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Another time, another place, where NERV failed to live up to the hype, this invasion would start with an almost literal bang. An army of both JSSDF elite and UN soldiers would be storming in, at the behest of SEELE and the darkness of the human race, slaughtering everyone in sight. It was a nightmarish scene, where people who had done absolutely nothing wrong were inhumanely slaughtered just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Instead of a force numbering into the thousands, you had barely three hundred in total-all without the gear or the wealth of experience of those who could turn this raid into a complete massacre. They didn't even get access to an N2 mine for crying out loud, having to settle for waiting meekly to see if Kaworu would pay dividends. As such, they finally breeched NERV's outer wall two hours after they probably should have if they wanted to actually win.

However, the compulsion to move had been made when Kaworu's vitals suddenly dropped off the grid and there was no time for thinking.

Consequently, blindly heeding this compulsion to move without thinking of how to move just made things too chaotic. There were no snipers, no one was making sure they moved in formation, just a blind manic rush forwards. They had to get the Scenario back on track, having deluded themselves that there was nothing to worry about.

Whenever someone is so blindly, stupidly overconfidence, it's either because they are incredibly stupid or what everyone in the know was now. That is, to say, they just didn't want to confront the reality that the time to move was months ago and they had blindly ate up the cowshit Gendo dressed up as the finest chocolate money could buy. Still, as smart as Gendo was and everything else about the pilots you could say, a well placed bullet solved a lot of issues.

Now you just needed someone to shoot, namely the head of the operations or anyone else of value.

Dreams are fine as long as you keep them in perspective, namely recognizing the varying pitfalls that await blind pursuit of them. Moreover, you needed a solid plan of action to make sure they come true. As such, you should shoulder the bulk of the heavy lifting because depending on someone else to fulfill your dreams is only going to end in heartbreak.

If these men had been better prepared for this moment, they'd be able to do real damage just by carrying loads of guns and other such lethal instruments. However, these men were people who were supposed to just push anti-NERV sentiment through the varying armed forces of the land. They were never supposed to pick up a gun and take the fight to the frontlines, having paid their way to such a cozy position.

Though, no amount of training or experience would really help them if something truly absurd were to happen.

"The rats have boarded the ship to check for leaks." Fuyutsuki noted, looking at his watch and not even bother to try and hear or feel the distant explosion. "Only four minutes late, a testament to the fighting will of young Nagisa."

"Two minutes more than the Commander thought he'd get." Leliel said, wanting to provide support for her brother. "A very splendid moment he carved out for himself."

"Indeed." Armisael agreed, looking towards the old man. "Do you wish first strike or shall I take it?"

"I will lead out," Fuyutsuki said, smiling with the bloodlust of a dozen feral wolves. "Do not worry about me, I will be fine. Just slaughter them how you see fit."

Neither angel turned human reacted more than a slight nod. Armisael could easily feel that the old man with just ten years shaved off his age would be able to slaughter half the force in mere seconds. Leliel, in tuned to see the fragile bonds of time and other assorted dimension, could easily look back and see the man at work in his prime.

If there was something unnerving about this raid, to those who were nominally leading the charge to bumrush and secure Adam, it was there was no one here. It was supposed to be an ambush, but every entrance had been sealed and there was no easy beachhead to establish. Even worse, they had been delayed in their entrance to the place due to not wanting to get in the way of their trump card.

Some of the more jittery ones were feeling it the worst, wanting a bit of blood letting on NERV's part to make them feel at ease. The fact that they could easily be running headlong into a trap would not stop pounding in the back of their minds, psyching them out and making it hard to think. Were the insides of the NERV HQ infinite? Considering they seemed to pass the same four doors and reach the same crossroads no matter where they turned, it certainly didn't feel ridiculous.

Just what the hell was going on here?

Alpha squadron made a turn down a hallway and for a moment, could only think they had been here before. The commander of the group, a naive patriot who managed not to fail out of the JSSDF like so many others, stood tall over his group of twenty five men. He felt they should double back and turn differently at the last intersection, maybe there'd be someone to kill that way.

He opened his mouth to speak. "-"

There was a ruffle of air and a knife suddenly hit him square between the eyes, silencing him before his tongue could wag for the first letter of what he wanted to say.

"Oh dear oh dear." Fuyutsuki said, somehow pulling another knife from somewhere. "Are you a tourist group that has gotten lost? My apologies, my hand slipped."

