Something New, Someone...Different

Nagihiko Fujisaki POV

I look out my window of the limo and it's a beautiful day. The cool spring breeze moves with my long violet hair. The clouds are just slightly hiding the sun, but just enough so that the sunshine warmth tickles my hair, causing me to smile.

My name is Nagihiko Fujisaki and I am 15. I like to keep myself isolated from most teens at school, because they only like me for my status, my looks and my money. I come from a rich class I must admit, but I despise everything about me, people never see the actual person, they only care about popularity, status, money and themselves. I hate girls like that especially, the ones who follow me around with fake laughter.

The limo stops and I walk into the school, its quiet, I guess this is fashionably late. This is just going to make my entrance in the school more noticeable, I'm so stupid.

As I walk into the school, I'm greeted by the principal he gives me a warm smile and shows me to my classroom. I wait as he speaks to the teacher and than tells me to wait until told to enter. The teacher introduces me and I walk in.

I hear girls praising me, whispering, laughing loudly hoping that I'll notice. Whereas the boys give me cold stares and angry glares, this makes me smirk, I can't help but somewhat laugh, which causes most girls to blush. Except one petite blond, she shows no emotion. It shocks me for a minute but I replace my shock into a fake welcoming smile.

"Welcome, this is Fujisaki Sama, he is the new member of the class, please treat him well. I'm sure, you all know him, he owns the biggest dance academy and flower garden with elegant and beauty." My teacher tells.

In the background I hear girls gasping and their stares become more and more noticeable. I just smile and say, "I'm honoured to be here," then I wink. This causes the girls to go crazy.

My teacher than orders…no wait asks me politely if I would sit next to Rima Chan, the window row. Surprisingly it's the petite blond. I don't say anything. I just approach my seat and look out the window to feel the cool air and warm sunshine.

After about twenty minutes of listening to the teacher I hear the blond turn and say, "Welcome, my name is Rima Mashiro, its nice to meet you," I just give her an unemotionally stare and look away not knowing how to react, what if she was just another girl who used me.

After I looked away I saw her slowly turn her attention back to the teacher, I can't tell if she is happy/angry/sad because she kept her bangs in her eyes for a while.

I hate to admit it, but it there was something about her, her skin was a gentle tone, her eyes were a colour between warm honey and the sunlight. He hair flowed from large curls to smaller ones, and her smile almost made me want to smile as well.

I couldn't help it once the bell rang for lunch I whispered, softy "Rima Chan,"

She was sitting at her desk finishing her notes, I saw her flinch a bit and then continue.

I just sighed and took my lunch out.