Namikaze Naruto, Son of the Kyuubi


Plot summary

The Kyuubi is female, and a mother of one kit. Orochimaru kills her only kit in order to make her attack Konoha. When she arrives in Konoha she begins her rampage and Minato and Sarutobi try to reason with her. Finding no other way Sarutobi knocks out the stubborn Minato and seals the Kyuubi in Naruto hoping to heal her broken heart. The Kyuubi finds herself in Naruto's mind space and awakens from her rage to find baby Naruto crying. She shifts into a humanoid state and pledges to raise him as her own. She realizes that he is her container and will be hated for it and possibly killed. In a bid to stop this from happening she turns him into a hanyou. Minato awakens to find Naruto with some noticeable changes. Now he must raise a hanyou to be the greatest shinobi. Slight inuyasha crossover, Naruto will be over-powered but he will have to work on control constantly, and considering his dad is the hokage and he isn't neglected, is it really being over powered, or is he having the power that he should have had in the first place. Also he has to be strong considering the fact that Iwa and Kumo would be after him. This is my first story so be fair. If anyone wants to adopt it i am cool with it if you PM me

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Chapter 1: So it begins

October 9th

"COME ON KIT, IT'S TIME TO GO HOME. BESIDES I'M COOKING YOUR FAVORITE MEAL TONIGHT… RABBIT SOUP!" called a serene voice that could only belong to an angel. The woman stood at 5'6" and had dried blood red hair that flowed just above her bottom. She had was wearing a red and black kimono with a nine-tailed fox embroidered on her shoulder, and the kanji for nine just above her left breast. She had black fox ears and nine dried blood red 4 foot long tails with black tips that danced in the wind. She looked like a goddess standing in a field of flowers. Her name was Akane Kazama, she was the queen of the foxes and the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"COMING MOMMY!" not long after a fox kit ran through the grass to his mother. He had red fur and deep ocean blue eyes; he stood on all fours at two feet his three tails flowing with the wind.

When the tiny fox reached his mother he leapt and shifted into a humanoid form as he landed into her waiting arms. He looked up at his mother and asked "Are you really going to make rabbit soup?" she nodded. "But you only make that on my… it's my birthday tomorrow!" the fox giggled as his mother unleashed a barrage of kisses upon him.

"I can't believe you forgot your own birthday, Arashi, you funny child! However lucky for you, your mother is the all knowing Kyuubi" teased Akane.

"Mommy, can you teach me how to hunt tomorrow?" queried Arashi.

"Of course honey I'll teach you t-WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?"Akane felt a strange presence behind her as the scent of snakes overpowered her nose, and turned to see a pale man laughing. He had long black hair, and yellow snake eyes filled to the brim with hatred. He bore a leaf symbol on his hiat-ite

"Ku ku ku ku, now Kyuubi we both know why I am here," as he said that a snake bit poor Arashi in the neck. "You are to assist me in destroying Konohagakure and will address me as Orochimaru-sama."

Akane's eyes widened as she saw her son dying. Her form shifted into an enormous nine-tailed fox. "YOU SNAKE BASTARD! YOU KILLED MY ONLY SON! GRAAAAAUGH!" Akane roared in rage and agony.

Orochimaru flashed some hand signs "Frozen Emotion jutsu!" the poor fox queen continued screaming as Orochimaru sunk into the ground. "If you wish for revenge go to Konoha and burn it to the ground, have a nice day. Ku ku ku ku ku ku!"


With that the Akane made a mad dash for Konoha.


October 10th

Why? Why is this happening? Kushina Namikaze had just given birth to her son, Naruto. The delivery was perfect, Tsunade can vouch for that. Yet somehow he was dying. This knowledge hurt far more than the birthing process had, because there was nothing she could do. Unless, I use it. There was a technique passed on throughout the Uzumaki clan that could save her son, however it would cost her life to use it.

"It is worth it…" Kushina muttered. "Anything for Naruto," Minato and Tsunade looked at her confused.

"Wha-what is worth it? Kushina?" Tsunade had a hunch and was scared, she thought of Kushina as the daughter she never had. Tonight she'd lose one more precious person, the worst part was that she could not blame her accursed necklace.

