I want to make sure you know the anger and resentment Nadia holds against Firefly is only because she believes that you either take everyone with you if you plan on escaping, or you don't take anyone. But Nadia also twisted the truth, she believes that Firefly is some kind of manipulative bitch who didn't deserve the credit that she got. Thus Nadia feels an intense jealousy whenever the Vulpix is praised, but that's mainly because she never got enough attention herself.

Firefly's absence also ruined everything else since the scientists were left to their own demented ideals while Giovanni was gone.

The next day I found Kathrine's dead body, she was laying there, a small smile on her face. She had died in her sleep last night, most likely around midnight, as she was still alive at ten. Bram's eyes were misty, he kept fidgeting, and then, when Omar arrived, the Nuzleaf quickly saw to it that a few of his friends dug the grave exactly where and how I specified. Omar had a certain charm that made you want to comply, if only because he'd flash a smile that made everyone even the guys, melt.

I was mildly impressed by his kindness, but that didn't mean he was going to mate with me, not until I decided he could. I don't know why I kept contemplating our possible mating, I guess I was just focusing my anger on that to keep from hurting someone unintentionally.

Bram began following me, we actually stopped fighting as much. He had been fond of Kathrine ever since she took him in when he was rejected after his experiments were through. He'd flitter about behind me as softly as he could. This went on for three days, up until he was called away to the arena . That was the last time I saw him. Well, I did see what was left of him, but that was only a few charred bones and a pawful of ashes.

A really aggressive Slugma/Croconaw hybrid had gotten a hold of him. I couldn't believe it, the one who was my rival, my . . . friend, gone. Alas, I had no forewarning and this had never been foreseen. Somehow it struck me harder than I'd ever anticipated it would.

Omar held me close, embraced me as best as he could, cringing as I tore at his arms with my claws in anguish. "Damn them all, those bastards, Bram didn't need to fight, why would they do that? What the hell are they doing to us?" I screamed.

"Let's not dwell upon it too long, he's gone, but someday, somebody will end this."

I jerked away, suddenly knowing who he was talking about. "You mean that bitch of a Pokemon?"

He gave me a startled look, "Who?"

"Firefly! That female Vulpix who seems to have cast a spell over all the Pokemon, all they do is talk about her day in and day out. They're even singing chants to her now!"

He shook his head. "The fire type, I had never thought of her up till now, what makes you think I'd speak of her now?"

"Because everyone else does, and they're brainless shits who won't even wake up and smell the misery."

He reached for me, but was rejected, with a grunt he said, "I swear I don't ever think of Firefly, I hate most fire types anyway."

I never knew he held such a stern animosity against fire types. I held up a paw, and then turned my scaly back to him, "I'll believe you, for now, but her name is not to be uttered in my presence by you."

". . . Agreed."

That night I contemplated my past and my friend's pasts, or what little I could recall. All the hours, days, weeks, months, and years we'd been together and yet I never learned all that much about them. I knew had been free once, but only for a tiny bit. Katherine had forgotten her youth long ago, and Bram was born in this cesspool, but Omar, where had he come from? There was a foreignness to him that made me wary, but compliant to a degree.

For two days I wandered, avoiding the male to question his friends about his past. When one questioned my interest, I denied any emotional attachment to him, but told them I cared enough to feel something akin to love. A lie, but if it got me information, I was not above doing it.

An elderly Gloom told me he was a bachelor, lonely and a long-term nomadic Pokémon. I asked for more information, and after a lot of persuading, I learned that Omar's parents had died in a forest fir that had spread throughout the forest he dwelled, back then he sleep walked, ad when he awoke the next day, he was staring at a large field of black ash, while the scent of death, burned flesh, and misery wafted to his nose.

The Gloom had been underground to the east when it had started that night, and had witnessed the fire. She had also raised the Seedot who later evolved into the Nuzleaf I knew today.

When I finally returned to his place, he was chatting with another, he gave me a speculative look before nodding. "My love," he began,

Wait, love? As in he loves me?

"I'll be back later, please do not fret too much, Nadia."

