A/N: I loved this episode so much. I think it's one of my favourite episodes. It had so much in it. A great case stroyline, plus emotional storylines for both partners. I'm sorry. Probably spelt a few things wrong. I'm crap at spelling, and going from quotes I don't have any written down anywhere. I'm basing it all on my own ear.

Spoliers: 5x06 and 5x07: In The Wee Small Hours Part 1 and 2.

I'd worked with Logan for a few months now. We worked well together as partnership. What I didn't expect was to end up working a case, involving four MCS detectives. But I grew too really like Goren and Eames. Goren had a… unique investigative style that I grew to like. I knew that some people didn't like it, and like my partner, some wanted him gone. But he and Eames, to me, were one of the best partnerships. They weren't just partners, but best friends.

The case involving Judge Garret, did not just threaten to destroy me and Mike, but Goren and Eames as well. They tried to break the best damn MC detectives.

Mike and I were sorting through the laundry. Goren and Eames were talking to and interviewing the parents with Deakin's, and had asked Mike and I to sort through the dirty laundry. Maybe we'd find something. Reluctantly we agreed, and took a suitcase each.

It was quite as we went though our suitcases, until Mike decided to break the silence. "How come we get the dirty laundry?" he directed at me.

"It's their case," I responded, without a moment's hesitation. And it's true. It was their case. I looked down at my suitcase frowning when I failed to find any pants. "There any pants in there?"

"No," he responded, "just shirts socks and underwear."

"None in here either," I responded, curious. "What kind of mother sends their kid on a trip without a change of pants?"

"Besides mine," Mike chanced a glance up at me. I caught his gaze and realised he was serious, but trying to make a joke out of the situation.

He caught my eye and looked away, going back to the clothes he was playing with, "Look at this," he told me, holding it up so I could see it. "We've got large boxers, medium briefs."

I felt a presence behind me and realised that Goren and Eames must have entered the room behind me. When Mike looked over my shoulder, I realised I was correct. "Who packed these?"

"Roommate said Tim and Jesse did," Eames informed us. Logan frowned.

"And they put all the underwear in the same bag?" He threw down the clothes, to signify we were done here with the laundry. We'd found what we were looking for.

"The girls don't remember anything about the place other than it's down a flight of stairs and it has a red bar."

I looked up as I heard Eames say that. I knew which place she was talking about. It was called… "Oh, ah, the Shock and Awe club," I remembered the name of it, "It's on Harrison between Greenwich and Hudson."

I saw everyone in the room look at me. "There's a DJ there I know," I defended myself, walking towards the door. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Logan silently laughing at me, with an expression on his face reading something similar to "of course."

Even months later and we were still learning new things about on another.

When we found out about Tianna, it really got to us. A young black girl goes missing and not a damn thing is done about it, until a white girl goes missing. The case was probably poorly investigated then dismissed. It was racial.

As a cop, it is our job to uphold the law, and catch those that break it. We wouldn't have known anything about Tianna bad it not been for Bethany's disappearance, but we promised ourselves, Logan and I, that we would find who ever was responsible, and find out what happened to her.

"Captain, can we talk about Tianna?" Logan asked Deakin's, as the five of us were in the small conference room, going over the blog. Logan and I both thought it was pointless and selfish for the Chief of D's to only want us to spend time on Bethany. We were hoping to be able to at least have a little time.

"You want the Chief to come around on her you have the rest of the day."

Logan looked at his watch, and I looked up from what I was reading. "Twelve hours?" he looked over at me to see what I thought. He saw it written across me face. "We'll take it."

We got back from interviewing her friends and ran into Goren and Eames, talking about the same duet Logan had previously informed me of.

"What's this about Pearl?" Mike asked Goren, having overheard him telling Eames about the duet he was just speaking of.

"Pearl Bailey," Goren answered Mike's question.

"The blog entries around the time of Tiana's disappearance," Eames clarified for us, "they mention somebody by the name of pearl."

"Tianna asked her friends about a guy calling her pearl," I summed up what Mike and I had found out.

"Alright this is the guy," Logan jumped in. "There's gotta be a way of finding him of his blog."

"Alright well he's very clever," Goren added, as he turned to walk back to his desk. The three of us followed him. "Covering his tacks but he did mention going to a movie at a place called the forty second street country club."

"Ah, it's where the rat pack called times square," Logan pointed out. I leant against Eames's desk watching our male partners.

"Yeah, he also talks about meeting the college gang at Liuchow."

"Yeah, a restaurant it's on East thirteenth. It's an NYU college dorm now."

"His blog is filled with references, places that don't exist anymore. Except," Goren added, "to, you know Rat pack mytho's."

"Seems to be working very hard to be sophisticated beyond his years," I profiled, going of the evidence we had so far, the conclusions we were drawing.

"Well he also talks about his regular after school poker game. At litercranse hall."

"Sinatra reordered there when his career was on the skids," Mike spoke up. He knew an awful lot about the legendary singer. "It's on what? The upper west side?"

"Madison," Goren guessed, "the twenties."

Eames elbowed me. "Let's put them out of their misery," she said, winking at me, sitting down at her computer to type it into the search engine. "Litercranze with a Z? East fifty-Eighth Street between Park and Lex. It's a men's athletic club now."

Mike looked at his watch, then over to me. "Schools out. Time to stack chips with Dino and Sammi." He gave me a direct look, silently asking me permission. I gave it to him. I wasn't his mother. I couldn't tell him what he could and couldn't do.

"Be our guests."