The men all trained their guns on him, but the fifty feet of distance between them made it hard to properly see who it is and if they should fire.

"Worry not," Fuyutsuki said, his voice being amplified by Leliel. "If you lay down your arms and apologize for invading our base, you will be treated with the utmost kindness. However, if you are belligerents..."

Armisael raised his right arm, making an AT-field shimmer into view even by those not possessing the psychic ability to fully see or comprehend it. "You will be slaughtered to the last man." The King of Angels pronounced.

It was gonna be okay, just lay down your guns and play along. Get them to lower their guards and stab them in the guts when they were distracted. Such a thought was among most of the men. However...

One of the men suddenly opened fire, screaming in pants shitting terror.

"Oh fuck you Simmons you shit head!" One of the other men groaned.

"Idle Transfiguration: Liquid Control." Leliel said with eerie calm, a slight twinkle flowing from her eyes even as the AT-field easily stopped the bullets.

"Ah." Simmons uttered in shock as his hands suddenly burst into a shower of blood like he had been touched by a shirtless post-apocalyptic martial artist. Then the pain caught up to his brain. "OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! OH GOD!" He screamed for exactly seven seconds before his body was covered in boils before bursting into a shower of gore.

"Oh holy shit!" Another man said. "Retreat retreat!" He turned to do just that.

"Naive." Armisael said, flicking his index finger and sending a small blade of air. "Air Control: Sliver Air Slash."

The blade of air made contact with the man just as he made three steps, where it didn't appear to do anything. Another step went down before a loud crunching sound, like a cleaver smash through a particular thick bone, rang out and the man collapsed over, cut in two diagonally, his face showing he never even knew he died.

"What the fuck." Someone else in the group could only mutter as a statement. His brain lost the ability to formulate it into a proper question. Mainly because the second he finished talking a knife buried itself into his ear with such force it cracked his skull like an egg.

"We shouldn't play too much." Leliel said. "We have a schedule to keep."

"Of course my dear." Fuyutsuki agreed. "Armisael, if you would rid us of the rest of these riff-raff?"

"With pleasure." Armisael said, raising his right hand and clenching as if he was holding an orb inside it. "Air Control: Hell's Blazer." An AT-field surrounded the remaining men, whereupon it was safely enclosed around, the air inside it ignited in roaring inferno.

If there was a silver lining, they died so fast they didn't even have a chance to scream in pain.

"Now, Sub-Commander." Leliel said, once the fire was out. "Shall we go hunting a little?"

"A splendid idea." Fuyutsuki produced a large cleaver like knife from somewhere on his person. "I will take point first... I want to show off a little while I get the chance."

Nothing else was said as three slipped down a nearby hallway, intent on finding the rest of the invaders.

/-\ /-\ /-\

Keel Lorenz was having a bad morning, though it was mostly unrelated to what was going down at NERV. Due to being an old fart who had way too many experimental surgeries done on him, he suffered from headaches from time to time. It wasn't much really, just something of a turbo migraine even with his brain essentially floating in a metal jar. Come to think of it, that might have something to do with it.

Also not helping his morning, the entire SEELE council had been eerily quiet on the day of their supposed ascension to Godhood. Normally, at least the one from America wouldn't stop drunk calling and sobbing about some problem that didn't make sense. How the man expected a German cyborg to understand the particulars of American politics or even be able to give helpful advice was yet another mystery for the pile.

Yet again, there had been silence.

Not even Russia, the least secure or influential of them was calling in, making sure his security was air tight. France at least made courtesy calls and it was almost a relief not to have to deal with Great Britain and his ravings about a Breakfast or whatever political failings he had not properly squashed this time. There were still more but they were less important and only followed the Big Four around like helpless puppies.

Through the migraine, Keel tried to think about what this could mean. SEELE's existence was actually a well kept secret, with no one believing it exists even if they were members sometimes. So it couldn't be they were in danger, maybe he had unplugged the communicator again.

Before he could even begin to check it, a loud and very annoying sound rang out through his room.

It irritated his headache but that wasn't why the old cyborg fell to his knees. No, this sound was one he wasn't really ever supposed to hear unless things got really out of hand. Quite simply, it was so annoying just so he'd know it upon hearing it.

