A/N: The premise isn't remotely creative, but I had to write it. I don't love this pairing either, but I couldn't see it working with anyone else.

Let's pretend Lav-Lav and Won-Won had a future, shall we?

Diagon Alley was always busy of a Saturday morning, and today was no exception. Ron Weasley was less than thrilled to be fighting his way through the crowds, but he was supposed to meet his girlfriend at a little cafe at the end of the street, and he really didn't want to be late.

He found the place-finally!-and entered. It wasn't too crowded, thank Merlin, but most of the tables were full. He couldn't see Lavender.

"Wow, look at that!" Ron looked to his left, and saw a trio of teenage boys. "Reckon she's single?"

"Nah, mate. Girls like that are never single. Besides, no way she's still at school."


"So, you don't have a snowball's chance in Hell. She looks dumb, but no one's that dumb."

"Wanna bet?"

Ron had been unable to see what girl they were talking about, but now, following their line of sight, he saw Lavender, looking radiant in pale blue.

"Yeah, actually."

"Ten Sickles."

"You're on."

The self-proclaimed Casanova got up, and Ron nearly knocked over a little old lady in his haste to reach Lavender before the other boy.

He barely made it, walking around the table to hug Lavender just as the acne-stricken adolescent drew near.

One arm wrapped around Lavender's shoulder, the other ostentatiously fingering his wand, Ron looked up into the younger boy's eyes.

He could see the boy's eyes widen as he realized his miscalculation. Ron was famous for bravery and skill on the battlefield-Harry and Hermione were too kind to laugh whenever the subject came up, but they did cough on occasion-and even without his reputation, he was easily six feet tall, and broad to boot. Don Giovanni didn't hang around.

Ron went over to his seat, sat down, and reached in his coat pocket. "You left this at home."

"Aw, thanks, hon." Lavender slipped her engagement ring onto her finger.