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Five Years Later...

Hermione stared at the girl in the mirror in awe. If she hadn't known better, she would have thought the reflection belonged to someone other than her. She was sat at an antique, vintage style vanity inside one of the many guest suites of Malfoy Manor. Pavarti, who had become the most sought after beauty witch in their world, had just finished her hair and make up for her big day and while she was not one to care about looks, she had to admit she looked amazing. Today was the day that she would finally become Mrs. Draco Malfoy, and both his mother and her mother had made sure that no expense was spared, planning the whole thing with barely any help from the couple at all. In fact other then choosing what color scheme they wanted, which Draco left solely to her, and choosing their respective attendants, they had no say in anything else. Both knew that most couples would have been irritated at this, however Hermione and Draco found themselves quite relieved, especially since the giant extravaganza that had become their wedding was not their idea. Both mothers were extremely happy to hear of the engagement but absolutely appalled when the couple expressed their wish for a small, understated, ceremony.

"Hermione Jean Granger. Were you hit in the head with a coffle?" Hermione stared at her mother confused. Narcissa reached out and patted Ann's arm.

"I think you mean quaffle, dear." Ann nodded absentmindedly, waving her hand in the air.

"Yes, yes. Coffle, quaffle, whatever. Were you hit in the head with something hard?" Hermione cast a quick glance at Draco, who she could see was holding back a smirk.

"No mum. Its just Draco and I ..."

"Draco and I nothing. You are our only children. How could you possibly think that we would stand by and allow this blessed event to be treated as if it was nothing more then a birthday party?" Ann got up and started pacing the room, shaking her head. "No, no. You must have a gorgeous gown, beautiful attendants, fine music, flowers, lots and lots of flowers!"

"Um … Ann. If a small cere ..." Henry Granger started to say only to stop after receiving a death glare from his wife. He glanced over at his daughter and soon to be son-in-law and shrugged. He knew that when his wife had set her mind to something it was better to just leave her be and get the hell out of her way.

"I agree with Ann. This will be the wedding of the century and should be treated as such." Narcissa pointed a finger at her son who looked as if he was going to argue. "You two will let us plan this wedding for you and you will love it. Do I make myself clear?" She looked at them both, crossing the room to stand next to Hermione's mum. The sight of both women standing their, arms crossed, and looking as stubborn as ever, had made the two give in to their demands, much to their delight.

So the planning began, and true to their word, it was, in fact, going to be a wedding to remember. The ceremony was to take place in the center of the Malfoy gardens, which were honestly the most elaborate and beautiful gardens in all of Britain, both muggle and wizard. The garden's landscaping was flawless with perfect sculpted hedges, a perfectly manicured, lush green lawn, and every flower imaginable, from the ever so common rose bush to the incredibly rare ghost orchid. The paths throughout the gardens were a rich, chocolate brown colored stone and they all led to the centerpiece of the gardens, a large white marble fountain, which the ceremony would be taking place in front of. Hundreds of white chairs with cushioning charms cast on them had been placed on the two sides of the path creating the designated wedding aisle and Neville, who had gone on to take over for Professor Sprout when she retired a year prior, created an elaborate, floral arch way at the end where the couple would stand while saying their vows.

"Hermione?" Hermione looked up to see Luna's head peaking around the corner of the door. "Are you alright? We've been knocking for ages." Hermione smiled at her friend.

"Of course. Come in. I want to see you all." She said turning from her spot at the vanity. Hermione watched teary eyed as her four bridesmaids and matron of honor walked into the room. Hermione knew that choosing a bridesmaid dress that all five girls would agree on was going to be quite difficult, however she seemed to forget that her soon to be mother-in-law was placed in charge of that detail and when Narcissa Malfoy needed to get something done, it got done. After many arguments amongst the girls, Narcissa told them that each one would get to choose an aspect of the dress, to which they all agreed. Lavender chose strapless, Hannah chose cocktail length, Astoria wanted a boned bodice, and Daphne thought a satin material would be perfect. Luna, being Luna, didn't care what the dresses looked like as long as Hermione had a wonderful day. In the end Narcissa chose a classic, strapless pink satin cocktail dress with a boned bodice, a hem that hit below the knee, and black bow detail. The girls then found a pair of black, satin ankle strap heels with a t-strap and three bows, and to complete the look, Hermione had presented the girls with a rose quartz drop earrings and necklace set as a thank you for standing up for her on this special day. They all wore very minimal makeup, wanting to keep a fresh look about them and their hair had been curled and fell in soft waves around them. They looked beautiful and she told them so.