I nodded, before pointing a curious claw at the male. "I shall await it, . . . my dear." Mush! But I knew there was a sliver of truth in my words. Why did I have to develop feelings, or was the sensation just a typical concern?

He never came back though, he too had fallen victim to the odd mix that had also killed Bram. There was a huge group of mourners, too weak to protest or seek revenge, but they moved on to another male real fast. My blood boiled, there hadn't been much love between Omar and I, but I had started to hope.

I went rampant, demanding to see the bastard who had the audacity to harm my friends, and I knew I would kill him, or die in the process.

Finally I threatened the lab techs and scientists to the point they couldn't deny me. I walked into the arena, locked eyes with the Pokemon who deserved to suffer.

The male, almost would've looked normal, but his body was coated with a hot magma layer that made physical contact impossible under most circumstances. He gave me a bored look. "Another pathetic asshole," he muttered, but then he gazed closer, eying me lewdly before winking. "you look nice, first female I've seen in a while. Who knows, maybe you'd be a good fuc-"

I cut him off, hitting him with a Mud Shot to the face. He made a clicking sound, and I knew that was the typical sound they made before they got pissed.

"You bitch!" He roared, and I saw I had temporarily blinded him in one eye, but only a little. He fired a Flamethrower, scorching my fur(what little I had), but to my surprise, my scales negated his fire. Oh, so now they have an actual use, what a fine time to figure this out.

I fired off a Water Gun, hitting him and making his body disappear in a cloud of steam. When it cleared his legs and tail had hardened. Like a Slugma. How convenient.

I hated long range attacks, so I got in close, but he saw me coming, and before I could hit him dead on with an Aqua Jet, he turned his head and bit down upon my stomach, the momentum of my attack carried me fast, but this time it was my downfall, his jaws had locked. My scaly skin that covered my stomach ripped and tore, allowing my internal organs to fall out, the pain that filled my chest intensified as I fell down alongside of the Big Jaw Pokémon, dirt stuck to my oozing wound, I turned, gazing up at the bastard. He gazed angrily right back at me, fighting to break the hardened magma, but he was shit out of luck.

I lashed my tail, gritting as every motion sent pain shooting up my spine. The Razor Winds hit, one sliced his right eye so badly he would never use it again, the other hit his throat, which is where I aimed another three Razor Wind attacks. They sliced deeper and deeper until his throat was completely slit.

"Shit, I can't die, not here, not like the others. Why is this still allowed to happen to us all? What joy do you sick bastards get from watching my kin fight and kill each other? I bet you're jerking off to this, aren't you, you damn perverts!" I bellowed towards the glass window where I knew they were watching.

They'd stay up there, watching me carefully until I was dead. I didn't care, everything was gone, they had stolen my freedom, and now they had stolen the three closest friends I'd ever known. If I died, then they couldn't get anymore pleasure. With a sigh I felt about the wound, pushing my paws in deeper and seeing how much of an opening in my chest there was. I stopped, there was my . . . shit! I was almost able to touch my heart, who knew I actually had one?

I felt it beat. It was irregular, fast, then slow, slow then fast. Every once in awhile it would stop for a few seconds. I laid my head down, listening to the hypnotic thumping of my dying heart.

I shook my head, fighting the darkness away, my eyes weren't seeing clearly, things were foggy, hazy, as if I was dreaming.

Giovanni was focused on you, Firefly, why did you have to turn around and desert us like that? I hate you . . . Damn you, Firefly . . . I hope you burn in hell. I hope you suffer the way I have . . .

I blinked, when my eyes were shut I could see a mirage, an odd white feline, but I couldn't make out anything else other than it was looking at me, gazing balefully.

"This is the fate of those who cannot see, if you are clouded by your own hatred and refuse to open your eyes. I cannot believe the lies you've said, all out of anger. You'll never learn."

"But . . . I . . . " I couldn't utter another syllable.

"You have no more say so in this matter, you threw away your chances, and you threw away yourself long ago." She turns, leaving me panting, I try to see her better, but I know what's happening, my breathing isn't working enough. I fall deeper into the darkness.

I'm . . . sorry . . .