"Kaworu is dead." Keel muttered in disbelief "The Scenario had been in slight danger from everything, but it shouldn't have progressed that badly." An alien feeling bubbled forth from within, aggravating his headache but he didn't care.

For the first time in forever, Keel Lorenz was actually mad. His anger mixed with his sorrow as the boy he reared as his 'perfect spare' had been killed by someone. Was it the Angel? All Keel knew about Armisael was his blue signal suddenly ceased to be detectable.

"I have to call the others." Keel said, shambling his old metal ass over to a computer panel and began pressing buttons.

Five minutes of frantic attempts to get the rest of the Council roused later, Keel was beyond mad. He was fury incarnate as a very bad thought made its way through his head. It was obvious, considering he didn't bother to think about it right away and it made him even madder.

Gendo Ikari wasn't merely deviating from the Scenario, that son of a bitch was a-

"MOTHERFUCKING TRAITOROUS SON OF A WHORE!" Keel raged out loud, slamming a fist into a table he kept specifically to smash instead of precious machinery.

He puffed out several breaths, as he realized that every single man-faithful adherents and other such subjects-was going right to their deaths. NERV was going to keep the reins to Third Impact and there wasn't much to do if Kaworu was dead. Well, that was assuming the crafty old cyborg didn't have other cards to play.

"The Mass Production Evangelion, there are seven of them completed." He recited to himself, trying to calm down a little as he focused on what to do. "They will drop onto Tokyo-3 and rip that bastardous fuck out of his Geo Front and bring him to me. I will rip his heart out and shit in the hole!"

Frantically, he typed in the commands, sending the orders to make it so. It wasn't much, but it helped him calm down but his headache remained. Ugh, he wouldn't even get to enjoy killing that traitor would he...

"Worry about that once he's groveling at my feet." Keel muttered, going to wait for either a communication from the Council or the return of the MP Evas and their cargo.

/-\ /-\ /-\

"Hey, Major Adai." The pilot of the Hypersonic Transporter called out to the idlying base commander.

"Sorry yes?" Rossiu asked as he snapped back to alertness after being stunned by the jump to near the speed of sound.

"We got bogeys coming in hot." The pilot pointed to radar. "Seven very fast things are coming in hot from some place south of Japan."

"Huh..." Rossiu didn't know what to make of it.

"It seems my dance partners have arrived." Bardiel's voice didn't shake the transport somehow. "We're high up enough they haven't noticed us. Move us towards the drop point in thirty seconds and let me off."

"Then what?" Rossiu asked.

"Please evacuate back to your base. Both to avoid splash damage or being assaulted out of turn." Bardiel said, his voice taking on a slightly kinder tone. "It's best you don't die in the crossfire right? This world still needs good people."

"Right." Rossiu said, as the transport glided towards the drop point. "Good luck I suppose."

"Thank you, I will return the well wishes in full." Bardiel said, as he focused on the battle to come. The mass production Evangelion were something that NERV or whoever else should have had ready before even Sachiel showed up. Mostly since they were basically just Angels with even less of a veneer of being a giant robot.

Not that it really mattered. "We're at the drop zone." Rossiu said over the com. "May you fight well."

The back of the transport opened and Bardiel simply slid his inert body out the back, letting himself fall towards the ground. He'd arrive almost right as those seven bogeys did. The Commander was a very scary human, something he found he could appreciate.

Indeed, it seemed like the man just saw the future and planned to negate things he didn't want to happen. The mass produced Evangelion would be a tough fight for the other pilots, owing to them never pushing them into the danger territory to unlock the berserk beast within. Perhaps that is why he never blew up Unit-03 and Bardiel with it, or maybe that was all just happenstance.

Whatever it was, Bardiel didn't care to get too hung up on particulars as he decided he would just maul the shit out of these pretenders.

The seven white monsters, looking almost like a joke someone was playing on their bosse, paused in their march toward NERV HQ when Unit-03 landed behind them. One gave a laugh and it seemed none of them had been given speech. A pity, some banter might have been nice.

"So, I suppose you are the last dying gasps for this rebellion?" Bardiel mused allowed, taking a wide stance that showed his utter contempt for them. "Allow me to snuff you out with the violent mercy of God."

There was a moment, not for speech, but more for deciding if they should delay their march on NERV to put down this interloper. It took two more before one of them rushed towards Unit-03, maw wide in a shriek of pure animalistic fury. The other six stood by and watched, perhaps they weren't too bright or perhaps they felt like they should see if they need their numbers.