"Not nearly as beautiful as you though, and your still in your robe." Astoria said walking over to the walk-in closet where her wedding gown was hanging up. Hermione smiled at her maid of honor and best friend. Astoria and Hermione had grown incredibly close through the years, in fact, they all had. Since the day they all walked down to the Great Hall as a unified group of Hogwarts students, thats right, not students of a specific house, but Hogwarts students, they had created a bond within them all and not one of them could have imagined the impact that their group was going to have that morning.

The doors to the Great Hall were closed and Hermione couldn't help but feel slightly relieved by this fact. Even with all the support standing behind her she could still feel a slight panic attack coming on. Before she could start truly panicking though she felt a hand intertwine with both of hers. She looked to her left and saw Draco staring down at her smiling and on her right she found, to her surprise, Astoria.

"Now then. Where is your Gryffindor courage? You know. That bold, reckless, bravery trait that makes the rest of us think you're all mental." She said.

"Hey!" Harry said, pretending to be insulted. "I resemble that remark." Hermione let out a loud laugh. Astoria smiled at her, squeezing her hand in support.

"There we go. Now you can do this. You have all of us right here with you and I promise, no one is going to look at you differently because of this."

"And if they do we'll hex 'em straight to bloody hell." Millicent said, in a tone that made you realize she truly meant it.

"Without a doubt." Dean replied walking around them and placing his hand on the door. "Now then. How about some breakfast. I'm starved." Dean looked at Hermione who took a deep breath and nodded. He pushed open the doors and the group walked in, causing an almost immediate stop to all conversations with in the room, including the head table where the professors sat. Hermione looked around and could see that everyone seemed more interested in why they were all together then in her.

"Wow." Tracey whispered to the group. "I mean I kind of expected this reaction but its still a bit weird." Draco looked around, glaring at who ever he locked eyes with, before looking back at Hermione.

"I guess I'll talk to you after breakfast." Hermione nodded.

"I wish you could sit with me, I think I would feel better about this whole thing."

"Well why can't we all sit together?" Hannah asked. "In fact ..." They all watched as the usually less than confident Hufflepuff marched up to the head table and spoke quietly with the headmaster. After a minute or so she hurried back towards them with a large smile on her face. The all watched as the headmaster stood up and spoke.

"Attention students." Everyone turned their attention to him. "It has been brought to my attention, that your professors and I have made a grave mistake in our attempt to promote school unity. Miss Abbott has posed a very interesting question. How is there supposed to be school unity when you are all constantly being segregated by your houses? You eat at your house tables, you sit with your designated house in classes, and even during Quidditch matches. So, with that said, I think its time for a change." He looked to the other professors who all nodded, except Snape who just rolled his eyes. "From now on students may sit where ever and with whoever they please during all classes, Quidditch matches, and meals. That is all" He returned to his seat and the professors continued with what ever conversation they had been having. The students however just looked at each other, not sure what to do with this new piece of information.

"Well then. Half of our table is empty if you would all like to sit." Hannah suggested shyly. Hermione smiled at the girl.

"I think that would be lovely Hannah and just so you know, that was a very brave thing you just did. Thank you." She watched Hannah blush deeply at the praise.

"It was nothing, but you're welcome."

That day changed Hogwarts. After the group of misfit students sat down together, other students slowly followed, getting up and joining other tables. By the end of the week every table in the Great Hall was a rainbow of colors and you rarely saw a person paired with someone from their own house in classes. Not to say that everyone was ecstatic with the new school unity that had formed but in time everyone grew to at least respect the choices of the others and not shun them for it.

"Hermione! Are you in there?" Hermione looked up to see the girls looking at her with bewildered looks on their faces.

"Sorry. What did you say?" Daphne shook her head.

"Its time to get your dress on. The weddings going to start soon." Hermione looked at the clock on the side table.

"Oh my! Where did the time go?" She stood up quickly and started to untie her robe as Astoria gently unzipped her dress bag revealing her wedding gown to everyone.