Minato realized what she was doing as she flashed through the hand signs. "Kushina… I love you."

"I love you too, and Naruto, our precious boy," Kushina whispered as she hit the last hand sign. "Eternal love jutsu". Kushina's body glowed blue as her life force and chakra were transferred into Naruto. As she held her son she wept for the fact that she could not be there for him as he grew up. Slowly her eyes began to close and she whispered "Na-ru-to". As her eyes closed Minato retrieved Naruto parting from his love with a kiss. Tsunade pulled the sheet up to her neck and kissed her forehead.

Minato walked out of the room with Naruto in his arms.


The young Yondaime was cradling his newborn son as thunderous sounds erupted around the village. The Kyuubi was 200 miles away from the village and advancing quickly, there would be much death is she reached the gates. This was the reason why he, his predecessor Hiruzen Sarutobi, and Jiraiya of the Sannin were researching seals to stop the rampaging beast. When word was first received of the nine-tailed bijuu's status, genjutsu specialists were sent out to discourage the beast peacefully through non-violent illusions. However this only proved to anger the fox further as she roared, a miserable angry sound that echoed throughout the five great nations. This hurt the young hokage as he knew the Kyuubi since his youth, hell he loved her more than Kushina, but sadly they could not be together as society is not so forgiving. He gave her a son though, his name was Arashi. What could have happened to cause her to lash out like this? His thoughts were interrupted with his sensei's loud declaration.

"I've got it!" said a very excited toad sage. He was currently examining a scroll on jinchuuriki, the power of human sacrifice. Theoretically it is possible to seal a Bijuu inside of a human infant that has not developed chakra coils yet and will grow to adapt to the yokai from the demon feeding it chakra. The child would have immense chakra reserves thanks to this and be marked with certain traits similar to the demon sealed within. However the problem was how strong the seal must be in order to stay intact. Jiraiya expressed this to his former sensei and former student.

"Well considering the immense power of the Kyuubi, I imagine nothing short of the reaper death seal will hold her" proposed the old Sarutobi.

"Old man, are you insane? That seal requires the death of the caster!" yelled Jiraiya.

"Sensei, it is the duty of the hokage to put the needs of the village before his own. I understood that when I took up the position and I understand now." Said a solemn Minato. "I will seal Akane-hime in Naruto, I trust you will raise him Jiraiya, and you will protect him right old man?"

Jiraiya sobered up immediately he thought of Minato as his own son, hell he could see a lot of him in him, and for some reason he saw a lot of Tsunade too. But he had no time to think on this as there were other matters at hand. "Kid, for what it's worth I will miss you and will always think of you as my son." Said a tear struck Jiraiya.

"I know sensei, I know."


Akane was less than ten miles away from Konoha and her silhouette could be seen across the horizon. Soon she would have her revenge on the snake her killed her only child… and anyone who got in her way.

"COME OUT HERE YOU MISERABLE SNAKE. COME OUT SO I CAN KILL YOU!" bellowed the great beast. Hundreds of shinobi quivered at the sight of the magnificent kitsune. They knew they were going to die and resigned to their fate knowing that they were to die heroes. As they prepared for the slaughter to begin a silver-haired dog-masked anbu cried out.

"We must hold out until the hokage gets h-oh never mind." As he rushed over to his old sensei for orders.

Behind them was a great yellow flash, soon fading to reveal Minato Namikaze the "Yellow Flash" and Yondaime hokage, Jiraiya the toad Sannin, and Hiruzen Sarutobi the "Professor" and Sandaime hokage. In the fourth hokage's arms was a small child with intricate seals all over his body. The anbu immediately recognized the child as his sensei's son Naruto. Upon their arrival Kakashi Jiraiya and Sarutobi bit their thumbs and ran through several hand signs before slamming their hands into the ground.

"Summoning Jutsu!"

Three HUGE poofs of smoke erupted from the ground and out from it emerged the Toad Boss Gamabunta, the demon lord of the western lands Inu-taishou and the Monkey King Enma (an: in my story Enma can appear both the size of Bunta in "gorilla mode" and how he looks in the anime, also I gave Kakashi the dog demon contract, and Rin is alive don't like it? *eye smile* don't care).