They shared a look saying, "what the hell," before both walked away towards the elevators. Eames leaned back in her chair, relaxing. "There they go. Oceans two."

I laughed with her. Her description of the two was perfect. And accurate.

We watched the interrogation take place on Ethan's friend. When Eames turned to us, it signified that the interview was over, and we could talk.

"Geeze, all I got for my birthday was a transistor radio."

I turned from the window to face the captain. "A father and son tag team. It may not stop with escorts."

"Nail down where Judge Garrett was that Thursday night," he told us turning to leave the room. Logan looked at me and we shared a look.

"This is going to be fun."

All had been going fine on that particular case. Working with Goren and Eames made me glad I was working with a partner, but also gave me a new perspective of investigation. I really enjoyed working with them and with my partner Mike Logan.

Until the trial began. That's when things began to hit a little close to home. It tried to destroy not only my partnership with Logan, but Goren and Eames. It re-enforced my trust and loyalty towards my partner.

They attacked us personally. I did not really care much about what they did to me and to Mike. That was normal. What they did to Eames on the stand, broke my heart but what they did to Bobby. That was unforgivable.

Logan and I had been called into the captain's office while at the judge's house. We knew it could not be good news. And we were right.

"This is crap," Logan said, looking at the file in his hand, then back up at our captain. "These were all investigated and dismissed by the review board."

"All except the last one."

Logan looked down at the file to see which the last one was. "Greg Sanchez. Alleged you threatened him with a pool cue and tried to drag him to a bathroom."

"Oh yeah him..." Mike spoke slowly, looking back up from the file, "Defence. I never actually threatened him."

"Mr Sanchez named Detective Barek as a witness."

All eyes on the room turned to me. "Nobody talked to me about it," I told him, telling the truth. "If they had, I would have said I saw a smart detective using the power of suggestion to get life saving information from a known criminal."

They did it. We both looked up at our captain who allowed us to leave. I reached my desk and sat down. Logan was right behind me. "Hey thanks for what you said back there."

"You don't need to thank me," I told him, "I only said what I saw."

"Well hey," he replied smiling. "Thanks for saying what you saw."

It was at that moment that our captain walked out, with ADA Carver, right up to me. "I got word somebody pulled your FBI personnel file. What will they find?"

It was a statement, rather than a question. What would they find that could damage this case? That could destroy my career and throw out this case?

"The record of somebody who was very unhappy. I was on loan to them for two years after nine eleven. I wanted to talk to somebody across the hall; I had to clear it with three supervisors. I… Those people couldn't stop an asthma attack."

The two shared a smile and walked of. I rolled my eyes. If somebody wanted to throw out this case, they were going about it the wrong way. My FBI file had nothing in it.

Logan and I attended the trial. We watched as Alex Eames got up onto the stand. After everything that had happened to get to this trial, we did not think that he would continue to attack us. But we were wrong.

They asked Alex questions, attacking Goren. When Alex tried to explain, they cut her of. Continuously. They wouldn't let her say anything, and it was taking its toll on her. I'd only just started working with Alex, but I'd come to respect her, even like her. And to see this done to her… to see them try to destroy and discredit Goren. Logan reached over and squeezed me hand to comfort me. But I was not the one who needed comforting.

I was thankful. I knew he felt my pain and was as angered as I was. It wasn't just us he was attacking. We knew Bobby was in the crowd, a few rows ahead of us, and we were both worried about him. After the attack on his mother, this could destroy him.

"You're saying you trust his judgment?"

Alex didn't hesitate before answering the question. "Yes I do."

"Then maybe you'd care to explain this." He brought over a sheet of paper handing it to Alex, who skim read it. "Do you recognise it Detective Eames?"

She took a moment to read the paper, looking up at the man questioning her, before looking down at the paper once more. "Yes," she sighed, "it's a letter… I wrote to my superior officer five years ago." Alex was almost in tears at this stage. We knew this letter could damage the case but also would hurt Eames. But what was in it?

"Please summarise the contents."

She looked directly over at Bobby, before looking down at the letter once more. "It's a request for a new partner. But I withdrew my request."

"Please, read the highlighted passage."

Alex wiped away her tears, looking down at the letter to find the highlighted passage. "Detective Goren's erratic and anti-social behaviour, his volatile and bizarre interrogation techniques led me to have serious doubts about his judgement and mental stability. I want to explain-"

"Thank you," they cut her off. "No more questions," he took the paper of her.

I was crying. I never knew much about Goren and Eames, other than what a fantastic partnership they were. For Alex to have felt this about Bobby… How could they do that? Attack a decorated detective like that on the stand? This would destroy Bobby.

We were lucky that Carver allowed her to explain about the letter. We were angry and upset. Not only did Judge Garret come after us, he went after Goren and Eames, personalising the attacks, going so far at to attack other family members. He was out for blood.

The case was finally over after a hecitc week of investigative work and hard days at trial. Elise Garret had killed Bethany, to protect her son. Not what we were expecting at all. It was an emotional case of all four of us and afterwards, I dragged Eames to the bar, whilst Logan dragged Bobby to the bar.

The four of us meet up, took a seat at a booth. I bought the first round and we all clinked our glasses in the middle, drowning our shots in silence, all four of us lost in our own thoughts about the case, and the preceding affects from the case.

Bobby and Goren had patched things up, but for them to work as efficiently as before, they needed to stitch it up. Logan and I, well, this case seemed to bring us closer together, as partners, but as friends. We were, if anything, stronger than ever.