"Its gorgeous!" Lavender squealed. "That girlfriend of yours out did herself this time Tori." Astoria smiled. It turned out that Astoria wasn't the only young Slytherin girl with a thing for other girls. Tracey had, had quite the crush on Astoria back in school and she finally came clean with her about it when they met up again a few years later in Tracey's designer dress shop. The two went on a few dates and had been together ever since. Tracey had insisted on designing a one of a kind dress for Hermione and Hermione couldn't have been happier with the end result. The dress was a beaded ivory, cotton lace mermaid gown with sweetheart neckline and sheer back. She felt quite glamorous when she had tried it on along with a pair of white pleated satin, kitten heeled pumps that Tracey insisted she have. The girls help Hermione into her dress, being careful not to mess up her hair or snag the dress on anything. After she was fully dressed the girls stepped back and admired their friend.

"You look absolutely stunning Hermione. I only hope I look half as good as you on my wedding day." Hannah said. Hermione blushed at the compliment.

"We must go fetch your mum and Narcissa. There are still a few pre-wedding rituals that need to be addressed and we are running out of time." Astoria said hurrying off to find the two women. Hermione sat back down at the vanity, careful not to ruin her dress.

"I can't believe its almost time. Who would have ever thought that I would find the love of my life in Draco Malfoy, let alone be marrying him." Lavender came over and sat on the edge of the bed across from her.

"Who would have thought that any of us would be where we are today? I don't think any of our lives have taken the path we expected them too." Hermione looked at them all and nodded in agreement. Lavender , really was was spot on with what she had had all come to forks in the road and they had all taken the less predictable path.

After Hermione had graduated she was faced with two huge decisions. She had received an exclusive invite from Headmistress Gaia Enola, to attend the University of Hecate, in Athens, Greece. The wizarding university was known to be the smallest of all the wizarding universities out there, but that was only because they were a very elite school. There was no application process to be done and the only way to gain admittance was from a direct invite from the headmistress herself. Only the very best were asked to join the student body due to the extremely harsh study regiment, and highly advanced labs. Wizards who graduated from UH were known to become great things, including Minster of Magics, Unspeakables, extremely advanced potioneers, or even a future UH headmaster or professor. The second offer was made by Draco himself. The night after graduation, Draco apparated them both to Paris where he had set up a beautiful dinner for the two of them at one of Paris' most elegant and sophisticated restaurants. After a night of dinner and dancing, he got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. Hermione shocked them both when the first word that came out of her mouth was no. Draco was devastated by her answer, while Hermione was confused by it. He quickly apparated them back to her parents home and after saying a quick good-bye apparated away. The days following the rejected proposal were miserable, and she spent them in her room thinking about why she was so quick to dismiss it. It was after having a heart to heart with her father that she finally realized the truth. He had finally gotten over his anger with her world and they discussed all of his worries and such. It was him who figured out Hermione's dilemma, stating that while her heart was telling her that she truly loved Draco, her over active brain was wondering if it was really him she loved or just the idea of him. Draco had been her knight in shining arm, her fairy tale prince. He saved her when no one else could. They had been together every day since the incident, barely ever leaving each others side and her brain wondered if her heart would still feel the same way if they weren't always together. She ended up visiting Draco at the manor, where he had locked himself away since that night. He looked miserable when she saw him and she couldn't help but hold him to her and apologize for her abrupt rejection. They spent that night discussing what her father had said and her attending UH. In the end, as much as it killed him inside, he let her go, telling her to accept the invitation to the school, and that he would wait for her.

So she did. Hermione spent the following four years studying under the best the wizarding world had to offer. She and Draco wrote to one another often, using the time to get to know each other a little better, and spent every holiday together as well. If anything, the distance made her love and miss him even more. When Hermione finally returned home last year she found Draco waiting for her in the little flat her parents had gotten her as a graduation gift. He had set up a romantic picnic in front of her fireplace, and after they ate he once again asked her to marry him. This time her she had no problem saying yes.

"My baby!" Hermione looked up to see her mother hurrying towards her, her pale pink gown fluttering around her. Hermione stood up and hugged her mother, trying not to cry. She stepped out of her mother's embrace, only to be pulled into another one by Narcissa.

"You look lovely my dear. Draco will not be able to take his eyes off you." Hermione smiled at the woman in front of her. She already felt as though Narcissa was another mother to her. The woman had gone out of her way to make sure she always felt welcome and always treated her with love.

