This is a poem in the POV of an unknown tribute from and unknown district. What happens after the final act?

The Final Act

A cruel sword,

I know I'm shortly to be with my lord,

The scene is set it all goes black,
The curtain raised the final act.

A career, charging at me,

I'm undefended, as he can see,

He knows that I'm an easy kill,

He plunges it in, and the world is still,

Only for a second though,

Now it moves, it's on the go,

It tips, it turns, the ground is curved,

I cannot think, but I know, this, I didn't deserve,

Intense pain, the smell of blood
My tearing eyes begin to flood.

I feel cold, I can't see through my eyes,
If I can last, I can stay alive!"

Then it fades to black and white,

I can't tell if it's day or night,

A splash of colour, here and there,

A brown mockingjay, a green leaf; for some reason I care,

About the remaining colours; they seem to flood,

Now it's all black, except the red of blood.

They take me up in a hover craft,

As I died the capitol laughed,

I started to scream, I started to yell;
But no one could hear me, no one could tell.

My father's in shock, my mother in tears,
she collapses in grief, overcome by the fear.

They take me to my house and place me in a box.
I keep asking what is happening,

But I can't make it stop.
Everyone is crying, my family is so sad.

I wish someone would answer me,

I'm starting to get mad.

My mother leans over me and kisses me good-bye,
My father pulling her away, she is whispering, "Why"?

They lower my body into a dirt grave,
It feels so very cold, I yell to be saved.

Then I see an angel; I begin to cry.
Can you tell me what is happening? She replies "YOU DIED."

I can't be dead; I'm still so young!
I want to do so many things – like to sing, dance, and run.

"What about college or graduation day?
What about a wedding? Please - I want to stay."

The angel looked upon me, and with a saddened voice,
"It had to end like this; but I'm sorry you didn't have a choice."

"I'm sorry it's too late now; time I can't turn back.
Your life is finished; that, my daughter, is a fact,"

Why did this happen? I didn't want to die!
The angel, she embraced me and with her words she sighed,

It doesn't matter if you beg me, or plead on bended knee, There is
nothing I can do, you have to come with me."

Looking down at my family, I said my last good-bye.
"I'm sorry I disappointed you, Dad.

Mommy, please don't cry,
I didn't mean to hurt you, or cause you any pain.

I'm sorry all you're left with is a grave that bears my name.
I'm sorry all your dreams for me have all been ripped away;

The plans for my future all gathered in a grave.
If I could take back my death I would do it for you,

But all I can do is try to be brave...