Chapter 2: The aftermath

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Inside Naruto's mindscape


Minato found himself in a field of flowers. He was happy that his son had such a pleasant mindscape. But he had to shake off such thoughts for now; he had a vixen to find.

He didn't have to look far. In the middle of the field was Akane sitting up in a luxurious bed holding a blond fox child. Akane sensed Minato's presence and willed the bed to move to his location.

"Aka-hime, are you feeling better? You really scared us out there you know?" Minato had a sheepish grin on his face when he finished speaking.

"Oh Mina-kun I am so sorry for everything. I knew what was happening but I couldn't stop myself. That teme used a weird jutsu that locked my emotions and my rational thought. I wanted to stop, but I wouldn't and couldn't, and I am so sorry Mina-kun!" Akane was crying uncontrollably in Minato's arms at this point and woke Naruto up.

"Kaa-chan? Are you sad? Are you hurting?" Naruto's attention was turned towards someone who looked just like him. Again his imprinting instincts kicked in and Naruto recognized Minato as his father. "Tou-chan, why is momma crying?"

Minato was shocked. Naruto was only ten hours old and already talking, add to that he was calling Kyuubi "mom" and he knew who he was. "Err… well Naruto, mommy is just upset because a bad man made her do bad things she'd never want to do."At this Naruto's face changed from concern to pure unbridled rage.

"HOW DARE HE HURT MY KAA-CHAN! IF I EVER SEE HIM I WILL SHOW HIM THE TRUE MEANING OF PAIN!" Minato was shocked at this sudden change in his son's personality, considering how old he was and the fact he was smart enough to talk properly. After hearing her son's (Akane has overwritten Kushina's DNA with her own) words Akane grew fearful.

"Naru-chan, you must promise me you will never engage that man, unless your friends are in danger. Orochimaru is far too dangerous for you. Promise me Naru-chan." Naruto had a defeated expression on his face.

"Okay Kaa-Chan, but if he ever tries to hurt you or my friends, all bets are off."

Minato finally broke out of his shock and was staring intently at Akane's seal collar which she noticed. "Mina-kun?"

"Say Aka-hime, I think I found a way to allow you access to a body outside of Naruto. Before you ask the concept is based on the shadow clone jutsu. Naruto makes the clone and you force your conscious into it. Your consciousness will be transferred to the clone and the beauty of it is that only you can dispel it. I believe after the first one you will be able to manifest yourself at will. Naruto, you and Kaa-chan get some rest, we will try it out tomorrow. I have to go talk to a bunch of idiots and my fellow ninja" Minato smiled as he faded out of Naruto's mindscape. Naruto looked curiously at his mother.

"Kaa-chan, what is a ninja?" Akane looked at Naruto lovingly.

"naru-chan, a ninja is a protector" Naruto smiled and looked deep in thought.

"Kaa-chan can I be a ninja?"


Minato opened his eyes as he saw Jiraiya and Kakashi staring at him. "Gaah! Geeze why'd you two do that? Keep that up and I will be seeing Hiruzen-jii before you sensei!"

"Sorry kid we're just concerned is all," Jiraiya smiled while scratching the back of his head.

"Yeah sensei, I already lost one father I don't need to lose another." At this point Kakashi's facemask was off.

Minato sighed "Well, I guess it is time to call a council meeting, Kakashi go and alert the council members, and say hi to Rin-chan for me." With a nod he vanished in a shunshin. "Kami, I think the old man just sacrificed himself so he wouldn't have to deal with them."

"don't forget the paperwork." Jiraiya added.

"ha, I just use shadow clones, surprised the 'professor' didn't think of it." They both shared a laugh before a flash of light and a swirl of leaves surrounded them and dispersed.

XXXXcouncil chambersXXXX

Minato and Jiraiya appeared in the council chambers, and as the Yondaime raised his hand the council fell silent. On one side of the table were various clan heads. Hiashi Hyuuga, leader of the noble Hyuuga clan, the carriers of the byakugan and users of the juken. Inoichi yamanaka, founding member of the infamous inoshikacho and the leader of the yamanaka clan, the mind walkers. Shikaku Nara, the lazy genius jonin commander, part of the inoshikacho, and leader of the nara clan: the shadow manipulators. Chouza Akamichi, part of the inoshikacho, and leader of the Akamichi clan: the body mass manipulators. Shibi Aburame, leader of the Aburame clan, the insect manipulators. Tsume Inuzuka, leader of the inuzuka clan, the nindog partner clan. Fugaku Uchiha, leader of the Uchiha clan, users of the sharingan. Tsunade Senju, legendary medical ninja and Sannin, and last living member of the senju clan. Kakashi Hatake, son of the white fang Sakumo Hatake, student of the Yondaime and bearer of the sharingan eye. Asuma Sarutobi, son of the now late Sandaime, the new head of the Sarutobi clan, holders of the monkey contract and strong believers in the will of fire. Jiraiya Oil the legendary toad sage sat next to asuma and Tsunade. These were the shinobi council, and they made decisions with the hokage's consent regarding shinobi matters. These were minato's most trusted friends and allies.