"Ladies. I believe we have a few gifts to bestow on the blushing bride." Astoria said walking over, holding four boxes. Everyone stood around Hermione and watched as Narcissa grabbed the first box.

"There are certain traditions that hold no barrier and one of those traditions is the old, new, borrowed, blue, tradition. So, in honor of that, I would like to present you with your new." Hermione watched as Narcissa opened the box revealing a beautiful white gold and pearl bracelet. Hermione held out her wrist as Narcissa clasped it on. "Tradition says, that the new item in the bride's attire represents the new life she will soon begin."

"Thank you Narcissa." Narcissa smiled at her.

"Don't you think its time to start calling me mother, dear." Hermione felt her smile get bigger, nodding in agreement.

"Yes, mother." Narcissa kissed her cheek before stepping back and letting Daphne come forward.

"Tradition says, that a bride's borrowed item reminds a bride that her friends and family are there for her should she ever need their help. These were our mother's." She said gesturing to Astoria, who proceeded to open the next box on the pile. "I wore them for my wedding to Blaise, and now I would be honored if you would wear them today." Hermione looked at the pair of antique pearl earrings, that Daphne was placing in her ears. When she finished she hugged both girls, trying her very best not to cry.

"Our turn!" Lavender said, pulling a blushing Hannah over with her. As Lavender grabbed for the box, Hannah spoke.

"Blue symbolizes faithfulness and loyalty." Hannah blushed harder. "This was all Lavenders idea, I swear." Lavender turned towards Hermione holding a piece of light blue lace.

"And what better way to show faithfulness and loyalty than with a lacy blue garter!" Everyone laughed as Lavender twirled the lacy fabric around her finger while wiggling her eyebrows. The women helped Hermione slip it on before they all stepped back to let her mother through. The two woman stared at each other, both on the verge of tears, but for completely different reasons. Ann reached out and took her daughter's hands in her own, before speaking.

"Something old symbolizes the bride's connection with her family. It represents her life as a single woman, and all she accomplished while she was one." Ann turned to Astoria, who handed her the last box. She turned back to Hermione and opened it. The dam that had been holding back her tears finally broke when she saw the contents of the box. Inside was her great grandmother's pearl necklace, an item that Hermione had admired for years. When she was a little girl her mother would constantly catch her trying to put the pearls on and finally had to lock them up in the house safe so she couldn't get to them.

"Oh mum." She cried as her mother clasped the strand around her neck. By now all of the women were crying, and thanking Merlin for Pavarti's water proof charm. After everyone had calmed down, Luna stepped forward, holding a little velvet pouch.

"I also have something for you Hermione." She said handing her the pouch. Hermione pulled open the drawstring and reached inside, pulling out a silver sixpence. "Its a sixpence to place in your shoe. It is supposed to attract wealth to the marriage, though I guess you don't really need it." Hermione laughed and then hugged her friend before placing the silver coin into her shoe. "Group hug?" Everyone hurried forward and embraced. As they pulled apart there was a knock on the door.

"Enter," Narcissa called out. The door opened and Hermione's father walked in, looking quite dapper in his formal tuxedo.

"Sorry to interrupt ladies, but it is time." The women quickly hurried around, the girls grabbing their bouquets of pink roses, and the mothers doing some last second bride primping before giving Hermione one last hug and hurrying out the door. Hermione looked up at her father, who had had tears in his eyes.

"Look at you." He said shaking his head. "It seems like it was just yesterday that I was cutting your umbilical cord and promising to always protect you and keep you safe. Now I'm getting ready to place your safety and protection into the hands of another." He grabbed Hermione's face and stared down at her, tears running down his face. "Where did my baby girl go?" Hermione could feel her own tears falling as she looked up at the man who had made her his world a long time ago.

"I'm still here daddy, and I am always going to be here. I love you." Henry Granger threw his arms around his daughter holding her tightly. He didn't want to let her go, but he knew it was time. He had had her for twenty-three glorious years and now it was time to give someone else the privilege of having her love. Taking a deep breath he took a step back and looked down at her. "Are you ready?" Hermione smiled up at him and nodded. "Well then. Lets get you to your husband." Hermione placed her arm through his and together they walked out of the room and into her new life.