Bardiel moved, meeting fist with fist, halting the charging MP Eva without a bit of wasted movement. Thanks to being bonded with an Evangelion, he had the Magi to backseat and help guide him through fighting properly. There was no need to worry about sync ratios or going berserk, so everything could be poured into refining his fighting technique.

Unit-03 took the pace of the fight with a snappy vertical jab, wanting to try it out for fun. Dominating the center line of your opponent-one who was often trained to watch for attacks from either side-was the key to opening this fight up proper like. Sure, maybe it doesn't work exactly like it should on the MP Eva, but it looked cool at least.

And that's all the angel really cared about right now.

He knew the time table, having it drilled into him constantly even before he left earlier. He would keep them here, where they needed to be held until the next stage of the plan could proceed. A brutal front kick to the face slipped in suddenly, to the surprised squawks of rage from the other six.

Perhaps the one who had attacked was supposed to have it? Who knows, they couldn't speak verbally so their actions would have to make up for it. Two more rushed in, attempting to keep Unit-03 from pressing the attack.

"Far too naive!" Bardiel taunted, easily leaping into a double flying kick that stopped their charge. "I alone am more than enough for all seven of you."

Unit-03 twisted around in the air, landing with a flourish before meeting the charging MP Evas with a series of well timed punches. Soon before long he was knocking all seven to and fro, causing the group to forget their mission for the time being. Just as planned, how marvelously done by the Commander.

"Is this all there is to you?" Bardiel asked, posing a little as all seven when sprawled out in front of him. "I would have expected you to at least put up a better fight."

Three suddenly took flight as the other four leapt at Unit-03 in an attempt to catch the Evangelion off guard.

"You need to do better than that!" Bardiel admonished, moving far faster than any Evangelion had in the past as he countered the flurry of punches being hurled at him.

Down came the last three, just missing a dive bomb that shattered the ground where Bardiel had just been standing.

"Oh ho? I see you at least have decided to try and actually injure me finally." The Angel turned Evangelion taunted them from an even seven paces. "Let us see if you can actually scuff my boots."

With no wire and no time limit, being fully Bardiel AND Unit-03 in unison, this particular Evangelion could move far better than the others. There was no delay for the controls, no need to worry about a sync ratio. It was, despite this being its first real battle, the pinnacle of what an Evangelion could accomplish in battle.

A kick sent one of the MP Evas flying straight up into the air, another was sent tumbling away by a punch before they had even processed that their enemy had entered their midsts. There, an elbow! And then a knee, this one got knocked down by a spin kick! The sixth was tossed across the battlefield before the seventh was battered to the ground and spiked into it with a vicious lariat.

But this was not a berserker Unit, running away on pure instinct and destructive impulses.

'We were not the Hated. We were not the Beloved.' Bardiel thought to himself, as he continued to fend off all seven with little difficulty. 'Of all of Adam's children, Leliel, Iruel, and myself, we were not special.'

Unit-03 ripped the arms off one of the MP Evas, tossing them at another.

'We could not be the Strong, we did not even get the Mercy of being Weak'. He thought, punching through the chest of another enemy. 'For so many worlds before now, we just served as filler. We had been given Life but Adam could not give us Purpose.'

Down in NERV HQ, in the midst of a sea of corpses and covered in blood, Leliel lifted her head and looked towards Bardiel.

"He's come, has he?" Armisael asked.

"Yes, Bardiel is here and technically early." Leliel mused. "We made a good choice in partners."

"Looks like Miss Litner will be getting that bonus vacation time after all." Fuytsuki said, inspecting a knife.

"This world is nice, isn't it?" Leliel asked, turning to smile at Armisael.

"It's wonderful, I'd say." Armisael replied, chuckling a little to himself.

"We're just musing a little, consider it the wistfulness of travelers whose journeys have finally ended." Leliel explained to Fuyutsuki. "I am out of the Sea, Bardiel has a body..."

"...And Iruel has his games, even though he's technically dead." Armisael muttered in disbelief.

Back with Bardiel, he was crushing the skull of another MP Eva.

'The truth was, we were alone. Even with each other, we could not make that final vital connection.' Bardiel thought, yelling out loud as he decapitated another foe with a powerful elbow. 'Until this world, we were just Debris, drifting on the cosmic wind.'

