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Alice's Adventure in Wonderland: an 1865 novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, tells the story of a young girl named Alice in a fantasy world inhabited by peculiar creatures.

Rukia let out a frustrated sigh, hitting the delete button on her keyboard effectively erasing everything she has typed so far.

She glanced at the bunny-themed clock hanging on her bedroom wall, it read 10:00. How the hell was she supposed to finish her book report in time? She hasn't even finished reading the damn novel yet (thus forcing her to rely on reviews and summaries on the internet).

Sure she'd watched the movie before (the animated one that is), but after a few chapters into the novel she figured there were slight differences in the book and movie adaptation.

'Slight? Scrap that... 50% of the movie was a clear deviation from the book!'

So just to be safe, because she didn't wish to incur the wrath of her literature professor (God knows what the crazy woman is capable of), she forced herself to read said novel.

But Rukia had no idea that the task at hand proved to be more difficult that what she expected. Thus another sigh, one of mixed frustration and exhaustion, found its way through her small lips.

"Rukia" she heard the soft knock on her door

She immediately stood up and made her way to her bedroom door; she twisted the door knob and found her brother standing outside. "hai, onii-san"

Her brother looked at her and then swept his eyes all over her room before raising a delicate eyebrow, in query. "Why aren't you down in the garden?"

That's right, why wasn't she in the garden? It was a perfect Sunday morning, the kind where in you just want to laze around the house (or garden) enjoying a cold drink and a good book, later on drifting into a comfortable and contented nap.

A small, frustrated sigh once again escaped through her lips albeit too soft for her brother to hear. "I'm trying to finish a book review due tomorrow onii-san."

"Your sister is waiting for you downstairs."

"oh right... I'll be down in a while then. Let me just save my work" yeah right, what work? She's been hitting backspace for the last hour or so.

Rukia turned back to her computer, clicked the shutdown button and waited for the hum of the device to die down. She spotted the neglected novel lying with its cover up on her bed, and she decided to bring it with her downstairs.

"What are you reading?"

Rukia moved the book away from her face and looked up at her sister who was smiling at her. She was lying down and was using Hisana's lap as a pillow.

"Alice in wonder land" she answered in a hazy voice, partially intoxicated with the scent of roses surrounding her.

They were in her sister's garden, situated at the back of their house. The place was filled with varieties of flowers and some herbs, and a few choice trees to give shade to the owners whenever they lounged about (or strolled) in said area. Yet no matter how impressive the garden seemed to guests and outsiders alike, nothing can ever prepare them for the site (and scent) of what lay beyond the initial portion of the garden. Just beyond an iron gate, usually locked to outsiders, a variety of roses were grown and taken care of. Hisana favours the 'tea rose' (or La France as Byakuya fondly calls them) the most, thus the particular hybrid almost overrunning this entire section of the garden. They were grown in divisions according to their colour (red, pink, orange, burgundy, white, peach, coral, and lavender).

Today, they were lazing about in the red roses' section, the flowers contrasting with the sisters' dark features.

Hisana reached down and brushed a few stray locks off her sister's forehead, "hmm... interesting read" a slight tone of amusement in her voice. Her husband gave her a steady look.

Rukia gave of a snort, "interesting...? They're all a bunch of nut jobs set loose in an asylum they transformed into their own little wonderland"

Hisana giggled loudly, while Byakuya bowed and shook his head, but not before Rukia catching a glimpse of a smirk on his lips. She sat up and faced her sister, "don't laugh at me" she pouted

"I'm not," Hisana reached out and pulled her sister in, forcing her to lie down and place her head on her lap again. She brushed her little sister's cheek with the back of her hand, a loving expression on her gentle face.

Rukia purred contentedly on her sister's lap, she turned on her side and continued on reading her book. She soon found her concentration on the novel slipping fast as sleep slowly crept its way into her eyes, the mixed scent of Hisana (like a fresh, clean mountain spring) and the roses instantly lulling her into dream land.

"She fell asleep" Hisana stroked her sister's hair, enjoying the silky feel of Rukia's tresses. She gently eased her sister's head off her lap and placed a pillow under her head instead. "I'm worried..." she frowned at her husband.

"Don't be..." he reached out to brush his wife's cheek with the back of his hand. "It has been five years already..."

