The spawn of countless hours of thinking about hate and what makes us hate someone, I believe it is our insecurities and natural biases that have turned into major factors. This is not a documentary, merely a little thing that figuratively grew from a pine seed that was deposited by a passing bluebird. XD

Able to be read alone, or read along with Xtreme Gamer's fic, Firefly. This took place during the chapters where Firefly had escaped with the group and was free; before Giovanni had recaptured her yet.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon, so what?

There is cussing, a nice quantity, but nothing you haven't heard before(at least, I hope not).

The words were spoken so often that they became a chant, I always heard Firefly this, Firefly that. I was sickened by the constant blabbering about it all, but I loathe that Vulpix more than words can describe.

"Firefly will come back for us."

"I trust Firefly, she'll never stop trying to get us out."

"If I die, may Firefly know I died with faith in her,"

"Trust in Firefly, she has never steered us in the wrong direction."

"Firefly would never have let this happen, we have to try and keep the balance until she's returned."

These maxims have been repeated so many time in my company that I feel like anyone who would devote their lives and deposit all their faith should have someone pick up a rock and beat reality into their heads.

I cannot bear to accept anyone who couldn't rescue all the enslaved Pokémon as my leader! Perhaps that is because I lost my three best friends mere days after she left, but mostly it's because she deserted us and without her, the whole damn world came crashing down, making the hell I was in even worse than I thought was possible.


"Ah, there you are, Nadia." Bram said, the Murkrow flitted over, cocking his head, gazing at me with his young, yet clever eyes. His only experiment features were the razor sharp steel implants in place of his claws, and the genetically shortened tail feathers.

"What do you want, Bram?" I asked, my claws shooting out right before I swiped at his tail feathers. The clever bastard dodged.

My relationship with him revolved around spats, fights, scuffs, and bruises. All of which he suffered from. We hated each other with a passion, but we still had a deep bond, like rivals, only more violent.

"Aw, why so glum, chum? You know, Buizel rarely look good when they're blue, figuratively speaking, of course." He quipped, making me growl in annoyance.

"Just spit it out, what the hell do you want?" I growl.

Bram, a damn smart ass of a Pokémon, turned his eager eyes upon me once more before tilting his head and preening. "Hmmm, to tell, or not to tell . . . " He never could keep track of me when he had his head beneath his wings. I knew it was a perfect opportunity the second he started on his wings too.

With the stealth only a speed demon like me could have, I quickly plucked a feather from him, when he squawked and glanced over at me, I was standing there twirling the pygmy length, black retrix(that's tail) feather between two claws.

"You little wretch!" He cawed.

"Hey, at least I don't put up a fuss when you take my stuff." I snap. Bram had been notorious for stealing anything that sparkled, including my scale collection.

He cawed angrily. "Piss off, you know what, I'll never understand why Katherine took you under her wing. Or why she sent me to fetch your prissy little ass."

Prissy? You no good son of a bi- I couldn't even finish my thoughts before I attacked, I hit him with an Aqua Jet, knocking him off his feet and soaking his feathers. As I sat atop him I growled. "Prissy you say? Just because I'm a female, doesn't mean I'm a damned girly-girl! Now shut your beak before you get yourself even deeper in shit. Right now it's up to your no good neck!" I pressed a claw against his scrawny neck, emphasizing how badly he'd fucked up.

He nodded and I just stepped off of him and headed off to see Katherine. Before I'd gotten out of earshot I snapped, "Nothing but a scavenging corpse-sucker."

Katherine was waiting, her old body was braced against a wall, as I entered, she gave me a small smile. "I take it you were informed by Bram?"

I nodded, my head filled with questions.

Katherine was still a beautiful Ampharos, who had, unlike myself, never been used for experiments. She was nearly eight years old, and had laid the eggs containing offspring of more than thirty different males. An original breeding Pokemon, she was now seen as useless in the eyes of the scientists, but they had decided to spare her, for the time, at least.

"Nadia, I've started to lose hope, I will soon die, and Firefly won't be returning soon enough to see me off."

My blood boiled, to hear the name of that bitch uttered by Katherine made me feel so angry. The Vulpix had left like a Zubat out of hell, and who had been left behind? The ones who were too slow, or endangered their freedom, or even the ones who "couldn't be trusted to keep a secret" what kind Tauros-shit was that!

"Katherine, you don't need her help, I'll see to it that you are given a proper burial."

She gave me a weak smile, and then began coughing, her gasps were ragged and frayed, like my appearance. I mean, who wants to put mother humping scales up and down my back, sides, belly, and head? Leaving only my tail and legs left with fur. And then they gave me claws, I can understand claws, but scales? What were they smoking when they came up with that one? Not to mention grafting all those different types of scales upon my furless back after they had removed the hair permanently. Damnation that had hurt! Didn't they know what sedatives were for?

"Thank you, but who will you turn to after my parting. You don't seem to get along with Bram, or are you contemplating accepting Omar's offer?"

I grumbled to myself, damn, I had hoped that Nuzleaf would've given up by now. Just because he had a slimmer figure than the norm of his species and had an alright . . . okay, truth is, he had a very sexy accent, didn't mean I would hook up with him, but he was pretty fine.

Girls swooned and fawned over his every breath, even guys gave him looks that made it impossible not to know that they'd mate with him any-day, anyplace.

And yet all this time he'd been after my aquatic ass for some reason, maybe he just wanted to use his type advantage to dominate me, but he'd be castrated on sight if he even looked at me funny. This he knew, and in a way I knew he was too sophisticated to even fathom such an act.

"What was that?" She asked, her eyes uncertain, she had started to lose her hearing over time as well.

Here I go, "I said. . . yes."

She gave me a knowing look. "But he doesn't know."

Curse her ability to read me like an open book!

"I never thought he needed to know." Came my smart ass response.

"Sass does not equal class." She chided, but her heart was not in it. "I'll send Bram to inform him of your choice."

I shrugged. "Alright, but if he screws up, he'll never be able to mate again."

Katherine gave me a mirthful grin, "I often thought the same thing, back when I was younger and full of spite."