Unit-03 continued his bloody rampage, rending another enemy to pieces with just its hands.

'I understand Tabris, the Lilim truly are our brothers and sisters huh?' Bardiel managed to make the Evangelion smile, which was more unnerving than being covered in blood.

Of course, the moment was spoiled a few seconds later by all seven regenerating their injuries.

"Well, this was expected and yet slightly annoying." Bardiel said flatly, wondering how much longer would be needed.

Back at HQ, Fuyutsuki's watch beeped. "Ah, we're ready to move on." He looked at his companions. "Help him out if you can, we don't want them to stick around."

Leliel and Armisael both nodded.

The former spoke first, "Bardiel, let us combine our strength to be rid of them."

"If you cannot kill them in a conventional sense, we will just have to vaporize them." Armisael said.

"Nice inspiration!" Bardiel hopped away from one of the MP Evas trying to pounce on him "Let us unite our domains then."

"Conditions are clear." Armisael said, glowing pure white. "Opening the Domain of the King."

"Looking beyond the horizon, towards the space beyond this one and the next." Leliel chanted, glowing black. "Opening the Domain of the Void."

"O Adam, glorious father, guide their powers to me!" Bardiel cried, lifting to the sky. "O Lilith, forgotten mother, witness our deeds, our souls and the holy purpose we have obtained! Open, Domain of Heaven!" He glowed gold as two orbs of black and white captured all seven MP units, overlapping into a gray globe that held them still. "Behold, the Domain of Hell!" A silver aura burned around him now.

A single shard of an AT-field formed behind Unit-03 and transformed into a giant blade made of blue light.

"Gaze upon it now, the weapon never revealed to the eyes of the Gods!" Bardiel chanted. "Forged in the countless cycles of Death and Rebirth, feel the wrath of Man descend upon you now! Return o Enemy, to the Primordial Cloud of the Beginning and start your Cycle again!"

The blade descended down, cutting through the globe, cleaving it in two. All was still for a fraction of a second before it exploded into globed of fire, light and shadows. When it subsided, there was nothing left.

"Mahapralaya!" Bardiel announced, maybe a little late if he wanted to give them the knowledge of their end for the trip to Hell.

"With this, the Siege portion has ended." Fuyutsuki announced. "We will now move on to mopping the enemy command."

/-\ /-\ /-\

That migraine wasn't going to go away, that seemed to be the obvious takeaway Keel had for the last couple hours. The MP Eva Units hadn't returned yet, which was slightly worrying but he had to have faith they would turn it around. This is a good time to mention the reason why absurd truths get dismissed isn't because they are not believe, but because the reality of them being true is really bad.

Keel drank some kind of cocktail, a potent potion that'd kill a regular human in four sips. It didn't help the pain but the act of drinking kept him from thinking about it and the fact that everything had likely been done in by the guy who was supposed to have wanted it the most. Our good sir Lorenz here was getting too old for shit like this, dealing with subterfuge and trying to manage the moving parts of a vast global conspiracy.

If he were capable of having seen anything of this day coming, Gendo would have been dead before he could have been sent to Antarctica.

No contact with the rest of SEELE, all signs pointing to both their field agents and Kaworu all being dead, piled onto the likelihood they had somehow overcame the MP Evas who were just Angels with poor design work. It should have gone differently but they all allowed themselves to blind their eyes to the truth of the matter. NERV was never supposed to succeed even once, yet they had destroyed countless Angels?!

His fist banged against the arm rest of his chair and Keel was about five seconds from a hissy fit.

Surprisingly, the door to his private sanctum suddenly opened and a balaclava clad solider stepped into the room.

"Pardon the intrusion sir, just here to deliver a sitrep to you." The young man said, his voice muffled by the face covering.

"Well, let's get it over with." Keel said flatly. "Tell me kid, what's the damage?"

"The entire invasion force was killed to a man, not a single one even got a chance to mutiny or flee." The soldier said grimly.

Keel stiffened. "The Council?"

"Someone leaked the identities of them to their local authorities." The soldier said, sighing a little. "Though the Human Instrumentality Committee was public knowledge, it was the reveal that it wasn't a coalition for scientific advancement to recover the lost civilization but some mad scheme to become a God just ruined everything."

The old cyborg flinched and looked away, though he remained silent.

