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"Somebody! Please help!" She screamed to the heavens "Please! He's not breathing! Someone help my brother!"

She sat on an empty stretch of dirt road, it was slowly becoming dark. Tears ran down her face as she stared at her brother's face, he was in pain and there was nothing she could do for him. He struggled to breath and his head almost fell off of her lap.

"Please, don't let him die here." She whispered.

Something wet and sticky touched her leg, she glanced down and gasped. Quickly turning him over, she saw that the wrap she had put on the wound was coming undone. She tore the sleeve of her jacket and tied it around his head.

Shaking now, she yelled up to the sky, "PLEASE! I'LL DO ANYTHING! JUST MAKE HIM BETTER!"

The girl didn't notice a tall man walking towards them. When she did, she laid her brother on the ground and stood in front of him, her arms stretched out as if she could protect him. The man stopped a few feet from her and chuckled.

"Hello young lady, may I ask what you are doing out here at such an hour?" She did nothing but stare, thinking if he could help or not. While she did that, the man peeked over her shoulder. His eyebrows raised and he stepped a little closer as he saw the boy.

"Stay back!" She commanded. He looked at her calmly

"Your brother will die if he does not receive treatment soon." He said stepping past her. She spun around and stared as he checked her brothe'rs pulse and looked at his wound.

"My name is Lark, by the way."

"…Can you really help him?" She questioned skeptically.

"I'll tell you what," He turned to her, "If you can help me with something I will save your brother."

"What do you need help with?" He looked her straight in the eye as he began to speak.

"In the near future, I will call upon you to help me, but I warn you, it will not be easy, it may even cost you your life." He searched her face, as if looking for something. "Are you prepared to sacrifice your life to save your brother's?" He walked over to her and kneeled down. She answered without hesitiation.

"I will do anything to keep him alive." Lark stood up as a strange smile crossed his face.

"That's my Tyki. I've been looking for you for the longest time."

The 6 year old Tyki looked at him oddly "What do mea-" Her eyes widened and she stepped back "How did you know my name?"

Lark picked up her brother and turned to her.

"Ryuu!" She yelled.

"Ten years Tyki. Ten years and your life will begin."

She looked at him in horror as black clouded her vision.

"Your time is up, I'm coming."

-(Tyki pov)—

I woke up in cold sweat. I looked at my clock, it was 2 in the morning. 'I never wake up that early.' I thought. I sat there for a moment, when the door opened I almost jumped out of my bed.

"Tyki?" Ryuu's worried face poked through the door, "Are you ok? I heard you whimpering from the other room." He walked in and sat next to me on the bed.

I shoved my face in to a pillow. "I had a nightmare."

He smiled, "How can you have nightmares if you never remember them?"

"I don't know, but this time I actually heard some one say 'Your time is up, I'm coming'. It was creepy."

"Are you alright?"


"Good." He started to get up but found that my hand was attached to his wrist. I looked up.

"This is suppose to be the part where you say 'I don't think you are' and refuse to leave no matter how much I pester you."

Ryuu laughed, "Do you want me to stay?" My face found it's way back to the pillow and I mumbled 'mmph'. He smiled and lay next to me and held my hand.

Eventually I fell asleep.

As we waked into school the next morning I felt tired, paranoid and slightly pissed for no reason. I knew that today would be one of those days where I could blow up at anyone for any reason, and I could tell Ryuu knew that too, by the way he was making sure people didn't get to close to me. As he would say, it's all for the safety of the public. We walked in to class and, ignoring every one, I walked over to my desk and decided to sleep for the whole day. If a teacher woke me up, well that was their problem. And possibly their hospital bill.

I was starting to fall asleep when some one started to shake me by the shoulder like you would a doll. In the next few seconds said person had a face full of desk and their arm twisted at a very high and slightly painful angle.

"Ow! Tyki! What the hell?" I slowly let go as I realized it was Hikaru.

"What was that for?" I ignored him and looked around.

"Where's Ryuu" Hikaru glared at me

"He and Kouru went to get something"

"Oh." I walked back to my seat and started to fall asleep. But not before I told Hikaru to LEAVE ME ALONE unless he wished to face serious injury. He ran out of the room chuckling evilly.

There was some commotion at the door, then I was once again being shaken awake 'I swear Hikaru I will kill you.' I jumped up suprising the person and flipped then onto the ground, put my foot on their back and twisted both arms up. "You must have some kind of death wish Hitachiin. Did I not just tell you to-"

"Tyki, I'm over here." I looked to the side of the room where the orange sat on the floor cracking up.

"Wait, if you're over there, then who did I…" I looked down to where a loud whimpering was being eminated and found non other than Tamaki, the blond bozo.

