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Spoilers: 5x08 Saving face - alot of the dialouge is in fact from that episode!

I was used to working alone – but working alongside Mike Logan had caused me to re-evaluate that statement. I no longer enjoyed being by myself but rather enjoyed the company of Mike Logan who everyday managed to surprise me, even months after we became partners. He was one person that I found I could not accurately profile.

"Kids found her; she looks to be in her twenties."

I looked around the site. Dumpsters, an ally way of the main street, dark, concrete walls.

"Were they playing back here?"

It was one of the only solutions that I could see as to how the kids found the body, which you couldn't see when you entered the ally. In fact we had to make our way past at least three dumpsters before we could see the body, so there was no way that the kids could un-less they were, in fact in the ally.

The only thing was that Mike did not appear to notice any of this; as per usual his focus was on the body. It's why we worked so well together. He noticed things about the body, while I noticed other slightly more obscure things.

We made a great team despite the horrific cases that we often worked, and this one was no exception.

Butchered like an animal. A young teenage girl had been butchered like an animal. It was a horrific site, when Mike peeled back the shirt to reveal what had happened to her. I couldn't look. I looked away from the body and towards the surrounding buildings that I could see. How had those kids seen the building?

They had not reported the state of the body and therefore had, by my calculations not seen the body. So how had they seen the body?

"Maybe a window or…" I trailed off, looking around, before turning back towards my partner, only to realise that the detective standing next to me, was giving me weird looks. Sometimes I don't realise that I think out-loud to my self, and I guess in this instant I had been thinking out loud.

I looked down at my partner, who was chuckling. "Talking to your self again Barek?"

I rolled my eyes at him. "Just wandering how the kids saw the body walking to school."

"You know… you could always ask them?"

"How did you ever make detective?" I smirked at him, before walking away from the body and back to where the two young kids stood with their mother, by the crime-scene tape to ask them about how they in fact, had seen the body.

We'd been looking through security footage of the airport arrivals for hours and we were still no closer to finding the girl. We were working alongside side a younger detective, who kept every once in a while glancing at us. It was getting un-nerving.

Pausing the footage I was watching, I stood up, "Mike, I'm getting coffee. You want one?"

He nodded his head and I walked out of the room down the hall to the break room to get us some coffees. It only took us a few minutes before I had them ready to go. Walking down the hall and back into the room, I put mine down in front of the computer monitor I was watching, before passing Mike his.

He nodded gently in thanks. It was a sign of a growing relationship between us when we didn't need words but simple gestures. Sitting back down I began my footage again, feeling the caffeine give me a slight energy boost which was needed given we'd been staring at computer monitors for at least two hours now.

It was silent for a few minutes till Mike spoke up. "I never thought I'd get tired of looking at women."

I just ignored him and kept looking at the screen. Some comments just didn't need a response. Those types of comments were his way of coping with cases, and if I was to be honest, since meeting him, it had made me smile a little, even laugh a little which with cases like these was a good thing – it reminded me of the fact that we were still human. And on cases particularly those like this, that's what we needed to remember.

Mike didn't bother to look at me as he spoke, "On principal I'd like to believe but then again… I'm an agnostic."

"Well, a little faith wouldn't kill ya," I responded, meaning every word of it. It was one thing that I'd learnt hard and fast about Mike Logan. He may be passionate, and let his emotions rule him, take over, but he didn't seem to have any faith in anything.

He looked from the pad he was playing with to give me a look, one I didn't recognise, but one I believed meant that I was slowly beginning to break down his barriers and that he was starting to believe. In me.