Chapter 3: Talking to Malarie

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"Hey sleepyhead." McKinzeigh heard Malarie say, when McKinzeigh looked up she saw a smiling Malarie looking at her.

"Oh. Wow how much of my day have I slept away?" McKinzeigh asked still half asleep

"Not to much but if it were a school day you would be so late. It's almost 10." Malarie said looking up at a clock.

"Wow. Well what are today's plans?" McKinzeigh asked her friend.

"Well Sarah called and she wants us to all hangout together at Nicky's tonight. You up for it?" Malarie asked looking hopeful.

"Totally. I think my brothers are going up there to though so...brace yourself." McKinzeigh warned

"Hmm...I think I'll be able to protect myself." she laughed

"Yeah they're harmless... until it comes to me. They go crazy. They are a little over-protective I guess you could say." McKinzeigh stated

"A little? They watch over you like hawks! But in some ways it cute, sweet, and helpful huh?" Malarie asked

"Yeah but in others it's kinda the opposite. Well heck you should know that. Shouldn't you?" McKinzeigh asked her friend

"Yeah but I only have one protective older brother and then a little sister. Kendle Paul Cawl and Cassandra or Cassie La'Shay Cawl." she explained

"Yeah I thought you had an older brother. He's 20 right?" McKinzeigh asked begining to be a little nosy not that Malarie cared she liked it.

"Yep. And Cassie is 16. We are two years apart each 16 to 18 to 20." Malarie explained, she was a natural born leader and loved the spotlight. She wanted to be an actress. Unlike McKinzeigh who wanted to go to Harvard to become a Pediatric Doctor.

"Huh? Thats kinda cool." McKinzeigh said intrigued by her friends life.

"Yeah. Well I've been wondering something since you moved here." Malarie told her friend

"And what would that be?" McKinzeigh asked her friend ready to answer any question Malarie had.

"How did you get your house...and all your money? I don't mean to sound mean I'm truly curious." She hastened to add the last part.

"Oh. Well ya see my Aunt Alexandra died and she and my brother were the only children left in their family, all their brother and sisters had been older than them so they had already died and they,being twins,have always been close so she left us her entire fortune and house and well everything she had." McKinzeigh explained.

"Wow." was all Malarie could say for a moment

"Yeah. I thought it was sweet. The love my Aunt had for her twin brother, it reminds me of me and my brothers relationship." McKinzeigh told Malarie.

"How so?" Malarie asked her

"Well I would do anything for Dalton and I know he would do anything for me. And Jacob of course. Dalton, Jake, and I are all close I love them both. It's amazing isn't it. The unconditional love siblings have for each other." McKinzeigh said.

"Okay okay. Enough of that I want to get up and call both my siblings and have a sweet little reunion right now." Malarie laughed

"Okay. Oh I just got a text from Sarah she wants us to start getting ready." McKinzeigh informed her.

"Already? Really?" Malarie asked confused.

"Actually we've been talking for a while. It's almost 9:00 o'clock." McKinzeigh told Malarie after checking the time.

"Wow. We better start getting ready then. Come on I'll fix you up!" Malarie said and ran off to find them the perfect outfits.

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