On the other side of the table were the civilian council members. They made decisions regarding civilian matters such as how much should a product cost and what they should import and export to other nations. One member who stood out verbally and physically was Isako Haruno, and like every other member of her family she was a screamer in areas other than bed.

On the south side of the table sat the elder council. Homura mitokado, danzo shimura, and koharu Utatane. In times of war these three would assist the hokage and the jonin commander in terms of strategy and planning. They were also the Sandaime's former teammates and rivals.

At the head of the table holding a blonde fox child was Minato Namikaze, the fourth hokage. As all eyes rested upon him he slammed the gavel and started the meeting.

"Everyone, the Kyuubi has been defeated." Cheers erupted from across the table, after a few slams of the gavel it became quiet again. "However it came at a grave price." Minato turned to Asuma. "Asuma I am sorry but your father, our Sandaime hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi is dead." The cigarette in Asuma's mouth fell onto the table as his jaw dropped. "again I am sorry. He made a sacrifice I was willing to make and about to pay until he knocked me out. The Kyuubi was defeated by sealing her into a human newborn, making the child a jinchuuriki." Roars from the civilian counsel demanded the death of the child, namely from isako. The elders were demanding the child be turned into a weapon. The shinobi counsel remained silent however, having some knowledge of the lives of jinchuuriki. Naruto woke up and hid his face into his father's shoulder out of fear.

The demands were soon quieted as a powerful burst of killing intent flooded the room. For the first time in his reign as hokage Minato was pissed. As he spoke his eyes flashed blue (think vash the stampede when he was in the jail cell) "HOW DARE YOU! THE BOY YOU ARE REFERRING TO IS NEITHER THE DEMON NOR THE PRISON. HE IS THE WARDEN, AND MY SON! YOU DARE THINK OF HIM AS THE DEMON? YOU DARE SUGGEST HE BE MADE A WEAPON?" minato takes a few deep breaths but keeps his crushing killing intent activated. Little Naruto was shocked as he saw firsthand how his father handled the counsel. "well civilian counsel, you are half right. Due to an effect of the kyuubi's chakra, my son has become a half demon, meaning he is half human too." He relieved his killing intent as he took some more breathes to calm down.

One stupid bitch from the civilian counsel decided to voice her opinion again. "but hokage-sama he is a stupid demon he has to be killed-ugh" no sooner had she finished her sentence a hiraishin kunai impacted the table in front of her and minato was holding the women by her throat.

"Don't you ever say such a thing about my son ever again. I may be hokage and as such need to protect the people of this village but seeing recent actions the civilians of this village are not worth protecting. As of 3 weeks from now I am no longer hokage and I and whoever else wants to come with me are gone from this hell hole. You have all dug your own graves." Little did anyone but the hokage and the shinobi counsel know, but when the hokage banged the gavel he activated a seal that would broadcast the meeting across the village so that the village as a whole would know who was responsible for a powerful shinobi leaving the village he once protected. "Now you, the elder counsel and the rest of the civilian counsel get out of my sight." Minato flared his Killing intent once and they scattered. "finally they are gone, I swear the civilian counsel gives me such a headache." Everyone sweatdrops. "now I know I will be leaving the village, but any of you are free to come with if you please."

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Hiashi Hyuuga stood up. "Hokage-sama, the Hyuuga clan supports you and will follow you to the ends of the earth. I cannot tolerate living in a village full of idiots."

Fugaku Uchiha stood up. "Hokage-sama, the Uchiha clan supports you and will follow you as well. We built this village and have watched as it has rotted from its roots."

Tsunade Senju stood up. "Hokage-sama, while the senju clan has never seen eye to eye with the Uchiha clan, for once I agree with fugaku-dono, I will follow you as well. This place is full of bad memories anyway."

Jiraiya Oil stood. "Kid, you know I am going with you."

Tsume inuzuka stood up. "Hokage-sama the inuzuka clan's loyalty is to you. We will not live in a village with these scumbag civilians."

Shibi Aburame stood and spoke in a monotone voice with a slight buzz to it. "Hokage-sama, it is illogical to live in a village where you are hated for what you contain. We will follow you hokage-sama."

Shikaku Nara stood up and yawned. "It's troublesome but hokage-sama we the nara clan support you. My will probably make me anyway. Troublesome."

Inoichi stood up and put his hand on Shikaku's right shoulder. "Hokage-sama the Yamanaka clan supports you, besides someone has to make sure Yoshino doesn't kill shikaku."

Chouza stood and placed his hand on shikaku's right shoulder. "hokage-sama, this village used to be full of nice good people. Even I cannot stomach how these people are acting. The akimichi clan supports you."

Asuma Sarutobi stood up. "Hokage-sama, the village has lost its will of fire. My father would be disgusted with this place. The Sarutobi clan will follow you."

Kakashi stood. "Sensei, you know where I stand."

Minato to say the least was shocked. He thought maybe one or two clans would consider leaving but all of the major clans of Konoha would follow him out of Konoha. "i-Is this your decision?" everyone nods. "very well, inform your clans and in three weeks I will seal your compounds and we will leave."

