Pet Shop of Horrors

Summary: What if Leon wasn't human? What if Chris was the same? What if D knew something was up, but couldn't figure it out? Until now…

Warning! Could turn into Slash, I will give warning if it does. And change the rating too.

Disclaimer- Oh how I wish it was mine… Maybe for Christmas

A/N – This idea wouldn't leave me alone. Prologue is finished now. Follows the books until which ever one has Chris coming into it. Chris will be leaving differently or not leaving at all, need to think about it.

No this story isn't planned out, but I do have the notes that I will be making. No beta, all mistakes are mine. Any and all help or even your own ideas will be helpful (I may or may not use the ideas, but I am sure they will help). Point of view can and will change.

(Basilisk, rabbits, dragon, mermaid, saber-toothed tiger, child, Totetsu/T-chan, )

Re-uploaded done (29/5/2010)


I knew the minute that I heard the name of the pet shop in Chinatown that he was different. Not just different but something else entirely. In all my years of living, I had never met the creature that I face now. I knew it was dangerous to continue playing in the disguise of a human. I was told when I was younger that no matter the power I gain 'they' will always know.

So I did as someone told me, brought him sweets. Never once after that fight, the first fight we had, did you look under my disguise.

He knew something was up. I could it in his eyes, in his body language. He didn't ask the question I could see he wanted to ask. For that I was glad, but I still think it was the chocolate that made you not ask. I had the time I needed to decide what to do about you.

D, with his mismatched eyes, dark hair, and pale skin, moving with such a feline way that it makes you think you are his prey. The way he moved remembered me of so may of my lessons that I was given. He thought I was tense because of the animals that roamed free without cages in the front. He thought I couldn't see them. Let him think what he wishes. As long time as I have the time I need, I don't care.

Humans have always been a problem for animals. Animals must learn new ways of living or die trying. The humans can and will kill and consume the earth and animals. Some care, most don't. One day the earth will give up on them and they may become extinct just like the rest of the animal kingdom they hurt or destroyed. Even then it's the way of the world.

Humans are unlike anything the animal kingdom has seen or will see again. They make the world around them change to suit there needs.

Some animals do better with humans around just as some do worse. If you can breed quickly, chancing of surviving are better then if you can't. Hiding is also something that you must be good at if humans think you never existed in the first place; they can't trap and cage you or kill you for your fur. Use you for they're own gain.

Count D's Pet Shop is like no other place on earth. Normal animals are always in the front, of course T-Chan will never be normal, but the back is a totally different matter. Creatures thought to be gone. Creatures thought to have never existed. Creatures who I know can sense me.

Maybe I want him to know.

D might just take me in if he knew. Is that truly what I want?

Everything was going fine. Then Chris came into my life. I knew my secret would be discovered soon. I had to plan and plan quickly.