The ceremony, which was officiated by their old headmaster, was quick, but beautiful. After they had been pronounced husband and wife the guests were ushered off to the Malfoy ballroom for a cocktail hour while the wedding party stood for photos and the couple gave a small intimate interview to a reporter from Witch Weekly, who Narcissa had given sole rights to cover the wedding. After they finished they all joined their guests in the lavishly decorated ballroom for a delectable four course dinner, starting with a delicious roasted pumpkin soup, followed by a chilled lobster salad, and then a roasted filet mignon with black truffle stuffed potatoes. The meal ended with a three tiered, white chocolate with mocha cream filling and butter cream frosting wedding cake. Toasts were given by Astoria and best man Blaise along with a few others who had words of wisdom for the couple, and now everyone was dancing and mingling while the couple sat and watched, tired from the hectic day.

"Was it everything you hoped?" Her new husband whispered into her ear before placing a kiss on her earlobe. Hermione smiled brightly at him.

"Its more then I could have ever imagined. Our mothers really out did themselves." Draco nodded in agreement, scanning the guests around him.

"Do you regret it. Any of it?" She knew what he was asking. They had been brought together by horrific circumstances and as much as she wished that her rape and torture had never happened, in a way she wouldn't change it.

"No. What happened to me was horrible but it brought me you." She said, leaning up and kissing him softly. She turned and looked back out at their friends, motioning to them with her head. "And, in a way, it brought unexpected happiness to them." Draco shook his head.

"I never would have thought so much could change, but this room is proof of it." Hermione sighed and leaned into him. He was right of course, so many things had changed not only with them, but with their friends and family too.

Blaise and Daphne had finally admitted their poorly hidden feelings for one another and after a year of courting Blaise proposed. They were married the following year and the year after that their son Matteo Enzo Zabini was born. Blaise ran Zabini Industries and Daphne was a stay at home mom. Astoria became assistant head of the Department of Magical Transportation, regulating and authorizing objects to be turned into portkeys.. She and Tracey had moved in together last year, finally outing themselves to Astoria's parents who were , unfortunate to say, less then thrilled with their daughters choice in companion. Needless to say she hadn't spoken to them since and neither had Daphne, who fully supported her sisters sexual preference.

Lavender surprised everyone when she dumped Ron right after graduation. She couldn't deal with his sudden change in demeanor, and while everyone else had given the school unity bit a try, he absolutely refused to. Ron, of course was furious with it all and in the end even dear Molly couldn't deal with him, sending him off to Romania to live with his brother Charlie, which is where he had been ever since. No one had really talked to him in years but the occasional owl from Molly told Hermione that Romania had been good for him and he had finally started to see himself for the pompous git he was. Lavender went on to become a reporter for the Daily Prophet, and was now engaged to Seamus Finnegan, who she had started dating a year after graduation. They were often seen out and about with Dean and his girlfriend, who was none other then Ginny Weasley. After taking the time to truly think about her actions, Ginny had realized a few things about herself. One, she was a stubborn harpy in need of anger management and two, as much as she loved Harry, she was never in love with him. Ginny realized she had given in to her school yard crush so to speak and she believed that it was the real thing. She knew that she had acted like an ass and apologized to both Harry and Hermione for her behavior. She knew that forgiveness would not come easily but she had hoped with time they could be friends once again. Ginny used her last year at Hogwarts to find herself and in finding herself she found the person she wanted to be. She graduated top of her class and was now seeker for the Holyhead Harpies. While they hadn't yet fallen back into the close friendship they once had, both Hermione and Harry had forgiven the girl and were known to go out every now and then.