Little Naruto decided to say his first words in the real world. "Tou-chan, can Kaa-chan come too?" Everyone's jaws dropped. Even though he was the size of a toddler, everyone knew he was just born. And he was speaking, speaking very well.

Tsunade looked at the small child apologetically. "sorry naru-chan, Kushina-chan exchanged her life for yours when you were born. I am afraid to say that your mother won't be coming with us."

Naruto frowned, which looked more like a pout on the small child's face. "I was not talking about her, though it is nice to know what she had done for me, I am talking about my other mother, Akane Kazuma, the Kyuubi no Kitsune." Jaws again dropped onto the table. The first one to regain his composure was Shibi Aburame.

"Naruto-san, what exactly do you mean Akane is your mother?"

"Exactly as I said, buggy-chan." Everyone tensed and looked at Shibi, whose sunglasses fell to the table. His shoulders started shaking and a chuckle escaped his throat before he returned to his normal posture. "My second mother, akane, overwrote my first mother, Kushina's dna making her my Kaa-chan. It explains my foxy looks too" somehow everyone regained their composure by then and laughed. "Also why do you hate Kaa-chan? She didn't do anything wrong."

Tsume looked at the child and voiced her thoughts. "what do you mean she didn't do anything wrong, the Kyuubi attacked the village?" Minato decided to step in.

"I'd better explain. Four years ago before my marriage to Kushi-chan, I was in love with Akane, the Kyuubi no Kitsune." GASP. "However we felt we could not be together because she was a fox queen and I was about to be put into a political marriage with kushina. So I gave her a gift in the form of her first son and Naruto's brother Arashi Namikaze Kazuma." Bigger GASP. "four years later Orochimaru the white snake and traitor to the leaf village killed her child and locked her mind and made her feel only rage. She tracked his scent to Konoha and though we were hiding him and here we are. This meeting is adjourned" With that Minato banged the gavel and he and Naruto vanished in a yellow flash. Minato wanted to get out of there fast, he didn't even know why he told his secret to everyone.

In all of this excitement, minato forgot to turn off the broadcasting seal. Throughout the village everyone's jaws hit the floor and a collective "WHAAAAAT!" sounded.

XXXXXAt the Namikaze estateXXXXX

Minato and Naruto appeared in a flash of light at the estate gates. The Namikaze estate was a two story building with a basement and its own training ground and hotsprings. The basement level held a dojo, jutsu library sorted by element and rank, and a weapon forge. The first floor held a kitchen with all of the utilities you can think of, a dining room with fancy china and crystal, a living room full of various pictures of his mother Tsunade and his sensei turned father Jiraiya, his teammates hiashi and tsume, his students, akane, and Kushina. It also had a home theatre with a hd 90 inch projector screen, blue ray player, bose surround sound system, and reclinerseats. The second level held the bedrooms and the trophy room/study, and the game room dubbed "the mancave". The master bedroom contained a large king sized bed with silk red sheets and satin blue pillows, a bathroom with a bath tub big enough to swim around in, (suiton jutsu fills it ya environmental bastards) a closet full of different Namikaze cloaks, and naruto's crib, and the most important thing of all, sound proof seals. The trophy room held various weapons taken from notable shinobi or mementos from important missions. the man cave held a pinball machine, a few arcade games, a juke box, a pool table, a dart board, a sixty inch screen tv, a ps3 with some kh, Dmc, dbz, and final fantasy games.

Minato and Naruto were in the master bedroom right now. Naruto was sitting on the bed. "Naruto I am going to get your Kaa-chan out, but I need your help. I want you to draw blood on your thumb, and put your fingers in this position" Minato demonstrates the cross seal. "now I want you to focus your chakra with the purpose of making a body that looks like your mother's, and I want your mother to focus her chakra with the purpose of moving her mind to the body and then we are done. Okay?" Naruto nodded and focused his chakra. As he did so he felt a presence leaving his mind, one poof of smoke later his mother's body appeared.

Once her conscious left naruto's mind completely akane opened her eyes to see minato applying seals to her body, the brush tickled but found she couldn't move. "Mina-kun? What are you doing, why can't I move?"

"sorry Aka-hime, I am applying a independence seal which will allow you to do this whenever you want, and a sustaining seal so that no one but you can send you back into naruto's body and I placed a paralysis tag on you because having seals placed on you tickles something fierce. Done." Minato removes the paralysis tag and Akane sits up.

"Hey Naru-chan aren't you going to give your mother a hug?" As minato looks over to Naruto he sees him sleeping with a thumb in his mouth. Akane slips into a satin red nightgown and places Naruto in his crib with a plushie nine tailed fox and kisses him on the forehead.

"Good night my precious kit."

Minato stripped to his t-shirt and boxers and followed Akane to bed. As they got under the covers minato wrapped his arms around akane as she wrapped hers and her tails around him. She started mewling as he massaged her lower back and kissed her neck. "I love you my Aka-hime"

Akane leaned into minato and kissed him deeply on the lips. "I love you too, mina-kun". With that they soon fell asleep dreaming of a better home for Naruto.