"Also, subverting the powers of governments behind their backs will undoubtedly ruffle some feathers." The soldier noted.

"Is that an attempt at humor?" Keel asked with anger in his voice and sadness in his eyes.

"It's that or just sob uncontrollably for five minutes straight." The man shot back. "It might give you an idea but this is what you need to know."

"The MP Units?" Keel demanded after a few seconds to let that point die without argumentation.

"Completely annihilated, down to the smallest particle." The soldier said. "Unit-03, the Angels designated Armisael and Leliel appear to work for NERV now."

"Wasn't that last one dead?" Keel sounded befuddled by this information. "And wasn't Unit-03 disposed of into space?!"

"I don't get it on either count myself, but it's what the report said." The soldier said.

"Tch, it doesn't matter. As long as I exist, SEELE exists." Keel declared, pointing at a nearby console. "Contact Janus McFarlane on the secure line, I need to escape Germany in the hour in order to evade capture and keep this organization alive."

There was a pause, as if there was something confusing about that command.

"Me?" The soldier asked.

"Is there anyone else here?" Keel asked in return.

"Oh, right, I'm in disguise." The soldier muttered to himself.

"...Disguise?" Keel asked but he didn't want to know the answer.

"Janus McFarlane was found dead this morning, shot through the skull by a sniper." The soldier said simply.

"I-Impossible, no one should know that he was a member!" Keel shouted, standing up.

He didn't do much else because the soldier produced his sidearm and aimed it right at the old man. "I'll give you two piece of very good information: Firstly, you really should have made sure Ryoji Kaji died."

Keel seethed at that, as he had burned several favors to try and get that mission done.

The soldier took off his balaclava, revealing Kaworu Nagisa standing before him. "Secondly, if you never give anyone trust, don't be surprised when they betray you."

"...Kaworu?! But the alarm?!" Keel hissed in shock.

"Turns out both the virus you planted in me to ensure I carried out my mission and the alarm virus meant to let you know if I died were easily found by Akagi." Kaworu informed him with rather galling nonchalance. "There was no point in breaking the alarm and there was a chance you'd have an alert for the first one in case it got switched off. Gotta make sure the Dead Man Switch is still in play."

Silence, for a good half minute.

"So you turned your back on me for that?" Keel spat the question, as if it would disarm his captor.

"I wouldn't have an easy excuse if you legitimately cared about me." Kaworu rebuked it all. "I'd likely have died for real or be stuck in a hole somewhere wishing I was."

"You think that makes your betrayal any less heinous?" Keel demanded.

"No, I just think it's hilarious watching you throw a fit since you didn't trust me enough to avoid an insurance plan." Kaworu said. "Again, if you don't trust me, why are you pissed I betrayed you? You were expecting me to at least get cold feet or some bizarre syndrome."

Keel couldn't answer that.

"Oh right, I was your 'Second Plan' after all, the back-up should Ikari fall through." Kaworu taunted him a bit more. "You really should have been more proactive in managing things, he ran laps around you from word go."

"I bet you think this is it." Keel snarled.

"Alice Kazagiri was executed two hours ago for treason by the Japanese government." Kaworu said.

Keel's face went slack with surprise.

Something on Kaworu beeped. "Nicholas Polito was just shot by police when they tried to bring him in for questioning in France."

"No." Keel whispered, actually falling to his knees.

"And before you ask, Retsu Komaeda died last week." Kaworu added. "And to save time, your backup SEELE were all killed, and their backups are all in prison."

"I'm the only one left?" Keel asked, unable to comprehend such a thing.

"Pietor Basque is still alive." Kaworu said.

Keel looked up in both surprise and hope.

"He was the one who burned everyone else in the organization." Kaworu dashed it immediately. "I don't know what it was for."

A second voice, that of Shinji, answered as the son of Gendo entered the room with a rifle. "A pot of borscht made like his mother used to make, a year supply of steaks and ten years of vodka."

"Being one of your spares didn't pay out like you'd think." Kaworu elaborated for the confused man.

"He's gonna be hailed as a hero for it too." Shinji rubbed the salt into the wound.

"So what, this is just you and the rest of your lot dancing on my spine now?" Keel demanded, looking like he was about to start foaming at the mouth in rage.

"More or less." Shinji confirmed. "Doctor Akagi finished the final touches for this just a bit ago."