"Jiraiya/Sarutobi! Why did you have to summon me to fight her?" bellowed the summon bosses.

Minato cleaned his ear out with his pinkie. "Sorry guys the social visit will have to wait until later right now just try to hold her down so I can talk to her!"

"You heard the hokage Bunta time to go!" yelled a battle ready Jiraiya.

"Right ero-gaki!" smirked the giant toad.

"Come on Enma, can't let them have all the fun now can we?" joked the old kage.

"Alright let's go young monkey" (an. Enma is much older than Sarutobi so…)

"Come pup I want to see what has my old friend so riled up" commanded the proud dog demon.

"Hai Taicho-sama" said the cycloptic teen.

With that the summons charged toward


Seeing two summon bosses and a demon lord stopped Akane in her tracks.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS LET ME PASS!" roared the great fox.

"Akane-hime I should be asking the same thing, why are you attacking my village? We've known each other since we were kids, hell we're lovers. So why attack your best friend and without provocation?"


Minato was stunned, his firstborn son, Arashi, his little hurricane was dead. He was going to invite him and Akane to live at the hokage mansion so they could be a real family. Now Naruto would never meet his big brother.

The Sandaime noticeably cringed hearing his old pupil's name. Just two weeks ago he banished him from Konoha for his human experimentation projects; he still saw a slimmer of his old student in him and couldn't bring himself to kill him. Hearing this however broke whatever hope he had left for him.

"You see you stupid monkey, all of this could have been avoided if you just killed the hebi-teme." Chided the great monkey king.

"I know now Enma, I know"

Minato finally got his bearings and faced Akane once more.

"Aka-hime, he will pay, he is not here, but he will PAY! So please hime calm down." Minato was crying at this point, in the span of two days both of them had lost someone precious to them.

"NO… YOU LIE! HIS SCENT IS ALL OVER THIS VILLAGE! STOP HIDING HIM AND LET ME KILL HIM" screamed Kyuubi her tears were flooding the village as she struggled in the three summons grasp. As this was happening Minato was preparing himself for what was to come.

"I am sorry Aka-hime, Naru-chan that I must place this burden on you and not be there for you. But this village will see you as a hero for protecting them every day you live." Minato began flashing through hand signs, but just before he could form the last one, he was knocked out by Sarutobi. Jiraiya throws him a questioning look.

"Not that I don't mind but WHAT THE HELL SENSEI!"

"Jiraiya-chan, Orochimaru was my mistake, one that is mine to bear. I wouldn't be much of a hokage if I couldn't face my mistakes now could I?" he then began the hand signs for the shiki fuin. "Jiraiya I also hid your son away from you and Tsunade."

Jiraiya gasped. "Son? You don't mean… Damn you to hell old man! You mean to tell me that Minato is my son? Why didn't you tell me you bastard?"

Sarutobi formed the last seal, the forbidden dragon seal. "Because it was war time, you three would have been targets for assassination, Tsunade understood and visited minato often anyway, and besides I am gonna die anyway. Now it is your problem, make sure Asuma gets the monkey summoning scroll. Farewell Jiraiya-chan, and congratulations." The old hokage then summoned the Shinigami King.


"Forgive me Shinigami-Sama but I require your services to seal the Kyuubi in this infant's stomach, take my soul as payment."


"WHAT THE HELL IS HAP-"Akane was suddenly at a loss for words as her entire being was compressed into a large red sphere.

The sphere made its way towards Naruto and enveloped him inside.


Inside the sphere


Akane didn't understand what was going on; last she could remember she was in Konoha in her fox form. Now she was in a meadow of flowers, some species she didn't recognize. But on top of that she heard someone crying. Slowly making her way towards the source she found a blonde child who she immediately gathered up in her arms.

"Oh my god, what have I done! In trying to avenge my baby another has to bear me for my actions. You will most likely be hunted down for my actions and killed, this I cannot allow. I will give you my power so that you may protect yourself." She then bestowed all of her power into him, rapidly changing his body, overwriting Kushina's dna with hers. His blue eyes were now slits; his hair extended to the middle of his back and became more wild with streaks of dried blood red and black. His ears became pointed and receded into his body. He now had teeth; no he had fangs and had 6 actual whiskers across his face. His fingernails and toenails were longer, they couldn't even be called nails they were claws. However the biggest change was that he grew a one foot long fox tail and his new fox ears that sprouted from his head. Both of these were patterned in a similar fashion to his hair. His body now sported the same dried blood red and black fur.