"Tamaki sempi? What are you doing here?" The teary eyed man-boy looked at me from the corner of his eye when the door burst open and the rest of the host club and Ryuu came in. Kouru cracked up and Hunny sempi looked confused. Ryuu ran over to me.

"Alright, who woke Tyki up?" Tamaki wined louder in response.

"Tyki, can you, uh let Tamaki up? It might be kind of hard for him to breath." He looked like he was trying not to crack up. I let go and Tamaki ran and hid behind Haruhi.

"Huruhi! That mean girl hurt me when I was trying to help her!" I thought things over for a minute before I glared at Hikaru.

"What did you do?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." He said, backing up Mori sempi picked him up and brought him over to the others. I cracked my knuckles.

"Alright, alright! I told him that you wouldn't wake up and that you could be serious medical trouble or something…" My brother turned to him

"I told you not to let ANYONE wake her up when I left."

"Yeah, well you shouldn't trust me to not wake her." I walked up to him and smiled.

"If you like, I can make sure you never wake anyone up again." I spoke in English. Ryuu stared at me incrediculasly.

"I'm not sure what you just said but I don't think I want to know."

"You're right. And I swear, if you ever wake me up again, I'll-" Kaouru walked up to me and stuck a piece of breadstick covered in pink into my mouth, and it's one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten!

"What is this?" I asked as I finished it off, forgetting about Hikaru.

"It's called Pocky. It sometimes calms Hunny sempi down so I thought I'd try it on you." Kaoru explained as he handed the package over to me. I took out another piece and started eating.

"It's delicious!" I exclaimed, practically purring. Every one stared in amazment as I turned from a would be killer into a happy harmless little child.

"AWWW! You look adorable!" Tamaki glomped me and was surprised when I didn't explode at him. Then the bell rang, which saved him from my brother's wrath.

After school we decided to stop by the host club. We were slightly… surprised when we saw the inside. It was decorated like an outdoor market/café. There were wooden stalls and booths around the walls, and in the middle there were silver tables and chairs.

"Hey, you guys came!" Haruhi walked up to us. She was wearing some navy green shorts with a blue black tanktop and an orange and blue jacket covering it. Black and green flip flops completed the look.

"Yeah, just thought we'd stop by and see what's up. What's with…" I gestured to her clothes. Tamaki jumped out from behind one of the stalls. He was dressed in white skinny jeans and a bright blue hood shirt that said 'Hawiie' In the middle of some palm trees. His black and blue converse made a slight clomping noise as he walked over to us.

"Today the clubs theme is 'Urban market and café'!" He spun around like he was so happy he'd thought of it.

"Tamaki, we have a slight problem." Kyoya and the rest of the host club walked in. Kyoya wore black-of course. He had a black shirt with a hood and sleeves that cut off at the elbow, with dark blue cargo pants and black flip flops. Hunny had a small bright yellow T-shirt with the word 'cake' printed in bright blue and grass green shorts. Mori was wearing a black tank top with red letter scrawled across it. Dark gray shorts and red/black vans tennis shoes.

"What's wrong?" Haruhi asked.

"With all of the hosts manning a booth or talking to customers we don't have any one to serve the guests." Kyoya pushed up his glasses. "Aperantly SOME ONE overlooked that little detail."

"Well, we could, umm… YOU TWO!" Tamaki spun around and pointed at us. "You two can serve the customers their drinks and stuff!" I smile while ryuu stared at them in disbalief.

"Sure!" "No way!" I looked at Ryuu pleadingly "Come on! This could be fuuuunnnnnn!" He thought it over for a moment before mumbling "Fine."

"Thanks guys, now we just need to get you something to wear…"

"No way" Ryuu stated, "There's no way we are letting you dress us, we have our own clothes." We picked up our bags as they pointed us in the direction of the changing room.

A couple minutes later we walked out in all of our dark clothed glory. Ryuu was wearing black skinny jeans with three lines of white splatter paint spanning the legs and a dark red suit jacket with a few black splats here and there. Under the jacket was a black and gray tank top and a bright red tie. Red suspenders hung a little past his knees, and military style dark green boots.

-(Ryuu pov)—

"Are you sure you and your sister aren't Goths?" The twins questioned as they walked in. They wore layered T-shirts with long sleeves under them. Each shirt said 'Tweedle Dee' or 'Tweedle Dum' One shirt was blue and green while the other was red and white their shorts matched accordingly.

I glared at them "We're sure." Tamaki stepped up

"Where have you two been? You were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago!"

"Sorry boss, we were talking to this weird girl with spiky blond hair." Kyoya stiffened at the mention of this and walked to the back room.

"Hey, Ryuu, where's your sister?" Kaoru asked.

"Keeping Hunny-sempi away from the food. Why?"

"We wanted to dress her up, and we got some more pockey."

"1. Like hell I'd let you do that and-" Then my sister ran in.

