Am I a Lady?

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Though she wouldn't admit it to anyone, Eliza was a little nervous the day she was to go to the horse race.

Many people believed that her difficulty in speaking resulted in her being unintelligent, but this simply was not true. Eliza knew every little bit of what was going on. She knew perfectly well that Professor Higgins had brought her along to observe how she carried herself in view of society.

Eliza's expectations were clear. However, under some circumstances she was still unsure of how she should conduct herself in a proper manner as a well brought up lady should.

"I must not fail. I will shoe them all what an elegant and well mannered member or society I can be," she told herself.

Eliza greeted the persons she was introduced to with the kind words of 'How do you do?' and made polite conversation with the other ladies keeping mostly to the topics of weather and other appropriate subjects instructed to her by Professor Higgins.

"I hope I am doing well," Eliza often thought.

At times, the poor flower-bearing girl felt confused and was unable to understand conversation. When this happened Eliza repeated phrases and sentences that had been taught to her during her speaking lessons.

The audience before her would laugh startling Eliza.

"I'm sure I said that correctly. Did I say something wrong?" Eliza would sometimes gasp in embarrassment.

The ladies and gentlemen thought Eliza was making puns and being whity with her words. There was no longer any trace of her poor speech, posture, and up bringing.

Eliza was not used to so much attention that she was getting. When one of the gentlemen offered to give Eliza his bet on one of the Thoroughbreds in the race, she graciously excepted it.

"I have a bet on horse number seven," the gentleman said. "His name is Dover. I would be so pleased if you would take it. You would enjoy the race much better that way."

"How very kind of you," Eliza said.

She walked with the man, Professor Higgins and his mother, and some of their other aquantinces to the gates where they could watch the horses race. Eliza felt very excited for she had never been to a real horse race before.

When the spectators saw that the horses had left the gates and were heading in their direction, the quickly put their eye pieces to their faces in order to avoid any unsanitary dirt that might find their way into their eyes.

Eliza smiled with glee as she leaned out on the rail.

"Come on Dover," she said.

The horse didn't seem to run any faster, and some of the people around her gave Eliza some curt looks.

"Come on Dover," Eliza said a little louder this time.

There were still several horses in front of him. This wasn't good. If the horse and jockey didn't make their move soon it would be too late. The last thing Eliza wanted was for her horse to lose the race, especially when she had no inkling of an idea if she would ever be at a racetrack ever again.


Stunned cries could be heard around her. Eliza had made a ghastly mistake.

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