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Alenko's words reverberated in her mind. A warm, fuzzy feeling spread from her stomach all the way to her limbs. She practically floated back to the house and was surprised to see that only the back patio light was on.

How long had she been standing in the barn? Apparently long enough for her mother's friends to leave (thank God) and for her mother to go to bed (also, thank God). She didn't want for Hannah to be asking her why she couldn't stop grinning like an idiot. She was still trying to make sense of it herself.

She noticed the light was still on in her room and decided to knock before going in. As much as she wanted to see Alenko half-naked again (this time on purpose), she waited until she heard a soft "come in" before opening the door.

Alenko had changed into some sweatpants and a muscle shirt and, while he wasn't half-naked, it still made her heartbeat quicken. She grabbed some clothes and made her way to the restroom. Why oh why had she ever suggested he sleep on the bed? Her heart was already accelerating at an abnormal rate. She was sure she would suffer a heart attack once she actually got into the bed next to him.

She changed and went through her nightly bathroom ritual. Her hand moved to open the door but paused on the doorknob.

She was nervous. She almost laughed out loud at the absurdity of the situation. Here was Commander Shepard, top of her N7 class, first human Spectre, all around bad ass soldier – and she was afraid to face the man out in her room. Or was she afraid to face the feelings he always stirred in her?

Shepard frowned. His words had certainly stirred something. Suck it up, Shepard, you can do this. Just go out there and make light of the situation. She took a deep breath and stepped out into her room. The lamp on her nightstand illuminated the room, and Alenko was sitting in bed reading a magazine. She quickly got under the covers and began building a wall of pillows between them.

He looked up from his magazine and raised an eyebrow at her.

"So we won't invade each other's spaces during the night," she explained lamely and snorted back a laugh. Did she just snort? Dear Lord, could this weekend get any more embarrassing? "Not that I would go into your half of the bed. I pretty much sleep like a log. Yep, just sleep in one position all night. But this is the first time I sleep with a man...I-I mean, sleep sleep…wait, that didn't sound right…" Shut up. Just shut up right now and go to sleep. "So, anyway, good night."

She could feel her face burning, yet again, and made it a point to throw the covers over her head as she turned over in bed. She heard the click of the desk lamp being turned off and felt Alenko shifting his weight as he settled down next to the pillow wall. What she wouldn't give to be in his arms at this very moment. To feel his strong arms around her and get lost in his scent. She almost sighed out loud.

Shepard's mind raced with everything that had happened in the past two days. Tomorrow they would be going back to the Normandy, and everything would go back to normal. Her feelings for Alenko, whatever they were, would be suppressed just like they always were.

She stayed up listening to Alenko's even breaths before sleep finally took over. Well, at least a girl could dream.

She woke up drooling all over him.

Her mouth was slightly open at the base of his neck, and one arm was draped across his stomach. Her legs had somehow gotten wrapped around his. What the hell…

As her senses began to clear, she stiffened at the awkward positioning of their bodies. For his part, Alenko seemed to be in a deep sleep. One arm was lazily drawn around her shoulders, but he didn't seem the least bit uncomfortable. How had she gotten to his half of the bed in the first place? She slowly lifted her head up, not wanting to wake up Alenko, and noticed that the pillows that had been between them were now strewn all over the floor. She had to get out of bed. Now. As much as she wanted to cuddle into his warmth and go back to sleep, she didn't want to risk him waking up and finding her all over him.

Hmmmm. How would she do this? Stealth certainly wasn't her biggest talent. She was known for dropping into a merc base guns a-blazing. Well, this was a mission in itself. She needed to disengage herself from Alenko without him waking up.

She carefully lifted her arm from his stomach making sure not to make any sudden movements. Good, good, he was still asleep. She then began the process of unwinding her legs from his. Her left leg was covering his left one, but under his right one. And her right leg was pinned under his left leg. How in the world could she have done that in her sleep? It was complicated, but she finally managed to pull her left leg away from his body. Her right leg, however, remained firmly in place underneath him. Crap.

She had done a damn good job so far, she wasn't going to stop now. She had half a mind to just push Alenko off the bed when he suddenly grunted in his sleep, brought his arm around and pulled her to him. Great, now they were spooning. His arm held her securely around the waist, and her back was pressed against his chest.

Intense heat washed over her body, making her lose her breath. She could feel him pressed intimately against her, and it took all she had not to rip the clothes off both their bodies and make love to him right then and there.

She was wide awake now and wondered how she was going to get herself out of this position. At this point, she didn't care if she woke him up or not. A sudden thought struck her mind. She slowly shifted her body so that she was now facing him. Unfortunately, his hand now cupped her butt, but she would worry about that later (and she kinda liked it there anyway). She brought her hand up to the side of his face and then lifted her head up until it was level with his. She could feel his deep, even breaths on her face.

Damn, he was a heavy sleeper. She had never noticed that back on the Normandy. A bomb could probably go off outside her room and he would sleep right through it. Well, if this didn't wake him up, she didn't know what would. She closed her eyes and then gently pressed her lips to his.

Shepard lost all her senses. She had meant to just give him a quick peck to see if he would wake up, but as soon as their lips touched all hell broke loose.

He had opened his eyes in surprise and then closed them as he deepened the kiss. Shepard opened her mouth invitingly completely forgetting herself in his taste. Desperation now fueled the fire that had been stirring inside of her. The heat she had been feeling earlier now engulfed both their bodies. Months of suppressed feelings erupted into a flow of hot, wet kisses. Her hands roved up and down his sculpted body as his own hands got tangled in her hair.

She lost control. It was like their bodies were made just for each other. They melded perfectly together and, in the back of her mind, she berated herself for not giving in to her feelings sooner. For waiting too damn long because she was afraid of what she felt for him. And even more afraid that he would not feel the same way about her.

All that had changed in just a couple of days. His words had opened up the world for her. She couldn't get enough of him…she could never get enough of him. Kaidan was the only one for her, she could feel it in her heart. And she was the only one for him.

Hannah Shepard waved goodbye as the shuttle drove away from the house. She closed the front door behind her, humming a nameless tune as she made her way through the house. She walked up to the guest bedroom and ripped the plastic off the door. Hannah chuckled to herself. She couldn't believe her daughter had fallen for the old "renovating the room" trick. She knew her daughter had suspected foul play, but Hannah was banking on her daughter's feelings for Kaidan for the weekend to work. When her daughter didn't ask Kaidan to sleep in the living room…that's when Hannah knew that her own gut feelings about the two of them had been correct.

She had suspected a romance the moment they had stepped into the ballroom together at the ceremonial dinner. Yet, it was a romance that was obvious to everybody except to them. She had seen the way her daughter and Kaidan looked at each other. Those sidelong glances, the constant checking out of each other's butts, the way they had gone their separate ways yet always managed to be near each other.

This weekend was meant as an awakening. Hannah knew that Kaidan was already in love with her daughter. He could see it in the way he looked at her. It was her stubborn daughter that needed convincing that she was in love with Kaidan.

It had taken a while, but her daughter had finally opened her heart in the end, and Hannah was not disappointed.

Yes, Hannah Shepard had spotted a perfect match for her daughter that night. She was glad that her daughter had seen it too.