The biggest surprise, though, was what had happened to Harry in the few years that had passed. Harry did go on to become an Auror, in fact he was going to be promoted to Head Auror in a few months when the current head auror retired. He fixed up both 12 Grimmauld Place and his parents cottage in Godric's Hollow, choosing to live in the home he was born in as a tribute to his parents. No, it wasn't what Harry chose to do with his life that was so surprising, it was with whom. While no one ever thought they would see Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy together, no one ever expected that Harry Potter would one day be married to none other then the Slytherin princess herself, Pansy Parkinson. It had been the night of Harry's nineteenth birthday and the lot of them had been celebrating at the Leaky Cauldron. It had gotten very late and they all went their separate ways for the evening, most of them using the floo, being to drunk to apparate. Harry however decided to walk to the apparation point and apparate. To this day he doesn't know what made him choose to apparate that night, but he was happy he did. As he was passing an alleyway he heard what sounded like a woman crying. The auror in him was intrigued and he followed the sound to a corner where a huddled figure sat sobbing. He startled the figure when lighting his wand, causing her to look up at him. There, looking horribly dirty, overly thin, and quite scared was Pansy. Harry had been shocked to see her in such a state and after a while was able to get her to accompany him home. After he made sure she bathed and ate he questioned her. At first she refused to tell him her story but after a bit of coaxing she told him everything. Her family had lost almost everything after Voldemort's defeat and because of this her parents had pushed their only daughter to snag herself a rich husband, preferably Draco. They wanted her to be the next Lady Malfoy and when they found out that he had chosen what they called "a filthy mud-blood" over her, they were infuriated. They blamed her, saying she was a pathetic excuse of a pure-blooded woman and because of her failure she would have to find another way to make them money. It was then that Harry refused to repeat what was said other then, Pansy's father found a use for her and if Harry ever saw the man he would make sure to kill him where he stood. Harry offered Pansy a room at Grimmauld Place and helped her get a job in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Spirit Division, dealing with the problems of those creatures classified as a spirit by the ministry. Over time, Pansy, who had always been treated more like an object by her parents than a person, changed. She learned that she could be more then just someones trophy wife and she wanted to be more then that. Harry treated her as a person and made her feel good about herself, which was something that rarely happened. So the two went from enemies, to roommates, to great friends, to something more. Two years after he found her, Harry asked Pansy to be his wife. He, like Hermione, had found his soul mate in the last person he ever thought he would and now the two were happily married with newborn twins, Byron James Potter and Peyton Lily Potter.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if I may have your attention please." Narcissa's voice echoed across the ballroom. "First allow me to say that the Grangers, Severus, and myself are so happy that you have all joined us in celebrating this blessed event." Narcissa and Severus had been dating since the kids last year in Hogwarts, and Draco had truly come to look at him as the father he always deserved. "We ask now that you help us in wishing the happy couple a fond farewell as they depart for their honeymoon."

"I guess thats our cue." Draco said gesturing towards he ballroom fireplace where a very giddy Pixie and Bibbly, both of who had been dressed to match the wedding party, stood with their luggage. "Shall we Mrs. Malfoy?" He asked holding his hand out for his new bride to take hold of. Hermione allowed him to help her stand and the two walked towards the fireplace as their family and friends cheered for them, some stopping for a hug or kiss goodbye. When they reached the fireplace they turned to say one last goodbye, shrunk their luggage, and off they went.

Hermione stared out at the beautiful scene in front of her. They had arrived in Croatia right as the sun was setting and she was admiring the view of the Adriatic Sea from their private balcony. They were staying in the Mirta suite, in the VIP wing of the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, a luxurious hotel that resided on the beautiful peninsula of Lapad. The suite was tastefully decorated in cream and navy and had a separate bedroom, living room, dining area, and extra bathroom. Their private terrace had a small table and two chairs, making it a perfect spot to just sit and relax with a cup of tea while taking in the breathtaking view. As guests staying in the VIP wing, they got a separate private entrance, private parking access, and access to Vala Club – the VIP beach. "I see you are enjoying the view." Hermione jumped slightly as her husband snuck up behind her and wrapped his hands around her waist, pulling her to his chest.

"Its absolutely stunning Draco. I can't remember seeing anything so beautiful before."

"I have." He whispered in her ear, turning her to face him and pressing his lips firmly to hers. Hermione felt her whole body shudder as he ran the tip of his tongue across them, begging for entrance, which she so readily gave. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him as close to her as she could, deepening the kiss with fervor. Draco tangled his hands in her hair as he explored her mouth with his, each one fighting for dominance over the other. They soon pulled apart, taking in much needed oxygen, there eyes never leaving the others. Draco rested his forehead against hers and took a deep breath in, savoring the smell of her perfume, a mix of honeysuckle, apple blossom, and freesia. He let out a sigh as he tried to calm himself down. "Why don't you go take a relaxing bath, while I finalize a few things with the concierge." Hermione nodded.