"Did I hear some one say pockey?" she asked hopefully. I took the pockey from Kaoru and threw it to her. She squeeled. 'Yep, that's my sister,' I thought, smilling.

"OOOH you look so cute my daughter!" Tamaki was getting ready to glomp her when I grabbed him by the collar and set him in the opposite direction. He ran into a wall.

"You're like a cute lolita person!" Hikaru laughed. Tyki was also wearing black skinny jeans, but with bright orange stripes going down the sides. She wore a lolita style top. It had a low cut with thick spagetti straps. Dark gray buttons made a line down the front side of it. It spanned out for the last couple of inches like a dress and ended mid-thigh. All of the stitching was done on bright orange string. She also wore military style boots but they were black and more feminine. We both wore our school gloves.

Kaoru whistled, Tyki blushed and tripped him. I also noticed a certain mini blond clinging to her leg.

"Ty-chan won't let me eat any of the food!" He whined.

"You would have eaten it all." She scolded. A couple minutes later the girls poured in and we watched them gush and flirt with their hosts. It made me mildly sick.


I turned as Hunny and Mori came from the direction of the back room

"Tama-chan!" Hunny called, "We have a problem!" Tamaki rushed over

"Kyo-chan won't come out. And he won't say anything but 'go away'"

"hhmmm" Tamaki thought for a moment then he ran to another room and came back carrying a black wig and a pair of glasses.

"If Mother won't come out," He put the wig and glasses on, "Then father will have to take mother's place!" We stared at him like he was some kind of idiot.

"If you do that, then who will watch your table full of PEOPLE." I asked. He turned to me and smiled. Before I knew what was happening, I was sitting at HIS table, in his CHAIR.

"Sorry girls, but Kyoya is being stubborn and won't come out. So I have to watch his table." All the girls whined and begged for him to stay. "But I'm leaving some one else to entertain you. I'm sure you've all heard of the new twins? Well this is Ryuushou Hoshi. Please be nice." He stood and walked over to his table, leaving Ryuu alone with at least five other girls.

"Wait, Tamaki, you can't-"

"So, Ryuushou,…do you have a girl friend?" One of the girls asked.

"uh, no." The girl nodded her head and something in her eyes sharpened. That's when I realized it. I'm stuck at a table full of airheads and bimbos.

Oh joy.

-(tyki pov)—

It's not that bad serving the people drinks and stuff, their pretty nice, though some could do with a pshycologist or councler. Rolling the cart around was fun. I stopped at Ryuu's table to see how he was doing. He was smiling and acting very gentalmanly. And in Ryuu language, that sometimes means panicking.

I stopped at the table and gave out food and drinks. I noticed one girl who was trying REALLY hard to get his attention. Her dress was coming up. Ryuu turned to me.

"Dear god Tyki, PLEASE help me. They are FREAKING ME OUT."

"I'll see what I can do." I turned to the rather bimboish girl and whispered "Nice underwear, I didn't know they sold them in that color of pink." She blushed and blushed and pulled her dress down, moving to the other side of the table.

"I'm sorry girls, but I need to speak to your host for a moment." We were walking away when a girl with bright blond short spiky hair walked through the doors. She sat down at Kyoya's table, grabbed some tea and started dumping loads of sugar in. Every other girl there was currently staring at her. She was wearing a black blue and green sweatshirt dress and had a nose piercing.

"I like sitting at Kyoya's table." She said to no one in particular. I leaned over to Ryuu.

"We should probably go find Kyoya and tell him he has another customer."

"Don't bother. He holed himself up in the back room. Won't come out."


After awhile the club closed and every one left. Well every one but the blond girl. Tamaki (still wearing Kyoya glasses) walked up to her

"Can I help you?" He asked She turned to him. A sly smile lit up her face. Quickly she jumped up from the table and tackled him.

"What took you so long Kyo-chan? Hey! When did you get so cute? I mean I knew you were kinda cute before but this is ridiculous! I always thought you were secretly a blonde! Damn your cute!" the strange girl gripped him in a death hug as Tamaki thrashed, shouting. There was a click from the back as Kyoya opened the door and came out. He coughed into his hand.

"Let go of Tamaki." He commanded. She let go and looked from one to the other.

"Oh." Her face dropped. "Your still the boring old Kyoya." She glanced at Tamaki, who was now hiding behind Mori.

"Haha, sorry cutie. " She winked at Tamaki, who stared at her fearfully.

"Um, Kyoya, who is that?" Kyoya massaged his for head and sighed.

"Every one, this is my cousin Usaki Minuzuki. She is visiting my family because her mother is sick."

"you gotta mention the mother part?" she whispered to Kyoya, who just glared at her. Quickly her face changed. "Yup! Im his dear cousin." You could practically see golden sunshine radiating off her.

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