The Pink Haired Princess

A Naruto/Tales of Vesperia Fanfic

"Hey! Is anyone home?" A man knocked on the door, twisting the handle and opening the door since it was unlocked. "Hey, come on, is anyone here?" He looked down at the sword wrapped up in straps that he held in his right hand and then to his companion that was walking silently with him. "Huh. Guess no one's home." He shrugged slightly and walked inside, taking a good look around. Since it was the middle of the afternoon, he figured it was best if he just waited here at the house instead of going and looking around.

He stood there, silently for a moment, dressed in dark colors, a sword scabbard with the weapon enclosed within was wrapped up with leathers to make it easier to carry in his right hand. A bag was slung over his left shoulder and he smiled while looking around the house. He had the perchance to muse to himself outloud instead of mentally and he carried himself as if he was a refined man that was used to doing dirty work. His hair was long and went down to his midback, it was also a very dark violet hue and almost stood out in a crowd. He was pushing his fourth decade and his birthday would in fact be quite soon, yet he managed to look youthful and still seemed to be in his mid-twenties.

"Y'know, next time remind me to send a letter ahead. Then again, this was supposed to be a surprise." He said with a sigh as he looked down to the side as his companion gave a snort. "Hey, don't give me that. You know you want to see their faces too." He shook his head as he got a rolled eye as a retort. "Fine, fine." the man mumbled as he let go of his weapon, depositing it beside the couch as he walked into the living room. "It's nice to see not much has changed. I always did like the way she had the layout of the room." He smiled a mysterious smile as he went over to one of the tables and picked up a picture.

There were three people sitting there, first in the top right corner was himself, standing tall while decked out in dark colors and behind a woman who sat sedately while dressed in white and ink. On her lap was a little child dressed in red looking brightly at the camera with a wide grin plastered on her little features.

"Really, it's been to long..." he murmured, looking down at his companion who just gave a small 'whuff' in response. In truth, it had been almost seven years since he went away on his trip. Originally, it was supposed to only last a year, but things kept cascading and snowballing from there. It was a major pain in the ass to think about. Yet at the same time...

"Ya know, I kinda missed it here." The man smiled slightly while shaking his head. After a faint look at his companion he rolled his shoulders in a shrug. "Wonder when they're getting home." All he got was a snort in response causing his own sigh to escape past his mouth.

Just before he decided to sit down on the couch, he unshouldered his bag and dropped it next to the sword. After that, he really did literally flop down onto the couch, almost as if he was boneless, all the while, still holding the picture. Another sigh escaped him as he continued to look at his family, wondering what exactly he had missed over these past seven years. What had happened while he was gone? With a rueful shake of his head he suddenly smirked down at his bag, thinking about the contents within and what his family would think about the surprises he brought with him.

A sudden thought came to him as he looked down, blinking a few times at his companion. "Hey, you want me to take that so you can lay down, or what?" He pointed absently at the dagger attatched to his companion's shoulder.. He just got an eye cocked at him before his companion let out a small whine and then barked twice at him.

Yres, the one he had been travelling with for the past seven years was a dog. Specifically it was a large blue and white dog with a large scar over his left eye, a pipe in his mouth from his previous master, a chain wrapped around his neck like a collar that dangled to the ground, and a dagger on his right shoulder.

"Oh fine. Gon on then. I know you want to go see Kuro and Tsume. I'll just wait for Estelle by myself, Repede." All that got him was another low bark, this time coupled with a growl as the dog named Repede moved and turned into a circle before laying down and looking up at him for a moment before resting his muzzle on his front paws. "Bah. What am I donna do with you?" he sighed and shook his head, pushing himself to his feet. 'Way to go Yuri. Way to get him pissed at you.' he thought to himself. 'Bah, screw it. I need to eat.' With that, the man known as Yuri walked away from the living room and went to the kitchen to try and scrounge up some food. As his look was currently holding the pattern consisted and he found that the kitchen was pretty bare and he finally realised where, at least, Estelle was gone.