"I could use a few moments to myself." She said nervously, before giving him one more slow lingering kiss. She pulled away from him and headed toward the en suite bathroom. She stopped to grab her bag of toiletries and another small bag out of her luggage before entering the bathroom and submerging herself into a steaming hot bubble bath. She let the aroma of vanilla and sandalwood relax her and by the time she was stepping out of the tub she had let go of all of her nerves. She dried herself off with a large fluffy towel, wrapping it around herself before walking over to her bag and opening it. She quickly ran a comb through her hair and brushed her teeth, placing everything back when she was done. Next she went to the small black and white bag and pulled out what was inside, feeling her face redden as she did. The girls had insisted on purchasing her loads of lingerie, all of which looked quite risque for Hermione's taste. As she looked at the items in her hand she couldn't help but feel a little naughty. The ivory colored babydoll was halter style and practically see through due to its delicate, floral, stretch lace fabric. It also had a pair of matching silk, v-string panties that left very little to the imagination. Hermione slipped the items on and then, with a quick glimpse in the mirror, she took a deep breath before opening the door and stepping into the bedroom, letting out a small gasp when she did. The already beautiful room had been transformed into a romantic setting right out of a muggle romance novel. The bed linens had been transfigured from white cotton to dark blue silk and white rose petals littered the bed and floor. The room was lit by what seemed to be a hundred enchanted, scented candles and Hermione could here soft music playing. She could see Draco, his back to her, standing in front of one of the large windows looking out at the sea below. She took the moment to admire her husband. He had changed into a pair of black, silk pajama pants and nothing more. She loved his body, toned and muscular from years of playing quidditch and the occasional work out.

"Wow." Hermione had been so busy gawking at him that she hadn't noticed him turn his head and see her. She watched him as he stared at her, blushing as his eyes scanned her from head to toe, licking his lips as if he wanted to devour her. Hermione looked down at the floor, trying desperately to fight the urge to cover herself up. She would be lying if she said that the looks he was giving her didn't excite her and terrify her all the same. "Come here love." Hermione looked up to see that he had moved closer to her and was holding his hand out to her. She placed her hand in his and he pulled her into his arms and gazed down at her. "You look amazing." He said kissing the tip of her nose. "Gorgeous." He pressed his lips to hers before dragging them across her jaw and up to her ear, where he whispered, "and so fucking sexy." Hermione shuddered as he caught her ear lobe between his teeth, pulling lightly before moving his lips to her neck. She moaned softly as he sucked gently on a particularly sensitive spot, his hands running slowly up and down her sides. She wrapped her arms around him, and ran her fingernails down his back, gently scratching the muscular length. He slowly trailed his lips over her shoulder, using his teeth to pull the shoulder strap off it, before dragging his tongue back across her shoulder and neck to do the same to the other side. After feasting on the other side of her neck, making sure to leave a small love bite, Draco reclaimed her lips, lifted her into his arms, and brought her over to the bed. After he gently placed her in the center of it he slowly broke away, standing up to gaze down at the beautiful sight in front of him. He watched as she propped herself up on her elbows, her hair falling in soft curls around her shoulders. Both straps of her babydoll gown were hanging off her shoulders making the garment looser across her breasts and causing the tops of them to be quite visible with each heavy, shuddering breath. She had one long, gorgeous leg bent upward, causing what little length of garment there was to fall back and show the creamy expanse of her thigh. She looked like a goddess. His own personal goddess, only for him to worship and love. He leaned forward and crawled toward her, kissing her bent knee while caressing his hand up her other leg. He slowly licked his way down her leg making sure to kiss and lick every inch before working his way back up, stopping when he reached the top. He proceeded to do the same to the other leg, only this time instead of stopping he continued on, sucking lightly on the inside of each thigh, before pushing the lacy fabric up and running his tongue quickly over her silk covered slit. Hermione had been reveling in the feeling of his mouth on her and gasped when she felt his mouth on her most intimate of places.

"Oh!" She cried out. Draco crawled back up to her lips, a devilish smirk on his face, and crushed his mouth to hers. He loved the taste of her and relished in the fact that she was truly his and that he could taste her every day. He started to kiss his way back down her body, pushing her lacy garment off of her as he went along. He stared in awe as he pushed the fabric off her perfect, sun-kissed breasts, before his lips latched onto her right nipple and began sucking gently. The feeling of his hot. moist mouth on her sensitive, aching nipple caused Hermione to arch her back and press his face closer. She ran her fingers through his silky stands of hair, moaning as he gently nipped at her hardened, pink bud, scraping his teeth against it. She cried out as he pulled away only to let out another moan when he latched on to the left one in the same manner. "Oh Draco," she moaned. "More. Please, I want … need more." Draco stared up at her and slowly let her nipple go with a pop,his eyes never leaving hers.