Hisana took his hand and planted a soft kiss on his palm, "I can't help it. I mean... Rukia..." she trailed off, and instead looked at her little sister sleeping peacefully beside her. "What if they find her... what if the –"

"They won't... Hisa-" Byakuya rose a little from his sitting position and reached out to his wife. But she moved herself away from his reach

"NO! Byakuya they might, I can't stand it if Rukia get's taken away!" Her voice, with a hint of panic in it has risen slightly but not enough to wake her sister up. She glanced at her sister, "look at her, she's not fit for that Byakuya... it'll kill her... it'll kill her soul." She wore a pained expression on her delicate face.

"Hisana... we're here. The two of us, we are not going to let it happen."

With a sigh, Hisana stood up then she took her husband's hand and pulled him up as well "Come walk with me... I need to clear my head"

He looked at his wife lovingly, it was not always that he allowed such an expression to grace his usually impassive face, it is different however when in the presence of his wife (and sometimes Rukia).

He obliged to his wife's request and with their hands intertwined the two strayed a bit away from the sleeping form of the young woman on the blanket. A few moments later, a soft girlish laugh can be heard near the yellow roses' section, followed by a deep male chuckle.

Rukia slightly stirred, she opened her eyes but immediately shut them again when stray rays of sunlight hit her face. She semi-rolled to a shaded spot before opening her eyes, it took her a few moments to notice that she was alone. "Onee-san?"

She heard laughter coming from the other side of the garden. Rukia pulled herself up and started towards the direction of the voices, however a sudden movement under one of the rose bushes caught her eye and she found herself inching closer to said bush.

A small fuzzy rabbit appeared in front of her. "How cute" she said, a tiny smile gracing her pink lips. Rukia reached out her small hands and caressed the creature's head.

The small animal suddenly hopped away from Rukia, then stopped and looked back at her as if beckoning her to follow. Rukia however, was already a few steps away from her original spot, and was once again looking for her sister.

"onee-san" she called loudly, "Rukia-chan, we're here" her sister waved her arms to get her attention.

"What are you doing here?" Rukia accepted a rose from her brother,

"Calming your sister down"

Rukia frowned and looked at her sister, "What's wrong?" worry was etched on her beautiful face.

Hisana shook her head, "nothing... here" handing Rukia another rose.

"Thank you onee- shit!" the rose fell to the ground, as blood started to ooze out of the rather deep puncture mark. Rukia immediately brought her finger to her lips and started sucking on the wound.

"I'm sorry Rukia!" her sister's voice was laced with concern. "Byakuya can you please get the first aid kit inside?"

Hisana gently took Rukia's hand to examine it, "It's okay onee-san, just a small prick. I was just surprised" Rukia looked rather apologetic, feeling guilty for swearing in front of her one-san.

The two were oblivious to the black clouds gathering ominously above, their reverie broken only when a rather loud clap of thunder echoed throughout, followed by a sudden flash of lightning. Both sisters jumped in surprise... wasn't it sunny just a while back?

"Hisana!" Byakuya's voice held a fair amount of warning in it, as Hisana's eyes widened in understanding.

"Rukia quick! We have to get inside now" the older woman practically dragging the younger one towards the direction of their house.

"o... onee-san! Mate! What about the blankets? And my book! We have to get them... o-oi!" Rukia wiggled her arm out of her sister's grasp and started running towards the things scattered on the ground.

"RUKIA NO!" Hisana shouted frantically as she started after Rukia.


Byakuya caught Hisana in his arms and restrained her.

Rukia grabbed her book that was lying haphazardly on the ground, its pages fluttering wildly in the wind. "What the -?" she was caught in surprise as a flurry of red obstructed her path to her screaming onee-san. She suddenly realized that the red were actually hundreds (or possibly thousands?) of rose petals, encircling her, their scent once again intoxicating and making her dizzy.

Hisana was desperately trying to force herself from her husband's arm, but Byakuya kept his hold on her. He knew that despite the alluring site of the rose petals, no matter how soft and enticing they look, they were sharper (and more lethal) than any blade in existence.

"RUKIA! RUKIA!" Hisana was nearing despair now, tears were streaming uncontrollably down her pale cheeks, as she helplessly looked at her sister being whisked away right before her.

"Onee...san" Rukia managed to weakly call for her sister one last time before she finally gave in to the blackness that violently took over her. However, she did chance upon a quick flash of white darting into the flurry of red, and the feel of strong, warm arms encircling her shoulders before she succumbed into the darkness.

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