"Man. I should've thought of that before I came home." Yuri mumbled from the kitchen, looking around and finding a piece of paper to leave a note. "Hey, Repede, I'm gonna go grab a bite to eat. You coming or staying?" He didn't get a response and Yuri just shook his head with a sigh. "Staying it is then. Man." Yuri laughed a little under his breath and went back to the living room, leaving his sword but grabbing his bag before heading out the front door.

A moment later he was out on the streets, looking up towards the mountainside for the first real time since he got back to the Village he currently lived. "Well, whattya know. She came back and they put her in charge?" He snorted under his breath and pushed his hair back away from his face before continuing on dow the road. "Haven't had ramen in a while, might as well go make a snack of it before I go find Estelle in the marketplace." He mused aloud like he usually did, wondering exactly how Teuchi had been doing these past seven years. His daughter should be all grown up now too.

It didn't take Yuri long, but he did decide to take a scenic route around the village to see what all had changed. It looked as if most of the buildings had been upgraded and fixed up not that long ago. Some of the changes were interesting, some of them, not so much. Eventually he did find himself outside of a ramen resturant called Ichiraku's. "Hey, Teuchi, you in?" He called, parting the top cloth as he walked in and sat on one of the stools since the place had no customers.

"Oh, ho." An older look man called out, looking at his newest customer for a moment. "If it isn't Yuri." Teuchi Ichiraku smiled from across the counter, wiping down his hands with a clean rag. "So, you're finally back, huh? I'm surprised it took you so long."

"Yeah, a whole seven years." Yuri said with a faint sigh, tapping his fingers on the counter-top while shaking his head slightly. "It should've only taken a year or so." He let out another sigh as he shook his head. "Damn problems back home and all that. Glad to be back home, I think Repede is too."

"Good to hear it. What about your wife, what she say?" Teuchi asked with a faint grin.

"Uh, actually, haven't seen Estelle yet. She and the kiddo were gone out when I got home. Left a note and Repede back home, he was about ready to take a nap." Yuri smirked a little and tilted his head to the side to get a look outside at the rest of the village before turning back to Teuchi. "Might as well have a Miso, if you don't mind. Er...I need to get some money converted actually. Shit."

Teuchi waved it off. "You can pay with what you've got and give me some stories of while you were gone. Besides, I've always got extra Miso anyway." Teuchi grinned as he turned around and started to get to work, making his most popular dish.

"Hah. Thanks Teuchi." Yuri grinned a little and reached into his pockets and pulled out a few coins of pure gold and dropped them on the table. It'd more than enough pay for the bowl in the trade values but Yuri had tons to spare so it wasn't really like it mattered. "Well, you know why I left, right?"

"Yep." Teuchi responded over his shoulder, not missing a beat with the noodles.

"Well, it snowballed from there. I swear, it was as if everything I touched went downhill. I think my luck was worse that old-lady Tsunande." Yuri shook his head at that and snorted. The woman wasn't even fifteen years older than him, sure, but she always disguised it, looking younger than even he did. "Ended up in jail for over a year altogether." Yuri grinned at that.

"Seriously? What for?" Teuchi asked with a frown as he got to the halfway mark while making the food.

"Old charges back when I was in my twenties. I was trying to avoid it, but they caught up with me before I could come home at the end of the first year. It's actually the reason I stayed even longer. Things went down bad back there." Yuri sighed a little. "Though, because of that I missed my little girl's graduation."

"And her promotion actually." Teuchi said as he added the finishing touches to the bowl and set it before Yuri, a glass of water appearing to go with it.

"Oh, damn. Seriously? Estelle's gonna kill me." Yuri said with a rueful shake of his head. "What else did I miss about her?"

"Ah, now that would be telling." Teuchi said with another wide grin. "Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. You'll just have to wait to talk to her to find out. Why hello there Naruto! Back already?" Teuchi went from looking at Yuri to the newest customer with a genuine smile on his lip.

