First off, I would like to say that this is my first ever fanfic for something that doesn't have to do with a book. I've never really felt wholly comfortable with writing fanfictions anyway, something about taking other people's characters and bending them to my own ways feels a little wrong, but this idea has been bouncing around in my head for too long screaming "Ooo! Pick me! I want to written next!" so, finally, my obsession with Numb3rs and long-time love of Ghost Whisperer made me put this together. I also feel a little off trying to take something you watch and turn it into something you read. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not sure how this is going to turn out.

Some things to know before I start is the time zone. This takes place pretty much before the last few episodes of Numb3rs, or somewhere in the last season. In Ghost Whisperer time, it's before Aiden came along, Eli is there, Payne never left (sniff... Payne...), and the whole JimdyingandcomingbackasSam thing never happened. (shudder) XP.

I don't claim anything but the plot and original characters in this.

If the characters seem a bit awkward at first, I aplogoize. That kind of goes along the "never feeling wholly comfortable about taking other people's characters" thing I mentioned earlier. I hope it will get better.

So after that novel itself, on with the story! Reveiws are much appreciated. Enjoy!

- Thumper

About one month ago, Los Angeles

They should've been here by now. They should've already been able to figure out where she was. He had had enough time, right? Why weren't they here already?

She cracked her knuckles, again and again, a nervous habit of hers. Her hands ached painfully from it by now, but she kept at it as she stared out the front window. Watching. Waiting. He wasn't here; he was taking a nap just down the hall. She could try again to escape, but the knowledge of the locked door, hidden key, her disastrous lock picking skills, and the small bottle of some kind of drug kept at hand weighed on her shoulders like a lead weight. Freedom was so close, but so far away.

She was just about to turn away from the window, another hopeless night of waiting discarded in the overgrowing pile. And then she heard it. A siren. That one wail of hope pulsed through her and she pressed herself up to the window as if to get closer to it.

It was getting closer, closer, and then she could see the black SUV turning the corner on the street, lights blinding in the rainy night, siren deafening. A smile formed on her cracked lips, the feeling of hope radiating from her. He had found her, they were coming. She was free.

And then just as soon as the SUV came, it was gone. It dashed down the street, past the house, the siren going with it and suddenly reality hit. She was still trapped. They weren't coming for her. He had failed her. The first time ever, he had failed her.

The hopelessness she had felt for the past week returned, only stronger now since her only savior had come and past. And suddenly she was on her feet. She could hear sobs and strangled sounding "no's" coming from her throat, quietly at first, and then louder. She got up and ran to the locked door and pounded on it with all the energy she had left. Her face was soaked with tears dripping off her cheeks onto the linoleum. "No!" she cried, "No! Come back! I'm in here!"

She didn't even hear his footsteps trampling down the hall. He was behind her, cussed, and said something about the neighbors. She turned her head, and at that instant, something cold and hard came down on her. There was a stab of pain coursing through her body for a millisecond, and then there was nothing.