Chapter 1: First Day of School

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It was McKinzeigh Dawson's first day at Spencer Academy. Normally it would have been great a wonderful opportunity but McKinzeigh was from new money. She knew that didn't go well with the old money students at Spencer from her cousin Sarah Wenham who had gone to Spencer on scholarship and some students hadn't been to happy about it. But atleast she would have her cousin and Kate there with her right?

"McKinzeigh! Hurry up and get down here or you'll be late on your first day of school!" McKinzeigh's father yelled from the first floor of their new house in rainy Ipswich, Massachusetts.

"I'm coming!" McKinzeigh yelled down to her dad.

"Come on Kinzeigh. We'll be late." said her older brother poking his head into her room with her twin brother not far behind coming in and grabbing his twin he brought her down stairs.

"Ugh! Dalton! Don't do that!" she yelled playfully.

"Sorry sister but we gotta go." chuckled her brother Dalton.

"Is everyone here?" asked her mother playfully before her dad followed her lead.

"Jacob Scott Dawson?" asked her father as if taking roll like a school teacher.

"Here." her older brother answered simply.

"Dalton Seth Dawson?"

"Present." her twin said in a private school monotone.

"Anna McKinzeigh Dawson?" said her father using her entire name. She had always gone by her middle name not that she didn't like Anna, she did she just had always went by McKinzeigh.

"Has arrived!" she said using her trademark way of making an entrance.

"Good now off you go! Go! Go!" Shooed away her mother laughing.

At school in her dorm.

"Wow. These dorms are amazing." McKinzeigh said in awe.

"Yeah they are. Except for no bathrooms in the room." laughed an unfamiliar voice.

"Huh? are you?" McKinzeigh asked the girl.

"Oh. I'm your new roomate or you're my new roomate I guess." she laughed "Anyway I'm Malarie-Madison Cawl." she said extending her hand.

"Oh is Malarie-Madison your first-" she was cut off bye Malarie-Madison.

"Yes it is my first and middle name but I've always been called by both. Now may I ask who you are?" she asked

"Oh right. I'm McKinzeigh Dawson." she said extending her hand and meeting Malarie's.

"Oh. Yeah I heard there was going to be some kids named Dawson coming but I wasn't sure. So no middle name?" Malarie asked nicely.

"Yeah there is. I go by it. My full name is Anna McKinzeigh Dawson and I go bye McKinzeigh or Kinzeigh." she said just as nicely as her new friend.

"Well okay then. We better get to class if we know what's good for us." Malarie said and showed her friend to their first class.

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