Rima POV

My teacher announced that there was going to be a masked ball at school, and I instantly did not want to go. My new best friend Kairi kept pressuring me to so I bought a dress, It was a white dress that flowed down, tight around my waist and gradually got larger and flowed downwards. My mask was all white.

As I entered the ball with Kairi all eyes were on me. My first dance was with Kairi, the lights were on dim and I could barely even see his hair. Everyone was hard to make out. When the song ended the MC told everyone to find new partners.

I was about to leave when a boy with a black mask tapped my shoulder. I took his hand, and he put his hands on my waist, like, like he knew how I danced.

The song Happy Ending By Avril started playing and as we danced memories with Nagi started filling in my eyes. So I tried to run out of the dance floor but my partner wouldn't let me. His embrace got tighter around my waist and he comforted me, like the same thing memories were filling in his head too. The song ended and I had stopped crying, I was going to go dance with kairi again when the masked boy refused to let go of my hand.

We stared at each other and another song played Glorious Sunshine by Utau/Nana Mizuki

It was in Japanese, but everyone in the ball spoke Japanese so at this moment I felt so safe. But thoughts of Nagi flowed through my head again and I said sorry to my dance partner and ran away.

I didn't know where but I ran I kept running I was in my dress but I ran to the park and stared at the ocean and it calmed me down I felt someone's presence and saw the masked man. He walked towards me and I hit an oak tree, my eyes went back to the masked man.

He than, he, he—kissed me with so much passion. It felt faint but I've felt this before. I didn't care how good and right I felt I pushed him away. He than took off his mask, his violet eyes met my honey eyes which turned as bright as sunshine.

It was my Nagi—no not my Nagi, he than turn as caressed my check whispering "My princess, please take off your mask so I may see your true beauty" I shook my head, no I couldn't do this to Nagi he had a girlfriend and I wasn't going to wreck they're relationship.

He than pinned me to the tree like he always did and than whispered I could feel his lips on my ears like the first time we met

"Star light, Star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. He than whispered a little loud. I wish Rima Chan could see that I'm lost without her. I wish she could see I need her. I wish I could see her. I wish she knew that when we broke up it was because God cheated us. I wish she knew that I broke up with Saaya the same week my father helped me sue her for harassment. I wish Rima knew that I ran back to the park and held onto her locket that, I come to this very park everyday hoping she'd return to me. But I wish the most that she knew why I did all this, its because I love her. Even if Rima won't ever take me back, I still hope she gets her own Happy Ending" than he gave me a sad smile and stared into my eyes.

I embraced him tightly and whispered in a joking way, I was giggling as I said it, "Stupid your only aloud one wish" He than asked again. "May I see the beauty that hides beneath this mask." As he spoke he took off my mask. And we sat watched the moons radiance and we smiled.

He than lifted me bridal way into his car and into his manner. I asked worried "what would my parents think? What about Kairi?" He than began laughing, I looked wonderingly

He than laughed "They know I planned this all you coming with Kairi and your parents know already they trust me, they trust you." This made me smile

We sat on his balcony watching stars curled up in each other. And I wished. He than turned to me and asked what I wished for I laughed a bit and whispered if I tell you it won't come true now will it?

"True but my wish came true" he leaned into me

"Fine" I wished that you'd give me back my necklace. He than pouted is that all? I nodded. He than told me what he wished for "I whispered that you and me could stand by each other through anything" he than winked.

I than giggled. "That's so selfish Nagi, always keeping me to yourself." He than embraced me and leaned in for a long hungry kiss when we broke apart he said, "True but it's because you made me feel emotion and to be myself and now, this is your punishment" as he left a trail of kisses down my neck.

I just giggled some more and his arm around my waist got tighter and we were hand in hand and he tightened that to.

And he whispered to both of us more to himself and to think you didn't like dancing with me. I than leaned into him my letting go of one of his hands. As he brushed hand through my hair and my head on his shoulders.

I whispered to us, mainly to myself "Forgive and Forget" and I know he heard me because he kissed the top of my head. As I fell asleep in his arms.