5 months. He fingered the extra set of tags around his neck and thought about the last time he had been stationed in Victoria. With Simon.

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