"Hey old man! Can I get a couple Miso?" The one called Naruto said as he sat dwn a stool away from Yuri who started to laugh inwardly when he got a strange look from Naruto. "Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?" Naruto had a weird frown and his eyes closed to make his face look just like a fox while he was thinking.

Yuri turned from his bowl after eating for a few seconds and gave Naruto a once over, noting the black and orange clothing, the bright blonde hair that was almost straight yellow. He thought back over the years and started to laugh as he remembered the old jumpsuit the brat used to wear. Black and orange was certainly better than white, blue and orange. "Well, well, if it ain't the pipsqueak. Still short and wearing orange I see."

"Hey! I ain't short ya geezer!" Naruto harumphed, opening his blue eyes widely as he started to remember who was sitting near him. "Besides, ain't you like fourty something now? Hey, hey, you using a Genjutsu like the old hag?" Naruto asked suddenly, brightly and with a wide grin on his lips.

"All natural, pipsqueak." Yuri said, not bringing up his age. "So, you got through huh? How many tries did it take you? I knw you failed that first year I left." His voice went gentle, trying not to sound rude. He was actually curious.

"Passed on the fourth try. Found out they were sabotagin' my scores after that first one, making me do stuff I couldn't do on purpose. The bastards." Naruto grumbled but turned suddenly cheery when his first bowl of Miso Ramen was placed in front of him, "Thanks old man!" he said cheerfully and dug in, done in just a moment.

Yuri just shook his head and continued to slowly nurse his own bowl "So, how'd you manage to pass? I can bet they made you do the same thing everytime, so what was different?"

"Mizuki." Naruto mumbled as the second bowl was palced in front of him, it being devoured almost as fast. "Told me I could pass if I did something different. Stole the Forbidden Scroll and learned something from it."

Yuri arched an eyebrow at Naruto for a moment and looked him over. "You managed to sneak past the Hokage's guards, the old man himself, took the scroll, got out and managed to learn a skill from it before you got caught?" he asked, just to clarify, also doing the math in his head. "All while you were only, what? Twelve?"

"I'm just that awesome! Well, that and I beat up Mizuki-teme after he hurt Iruka-Sensei. The Kage-Bushin did help though." Naruto grinned foxily at Yuri who just laughed while thinking about it. He knew what the Kage-Bushin was and what it could do too, and it was evident that Naruto wasn't a Chuunin yet, despite having learned a Jounin ability and beating a Chuunin teacher. Probably the old farts on the council.

"Knew you could do it one day, pipsqueak. Sorry I wasn't around for any of it. I got held up back where I used to live before I moved here." Yuri said finally finishing his bowl and handing it to Teuchi who just watched the two of them with a smile. "So, what've I missed while I've been gone? I see the old lady has her face up there. What happened to old man Sarutobi?" Yuri grimaced as he asked the question, glad he was now turned away and leaning against the counter with his back.

"Oorchimaru-hebi invaded during my first chuunin exam..." Naruto trailed off himself. The boys emotions fluctuating back and forth. "Him and Oji-san got into a fight on one of the buildings. He got killed in the fight." He was rather subdued when he said that, but his voice was getting some more emotion. "But he held off the hebi-teme and apparently both the First and Second all at the same time! Oji-san was badass." Naruto nodded resolutely. It was good that the boy still had some of the energy as he did seven years ago. Yuri was almost worried that the people would take away his smile in their ignorance. "A bunch of stuff happened with me and my team. I got to go on a lot of cool missions. I even got to save a princess once. It was so cool." Naruto with a thumbs up. "We just got back from a mission too. Yamato-taicho is reporting to Baa-san right now along with my other two teammates. They should be here soon actually."

"Oh, that so? Why don't I treat you all to a bowl when they get here then?" He twisted and looked over at Teuchi. "That not going to be a problem, Teuchi? I can go get some of my funds exhcnaged if you want me to first."

"Whatever you have on you is fine, Yuri. I like the foreign currency anyway." Teuchi said with a grin before looking back at Naruto. "You'll still need to pay for your own of course."

