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Aeton: Greek myth name of one of Pluto's night-black steeds, usually rendered "swift as a eagle." – Leon

Gin: Japanese for silver, I believe – Chris

"Human speech"

'Animal speech'

30/5/2010 – 31/5/2010 written

Chapter 2 – Tea, Talking and being a cat

Leon pulled his eyes away from the door Chris disappeared behind, though he Chris would be safe, his instincts were telling him to keep newly named Gin with him. Breathing deeply for a few seconds, his eyes moved to that of D's, who had refilled his cup and placed it in front of him.

Fixing the cup to his liking he sipped again at the hot liquid, it had been to long since he let himself taste the blood and flesh of animals. He knew that killed animals found would bring attention to him, so he kept himself in check more often then he knew he should.

As much as he wish it wasn't true, he knew he was in trouble just because he needed the help of taking care of his brother. He was too young to take care of himself and needed the raw foods more then he did. He wouldn't be able to help Gin if he killed a human to eat. If human flesh was the only thing around as prey, sooner rather then later it would have happened.

He knew he had a few days at most before D got worried that he, as Leon didn't come by. Putting down the cup he had drained and locking eyes with D, he started the conversion that he wanted nothing to do with.

"My brother and I ask for your help. I don't trust, yes, but I'm not stupid enough to try and raise him in a purely human environment." Leon started, looking at D with narrow eyes when he smiled softly. Keeping any more he wanted to say to himself knowing that it would raise more questions then he wanted. Leon knew already asking for what he wanted was going to get him in more trouble then probably it was worth. However he had almost no choice.

"You are the one I keep sensing, are you not?" D tilted his head in question. After putting his tea down on the table D brought his hands to his lap.

"Yes." Leon answered swiftly.

"Why do you run from me?" D eyes looked at his less then human features with what looked to be curiosity.

Leon shrugged. "Most creatures who can live in human society don't want to be here unless they have to be. Prideful creatures don't want to come unless they have too, myself included." Leon sighed and let the magic go to let D see his wings. Leon felt a smirk come to his face as he saw D's eyes widened a bit with the appearance if his wings.

"I must say, you have me at loss for words. I cannot tell what you or the boy are in terms of species." Leon felt the smirk widen to a grin at those words.

Leon froze when he heard the bell on the door open and before D could say a word, Leon had changed himself to his house cat form. A beautiful reddish brown tom cat sat with his tail rapped around his paws. The tip of his tail and front paws were white and there was a streak of golden brown from his forehead to what D could only guess could be going all the way down his back.

Blinking at the cat for a second, D stood up from where he was seated and said his welcoming speech. The mother daughter pair started looking around the shop. D was talking to the mother when the little girl with pig tails spotted Leon and let the kittens and puppies she had been surrounded by.

He had been watching them and was not surprised to find that the girl not only spotted him and was coming over to see him. He was just a bit surprised when the girl, who Leon guessed knew nothing about cats or animals in general, picked him up and started talking to him. The reason he thought the girl knew nothing. He was being held like a baby. Of course, it didn't help that the girl was petting him in the right spots to make him purr.

The girl sat on the couch and put him on her lap and continued the pet him. Leon remembered just now why he hated human kids, though to be fair he was in a pet shop. So he took up the role of loving cat for a bit. Keeping the girl happy was all well and good but he knew that if D tried to sell him to her. D would lose a limb or two from 'mysterious circumstances'.

D and the mother watched the scene on the couch with different reactions. D was more then a little amused, though still confused, trying to figure out what creatures he was. The mother was very happy and went to see if the cat liked her as well.

D sat across from them, pouring the tea once more when the mother expressed the need to have some. After taking Leon cup and serving everyone. The mother spoke. "Could we purchase this handsome tom?" The mother said, looking down at the cat which was doing a good impression of having one bones turn to jelly.

Still purring Leon mewed to D. 'Sell me and I promise you will lose a limb or two, D.'

"As much as I love that you like him and want to take him home. I would have to decline for the fact that he has a mate in the back and if I sell him before the kittens are born, the mother may kill off the kittens." Leon opened his eyes and looked at D in shock about the lie.

Getting up carefully, he jumped down quickly and trotted around the room looking at the kittens. A few of them stopped playing and started following him around the room, mewing things to him. D kept one ear on the cats and watch a little sadly as the girl who looked like she wanted to cry.

Before the girl could cry though, the cat came back to her with the kittens following him. Hanging in his mouth was a pure black kitten with amber eyes. Jumping into her lap, he put the kitten down, and then jumped back to where the kittens were meowing at the foot of the couch. Feeling smug about what just did, he hid under the couch that D was sitting on. Of course the kittens followed him to talk and play with him.