On the inside, his mind was accelerating itself much faster than a normal human infant thanks to the yokai being transferred into him. In a matter of hours he would be walking and talking in complete sentences like a three year old. His baby fat was being turned into muscle, or added to his height giving him the appearance of a toddler. In a matter of days he would be fit to start training as young as he is.

In two minutes the transformation was complete. Naruto opened his eyes to be momentarily blinded due to the sensitivity of his new eyes. However as that passed a smile adorned his face; for in front of him was the first woman he had known and his fox instincts made him imprint upon her. "Kaa-chan!"

Akane was stunned. This boy called her by a name she thought she'd never hear again. The only one to ever call her that was dead thanks to that bastard. She was reluctant to open her heart again but her maternal instincts overruled her. "S-Socchi! Yes my Socchi, momma's here and she will never leave you." Tears flowed down her cheeks while Naruto took care to pat her face as she held him close. Eventually they both lay onto a bed that Akane willed to appear (it's a mindscape). As Naruto closed his eyes, he felt sleep begin to take him and hugged his mother tight. "Good night Naru-chan, I will see you in the morning."


With Minato


Minato woke up feeling very groggy. 'Damn it Sarutobi I was ready to make that sacrifice, why the hell did you take my place?' Slowly he got up and saw his student and sensei huddled around an orb of red light. "Hey guys, what is going on and how long was I out?" asked a still disorientated Yondaime.

"Minato-sensei! Kyuubi is still being sealed into Naruto. You've been out for the past six hours; I think Sandaime-sama used chakra in that strike. Oh and the sealing is almost done." Kakashi was very happy despite the loss of the Sandaime. His sensei, the closest thing to a father he had since his own committed seppuku, was alive despite his hardened resolve to sacrifice his life to the Shinigami for the village. Minato had adopted Kakashi shortly after the mission in Iwa, after that kind of mission you need family.

"Why did he do it Jiraiya-sensei? It wasn't his sacrifice to make anymore."

"Kid I don't know, I have some questions for him myself and you had better start calling me Tou-san. The old man kidnapped you at birth from me and Tsunade. I say he wasn't in any hurry to do paperwork again. That and your son needs you" the old sage pointed to the fading light revealing the precious hero. But something was different; okay a lot of things were different.

He was much taller, and was very lean (all of the baby fat is gone). Naruto's face was angular, pointed like a fox. But what really shocked Minato were his son's twitching fox ears and tail. What the hell is going on around here?

"Minato-sensei, is that supposed to happen?"

"No Kakashi, but I have a feeling a trip to his mind will clear some things up."

"But Minato, all of the Yamanaka's are in the hospital, Inohana is giving birth to their clan heir." Jiraiya glumly stated.

"Who said I need their help?" everyone looked at Minato like he was crazy. "All you need is an understanding of how the seal works and you can go into Naruto's mindscape."

Kakashi and Jiraiya's jaw's hit the floor. "YOU CAN DO THAT?"

Naruto noticeably winced and Minato hit the white hair and the silver hair on the noggin. "Be quiet, his ears are sensitive. And yes I can do that. Now Jiraiya I need you to hold Naruto for me, while I go into his mindscape, Kakashi you need to watch my body and make sure no one comes near is that clear?"

Both nodded and set up positions. Kakashi summoned his nin-dog pack to form a perimeter while he held his beloved sensei by the shoulders. Jiraiya held his beloved grandson so that Minato had easy access to the seal.

"Okay here goes nothing." Minato gathered chakra into his palm (No not the rasengan… idiots) and gently pressed it against his son's stomach. Minato's shoulders slumped and he fell back into Kakashi.

"Sensei needs to lay off the ramen" Kakashi grunted but Jiraiya wasn't paying any attention. He was far more interested in studying Naruto's seal.


Chapter end

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