"No problem. Gama-chan is stuff with money right now. I've been saving up y'see. Had to hide it all from Ero-Sennin." Naruto gave Yuri a funny look as the older man held in an amused snort. "I'll take another bowl of Miso on my own while we wait."

Yuri gave Teuchi and odd look and cocked his head at Naruto while snickering and mouthed the words that Naruto said, 'Ero-Sennin?' and got back 'Jiraiya-sama.' in response. He just snorted again and shook his head. He then pulled out several more coins from various pockets and dropped them on the counter while Naruto got his third bowl and scarfed it down.

Not long after that, two more customers walked in, an older looking man in a jounin outfit and a pale teen with a belly-shirt that would look better on a girl than it would on a guy. Naruto greeted the heartily. "Yamato-taicho, Sai. Come on, sit down and order a bowl, it's been paid for."

Yamato blinked at that, looking at Teuchi behind the corner who gave him a nod and inclined his head to Yuri who sat there silently, watching the two of them. "Thank you, Naruto."

"No problem, Yamato-taicho, but you should thank the old man." He directed his hand to Yuri and blinked at the purple haired man a few times. "Are you sure you ain't using a genjutsu?"

"I'm quite sure about myself, pipsqueak." Yuri said blandly while still looking at both Yamato and Sai for a moment.

"Fine, fine. Hey where's...?" Naruto was about to ask before Sai cut in.

"Hag'll be here soon, Dickless." Sai said in that almost emotionless voice and fake smile of his. "Hokage-sama held her back to take a look at those burns."

Yuri almost started to laugh outloud about the nicknames, wondering exactly whom the 'hag' was, the amusement at Naruto's name was cut very short at the suddenly blank and dead look that Naruto started to give off at the mention of the burns on his team-mate. "I'm sure she'll be fine, Naruto. It wasn't exactly your fault." Yamato said softly causing Yuri's eyebrow to arch slightly.

"Yes it was..." Naruto trailed off with a mutter, mumbling under his breath about foxes and how stupid they were.

"Naruto." Yamato growled warningly.

"It's fine, Yamato-taicho, everyone here knows." Naruto said rather blithely, causing Yamato to look suspiciously at Yuri who just waved him off.

"Been here for over seventeen years, granted I've been gone for the past seven, but hey." A faint roll of his shoulders, still keeping relaxed, but one of his hands did dip towards the bag he had at his hip. He trusted Teuchi and Naruto, but not either of those two yet. Especially not the teen. "I was there when it attacked and the Fourth dealt with it."

"You're not a civilian." Yamato stated and blinked a few times, it really wasn't a question.

"Yes I am." Yuri quipped right back before looking at Naruto. "I'm sure your teammate is fine." He looked over past Teuchi at the time and frowned a little. Shopping didn't take this long, did it? He was still getting an odd look from Yamato and added to his statement to the younger man. "Well, now anyway." a cheerful half grin passed his lips. "So, you're the team sensei?"

"Ah, no. I'm filling in for Kakashi-sempai." Yamato said neutrally.

"That brat finally passed a team while I was gone? I'll be damned." Yuri laughed suddenly. "Good for him. Standing at the Stone like he did was doing him no good."

"Well, he still does that, actually." Yamato said sincerely. If this man knew Kakashi's habits and Naruto well enough to buy him Ramen, he was either a damn good spy or the genuine article. Sure it was ANBU paranoia, but hey, it usually stood true with you.

"Kaka-sensei is always a few hours late for everything." Naruto grumbled.

"He'd be late to his wn funeral if he could manage it, pipsqueak." Yuri said good naturedly and finally held out his hand to Yamato. "You can call me Yuri."

"Yamato." the ANBU said, shaking Yuri's hand in response.

