Here you are! The epilogue of Magic's Dam! Enjoy!

Six months. Six months since Camelot fought against magic and won when a Scorer joined them. Six months since Uther's injuries proved too much for him to recover from and Arthur took the crown. Magic had been welcomed back with open arms.

Arthur himself was standing in the throne room that was now his. Gwen was at his side smiling brightly. They had just finalized the plans for their wedding, which was to be the following week. Camelot was looking brighter and the people where slowly coming around to the idea of magic. Merlin had helped out greatly with that one.

Arthur's thoughts turned to his friend as Gwen left to attend a few last duties. Merlin, the boy had them all scared until he woke up the next morning with a moan of pain. Gaius refused to let him sit up for a good two weeks. It was a further month before Gaius let him walk about with the help of two people, and then it was slow going. It had only been a month ago that Gaius started to let Merlin use stairs again, just as long as he did it slowly and the to cane Arthur insisted on having made for him.

Arthur's head turned as the doors opened again and he heard the sounds of a pair of feet and a cane. He smiled in a good-natured way as Merlin came into view. "Feeling any better?" He asked knowing full well he would make the younger sit anyway.

"Getting a bit better every day." Merlin replied with a grin. "Though really, enough with the clothes." It was another thing Arthur had insisted on. New clothes for Merlin, his excuse was that the Court Scorer could not be wearing rags and needed to look at least a little bit presentable. "They already had to bring in a second cupboard to fit them all! You don't even have that many clothes in your room!"

"How would you know?" Arthur asked him. "You haven't been in it for six months!"

"Arthur, you are vain and a prat." Merlin said in a serious tone. "Yet even a fly knows you are not that vain."

Arthur relented. "Alright!" He said throwing his hands up in surrender. "I'll stop after your Holiday Banquet clothes are done!"

"Arthur!" Merlin groaned in weak protest. He would have to settle with that, otherwise there would be no living with his King.

"Now you have been standing far too long." Arthur said going over to him and being careful of his back lead him to the chair that had been placed near the throne. "Sit down and we can finally get to business."

Merlin complied and sat down carefully. The pillow Gwen had made for his back was quite nice and much better than the hard wood back of the chair.

Arthur took his seat and looked to Merlin one last time before motioning to a guard to open the doors. "By the way Merlin, it is good to have you back."

"Likewise sire." Merlin answered relaxing a bit as the first of the long day of meetings began.

I plan on one more for this series. However, now my focus turns to the others that need my attention.