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Okey, now the formalities are over, let's start with that I deliberately didn't write Naruto but manga/anime up there 'cause there will be some little crossover with animes like Baccano!, and I have no intention to continue the manga story line or to write a side story to it but merely borrow the characters and setting so you could call it AU and I read quite a long time ago Naruto Shippuuden so I'm sure there will be OOC but not too much, for the grammar mistakes sorry

so here...

...the weather is stormy...even though it is early afternoon it is dark...he is shivering...
is it because of the cold...or is he just afraid...
after all...everyone is afraid of the death.
"To think you would oppose me now? Why?" The cloaked figure asked with smug tone. The only thing visible of him being his disdainful one eye, hidden behind a mask.
"Heh... I don't know... but..." He has to stop, speaking is painful. He coughes up blood while long buried memories surface. "It is due long time already."
The figure is confused, why is the youth smiling?
"I should not have been here from the start, but he gave it to me. And yet I'm going to be selfish right to the end."
He wasn't even talking to the figure, eyes looking at him and yet at a faraway place.
"Sorry...but stop him!"


Madara is looking at the teen, not understanding a word but strangly curious if not a bit frightened. Though why he didn't know.

"What are you talking about?" Angrily he questions?

The teen suddenly grins? If not for the suddenly focused clean eyes, Madara wouls have been sure that he had gone mad on death's bed.

"Old man did you know?"
At the strange unusual name he have been called, Madara's eye widens.
"I'm ten years old." And with that Uchiha Sasuke died.
Madara sighes in relief for a reason he doesn't know and gets closer to the corpse, wanting the Sharingan but just as he gets in arm's lenght the body vanishes in a smoke. And what is truly worrying is the way it did, as if a shadow clone would have just deactivated.

there's a dead silence in the Hokage's office, the bugs they planted at several locations they encountered Akatsuki or simply around the village paid off. From the village 15 km at a forest in a cave the got a signal and the conversation that followed left dead silence.
Tsunade immidietly sent people to the cave and after finding nothing set Shikamaru to figure out what does it mean?
The following weeks were just the usual, after the betray few people mourned the Uchiha. And even those mourning got over their sadness quickly, all except one.

At the time of death in a big city far away from the Fire nations.

A pale youth stopped walking, his eyes widening. He got a few stares from the nearbies who had been looking at him because of his good looks but after a while he shrugged and continued walking, his raven black hair moving along the wind and muttering something they couldn't hear: "At least now I understand how Firo felt"...
with a smirk adorning his features promising no good to a certain masked old man...