Setting: The plane back to DC

"Amanda," Lee looked at his wife, "I am soooo glad we are finally going home!"

Amanda smiled as she rested her head on Lee's shoulder.

They looked like a couple of prize fighters instead of two lovebirds returning from their honeymoon.


Lee took Amanda's hand as they left the baggage area at Ronald Reagan Airport. "Hey, I'll follow you to Maplewood then we can both drive over to my place."

"You've got no complaint from me Mr. Stetson!" Amanda grinned as she squeezed Lee's hand.


Amanda threw her luggage in the front door then took off with Lee in his Viper. She was going to help him pack a few things to bring over to her house. They hadn't decided yet where they were going to live but ...tonight they would stay at Amanda's.

Lee dropped Amanda off at his apartment complex's lobby. As he parked the car, Amanda made her way to Lee's door.

'"Oh!?" Amanda could hear a blow dryer running in Lee's apartment. "That's funny..." Amanda was surprised to find Lee's door unlocked.

As she carefully opened Lee's door, she was accosted by the smell of cheap perfume and the eyesore of empty pizza boxes and chinese takeout containers strewn about.

"What the..." Amanda was beside herself! She just now noticed the bras and panties and other feminine clothing flung about Lee's apartment. Amanda swallowed hard, she heard the blowdryer turn off.

It was then she saw a very young, very buxom blonde emerge from Lee's bedroom.

"Oh, Hi!"

Amanda stared at the blonde. "Who are you?"

The blonde stared back, "Well, who are YOU?"

Amanda stood there red faced as Lee waltzed in and started to grab his arms around her waist.

"Amanda? Is something wrong?"

Lee finally looked up.

"Oh! Candi!"

end episode 4