All the while, Sai watched silently, taking in the actions of those involved, making mental notes here and there on the way they were acting. He notced that the man that introduced himself as Yuri, wondering why he'd intorduce himself as either a flower or as a form of female relationship. It was odd to Sai, really old. Yuri held himself as an aloof person, but there was something guarded in his posture. He had noticed the hand dip towards that pouch, but it was certainly no weapon holster. Yet at the same time, he could see the small seals on the bag from where he sat. There was something very interesting about him, he would have to add this to his report to Danzo, but this gave further observational thought first. Dickless obviously trusted the man with even S-class information, and the old Ramen seller seemed to be friendly too.

All in all?


"Oh, here she comes now!" Naruto said, taking a look outside the shop. "Sakura-chaaaan! Over here!" Naruto waved from his stoold towards his female teamate.

"Wait a..." Yuri blinked a few times looking at Teuchi who had a strange grin on his face. "Did he just say what I think he did?" He got a single nod in response and Yuri glared for a moment. This was part of the surpise wasn't it?

A moment later, Sakura parted the fabric and stood just inside of the stand, looking at her teamamtes and then at Yuri himself, her eyes widening in surprise, but she didn't say anything, she stood there, as if she was shocked about something.

"Hey, hey, Sakura-chan. Sit down, he offered to buy us all a bowl and we were waiting for you to get here." Naruto said cheerily, not notcing the state his teammate and crush was in.

Yamato and Sai, however did. And Sai suddenly shuddered as Yuri gave the teen a glare out of the corner of his eye. Yamato himself clearly saw something was wrong, but Yuri spoke up first while Teuchi was in the background snickering while making several bowls of Ramen.

"Hey Princess. You gonna sit down like pipsqueak said?" Yuri was trying to be nonchalant about the entire ordeal, wroking his jaw a moment before he decided to fall back on cool and confident, but he let a small whisper past his lips. "Yeah...I'm home."

Only Teuchi Ichiraku wasn't surprised at what happened next as Sakura squealed out in delight and threw herself at Yuri.








Notes from the Author:

Yeah, I'm bad. Anyway, random idea floating in my head after I lost 3/4ths of the last chapter of KTR got trashed because of my stupid laptop. I got pissed off at it, so I haven't written anything in the last week because of it and while I was venting I decided to play my newly bought 360 (My last one stopped working properly) and popped in Vesperia. While I was screwing around getting some food while the game was loading I came back while the cutscene when you start up the game was playing and Estelle was sitting there in a field of flowers and I just started to blink a few times, thinking to myself, wow...she kind of looks like Sakura. Same color hair, same color eyes, all that kind of jazz.

Then I started to look up information and found out that Yuri's name, despite being feminine in Japanese, was also a flower. So I pretty much went from there.

So, some information on this fic outside of where I got the idea of it.

Estelle and Yuri are married and mvoed away from wherever it was they were living and ended up in the Elemental Countries. Yuri is either turning 40 or 41 or so. Estelle a couple years younger than that. Other character ages go according to those for the ToV stuff. The Naruto stuff is after the failed mission to bring back Sasuke after Naruto's return and before the Elemental training. The above stuff is really only a prologue because I figured this was the best part to cut it off and and see opinions.

I know my tense in writing is off, I blame a decade of online RPing where I have to take another person's interactions in with the first half and respond from there with my own. I'm trying to fix that and that's the point of my stories here on , to get my writing back up to par.

Also, this is going to be a lot more action orientated once I get into it and some prior knowledge is best with both series, but none of it's really needed for either. I'll be explaining as I go along for some things. I'd also like to note that the beginning is going to be set in Konoha and then it'll be trip time towards ToV, so, who should I bring along? No current ANBU as I need characters that aren't going to be hiding their faces. Pairings, as it were, are undecided outside of the Vesperian ones. That information will be in the next chapter when Yuri talks to Estelle. I'll also openly admit I'm a sucker for NarutoxIno for some inane reason I can't comprehend myself, but that's besides the point.

Finally, there isn't going to be any kind of character bashing, so forget about it. This is obviously a Sakura centric story, so those haters can just bugger off with their complaints. Some characters may be OOC, but, hey. This is Fanfic, so nyah.