Sniffing at each kitten that came up to him, he noticed that most didn't go far from where he was sitting. 'My am I popular with the little ladies today.' He mewed, flicking an ear when the human girl's laughter came to his ears.

'Of course you are, you may not be a pure-blooded king of the winds but your close enough for most. Those that care you will have to fight.' The light grey kitten mewed.

'I knew you all could tell what I was. Cats have always been able to tell.' Leon said as he gave the kitten a lick on top her head. Looking confused, he asked. 'Why didn't you tell D then?'

'It was not our place.' A young tabby female replied.

'Why would we?' said the black one.

'He is not our master' said the spotted one.

Looking at the four of them in there eyes. Leon started to purr in happiness. Leon had always loved cats and this just reminded him why.

Hearing the sound of the bell above the door, Leon knew he had to move from this spot, not knowing whether or not D would force him to come out.

Padded to the back of the couch, where the kittens were not blocking him from leaving, he looked at the distance from the floor and the back of the couch. Ignoring the kittens and jumping up to the back of the couch, carefully, he settled down. Laying on his side, leaving his tail down the back for target practice, Leon yawned.

"Ready to start again?" D asked without turning his head toward the cat that was lying behind him.

'Yes.' Leon replied. 'Why can't you tell what I am?'

"I can tell Gin and you are family and have the same traits open to each other. However you have something more then the one species you are. It makes knowing what are difficult to figure out." D said slowly as he thought out the answer.

Same traits open? Well, that makes trying to figure out what to train Gin in easier Leon thought.

'Let's just get to the easy stuff,' Leon remarked. 'You want us as pets or even just to say you have us as a species, right?'

D nodded his head.

'Gin and I will stay with you for a number of days, after which I will be free to go and come as I please. Gin will stay will you until I think that he is trained enough to try living in human society again. If afterwards he wishes to leave, he is allowed to leave.' Leon started. 'Until his training is complete, if you went to sell him for some reason, I have to be sold too. I am responsible for him until his training is complete at least. Some human breaks the contact, they will deal with me.'

"I am fine with all that, anything else?" D asked as he leaned back on the couch.

'Not at the moment but if something comes up I will let you know.' Leon replied.

"May I ask what type of creature Gin and you are?" D asked as he got up and started clearing the table.

Before Leon could even try and answer, the kittens that had been playing with his tail, switched playthings and rushed under the couch, jumping up and tackled him, making him fall off the back of the couch in a tangle of furry bodies.

D stopped what he was doing and waited to see what would happen.

Being in cat form or not when more then one kitten starts crawling all over you, first instinct is to run or fight. The cats being kittens that pounced on him, Leon turned tail and ran, right up onto D's shoulder. The kittens who knew better then to try climbing up to get Leon started playing with the puppies that were around the room.

Taking and deep breath while tried to think of an answer. He noticed a few things he didn't before. Like the fact that D might look weak but being this close to him, he could tell there was sense of power coming from him. His scent was not that unpleasant as he thought. He never was able to catch D's scent before; the incense had always blocked him from picking it up before.

D picked up the dishes and made his way into the kitchen area, noticing that the cat on his shoulder seems to be able to stay where he was without using his claws that cats would have had to use. He started cleaning waiting for his answer.

Leon steadied himself carefully before curling around D's neck like a furry scarf. Purring softly, he answered as D was drying and putting things away. 'I don't know if I should tell you what we are. We are rare and have never liked staying in your kind's ship from long. Hell, I myself have met three generations of your family, not including yourself. My room is still here, I think.'

D froze, a teacup in his hands nearly falling from his grip.

'You seem to take after your great Grandfather more then anyone. Your Grandfather's not to bad but he tried to cage me and if it wasn't for his father, who I respected and liked. That Grandfather of yours would be dead. Never have I liked your father. I may not trust you much but as long as you don't do something to stupid, I may come to trust and respect you.' Leon sighed. D nodded slowly.

D finished putting things away quickly and walked into the back where he felt Gin. As he walked he noticed that most cat and bird species were looking at the cat in awe, respect, even fear. Leon hissed out a laugh as he realized where they were headed.

'What is your name?' D asked as he walked.

'Aeton' Leon answered.

Letting the heat that he could feel from D's body sooth away and all problems from him mind was too easy in Leon's mind. Letting his eyes drift shut, he mentally prepared himself for whatever he was going to find in the Kitsune's room.