"Patience love." He said huskily before bringing his head back down to her stomach and lavishing every last inch of skin to be found there, stopping only to elicit a moan from her when he dipped his tongue into her belly button. He could feel her writhing beneath him and could hear her breathing getting heavier as he slipped his thumbs into the sides of her panties, dragging them down and baring her to him. Draco took one last look into her lust filled eyes gazing down at him, before burying his head between her legs.

"Oh Merlin! Draco!" Hermione yelled out as Draco's tongue gave her slit one long, slow swipe. Her hips jerked upwards as he took her clit in between his lips and sucked gently on it. She moaned in pleasure at her husbands ministrations, her body aching for him to please her even more. Her body tingled and she could feel a knot of tension building inside her begging to be released. "So good Draco. So fucking good." She moaned. The sound of her moaning profanities urged Draco to give her even more, plunging one and then two fingers inside her, pumping them in and out as he sucked harder on her clit.

"Come for me love." He said as he felt her getting close to the edge. Hermione let out a cry of pleasure as her orgasm exploded from her, shaking her body to the core. Draco drank every last drop of her essence as it spilled from her, enjoying every last bit of it. He was jolted away as Hermione sat up and pulled his mouth up to hers in a fierce kiss, the thought of her tasting herself on him causing him to grow harder. He felt her hands push him back off of the bed forcing him to stand up and break away from the kiss. Before he could say anything, she had grabbed the sides of his pants and pulled them down, exposing his extremely hard cock. He watched as she stared at it and moaned when she ran her small hands over it, stroking it lightly. She looked up at him with wide eyes, that were filled with curiosity, a bit of fear, but mostly love. "Hermione?" Hermione leaned forward and boldly ran her tongue from base to tip, circling the head once before taking the tip in and sucking gently on it. "Holy fucking shit! Fuck! Hermione!" He pulled away from her and pulled her up against him. "Have to have you. Right now. Please." He begged, sucking on her neck.

"Make love to me Draco. Take me now!" She moaned pulling them back down onto the bed. That was all it took and a second later they became one. He couldn't believe how good she felt wrapped around him, so tight, warm and slick. He waited for her to adjust to his size before slowly moving in and out of her, her moans and mewls urging him on. He grabbed her left thigh and lifted it up causing him to penetrate her even deeper. "Oh God Draco! Harder." Draco locked his eyes to hers as he started to pound into her harder. She grabbed him around his neck and pulled his lips to hers in a frenzied kiss, her tongue seeking and battling with his as he pumped into her harder and faster. Hermione threw her head back in ecstasy. "Don't stop love, please don't stop!" Draco could feel that he was not going to last much longer so he took the opportunity to reach down in between them rub quick rough circles on her clit.

"Come for me baby." He said, giving her clit one last pinch.

"YES! YES!" She screamed as her orgasm overtook her. Two more quick snaps of his hips sent Draco climaxing right after her, pulling her tightly against him and feeling both of their bodies quaking from their release. Draco collapsed next to her and pulled her into his arms, placing a gentle kiss on her lips.

"Are you alright? I didn't hurt you did I?" He asked . Hermione looked up at him with bliss filled eyes and shook her head.

"That was amazing Draco. It was everything I hoped it would be. I love you Draco Lucius Malfoy." Draco pulled her tighter to him, not wanting to lose one inch of her.

"And I love you Hermione Jean Malfoy." He said kissing her on the shoulder. "Ready for round two?"

The End

Just in case you were wondering ….

Draco and Hermione - Draco went on to run Malfoy Industries. The company, that along with Augusta and Neville Longbottom, was responsible for bringing about the Mentis Sanationis potion, aka the cure for the Crutiatus Curse. The potion cured those effected by the curse, including Neville's parents who have been getting to know there son.

Hermione's time at UH proved fruitful as she became head of the Department of Mysteries and one of the best Unspeakables to ever grace the department. She is still best friends with the-boy-who-lived-twice, and she mended her friendship with Ginny. She never was able to forgive Ron for the pain he caused her and he never made the attempt to try and reconcile with her or Harry.

They had three children – Braxton Scorpius, Ryder Cygnus, and Natalia Aria Malfoy.

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