Rei and Asuka walked in, armed with rifles too.

"Here," Rei said as she handed Kaworu a rifle. "You dropped this."

"Why thank you, I was afraid I wouldn't get to do enough damage for this." Kaworu took the rifle, stashing his sidearm.

"Is everything going well?" This was asked by Gendo who suddenly appeared on a nearby vidscreen.

"Ikari!" Keel snarled.

"How are you, Lorenz? Still a tin-plated asshole with no balls?" Gendo taunted back.

"You bastard, how could you do this?!" Keel raged, ignoring the insult as he saw red.

"It's quite simple, Lilith busted you out as having planned to be the brains of the reformed Lilim and everyone else was not worthy of the slightest fleck of concern or trust from you." Gendo replied, looking to his son. "He seriously figured that it wouldn't matter once we were back into one Angel body."

"Weak." Shinji dismissed the leader of SEELE out of hand. "At least own the bastardry by just being crazy and evil."

"How disgusting." Asuka glared down her nose at the man held at gunpoint. "You must have thought you were King of the Universe."

"Hey, I won't judge you at least." Rei added. "Whatever happens to you when you die will take care of that for me."

"But don't feel bad, you at least get to watch that prick from America die first, since he was your biggest fan." Gendo said, stepping out of the way as a bound and gagged blonde man was shoved into view. "Major, if you would remove this vermin from our presence."

"With pleasure!" Misato said from off-screen, before a gunshot sounded.

Not coincidentally, the helpless man's head splattered like rotten melon.

"I'd complain about this mess, but you have to allow your people their indulgences." Gendo said as he rentered the picture. "Loyalty is earned, right?"

"Preach it loud, Commander." Kaworu agreed.

"Kaworu..." Keel pleaded.

"Hey, if one of those time travel things happen and you get a chance to do this again, do me a favor." Kaworu said.

Keel whimpered in fear.

"Make sure if you're gonna try and control me, make me a simp for like Misato or something." Kaworu said, his face flat. "You really screwed it up with that insurance plan of yours."

The cyborg looked at Shinji, not understanding.

"He didn't appreciate you made him gay for me." Shinji translated.

Keel looked lost. "But I set it for the Third Child."

"That's me." Shinji said.

"I thought you would be Second, picked out by the MAGI in the Marduk report." Keel said, looking even more confused.

"I'm Second." Asuka said.

"Then who's First?" Keel asked.

"Rei, but we're not talking about her." Kaworu snapped.

"...But the selection should have been made far in advance of the clones being made." Keel was still confused.

"I believe your confusion is because you forgot who was in charge of it." Rei threw him a bone.

"Guilty." Gendo said.

"...You were against me even then?" Keel asked.

"I was never really on your side," Gendo said. "Remember? I was hired to free Adam before I joined up alongside Yui. She was the one who was loyal, I was just her husband."

"Damn shame." Shinji said. "But that's a discussion that has nothing to do with you."

"Yes, I believe we should put a feather in the operations and all go out for some milkshakes." Rei advised.

"Oooh, I know a good place." Kaworu volunteered.

Asuka nodded her head towards their prisoner. "So let's put him down and we can talk about it."

Keel looked past the kids and into the uncaring visage of Gendo. "Ikari... why?"

"Because guys like you, who never do the work and act like they won piss me off." Gendo said, before shrugging. "Not that I'd waste this much effort over that, but the real problem was that you let my wife talk herself into her own death by your grand conspiracy because you didn't think it mattered."

"But you could have gotten her back!" Keel ranted. "Nothing should matter, we'd be a God!"

"You always were fixated on the answer, not caring about the variables or the equation itself." Gendo said. "Get it through your head you fucking dumbass, you can't just use people like you have and expect everyone to grin and bear it. One day, the bright future and high minded talk you always gave won't mean anything to someone and then what do you have to really control them?"

Keel found he had to look away, as he got that the chain holding Gendo in place WAS Yui and a blithe promise she'd come back wasn't good enough.

"You'll have a lot of time to think about it when you're dead." Gendo said, raising a hand.

All four pilots took aim.

The Reprint and Repackaging of Evangelion

Chapter 29 For Those About to Rock...

"FIRE!" Gendo commanded, a volley of gunshots turning Keel into a rough and chunky paste.

...We Salute You

By Marik Kurakashi

End of Reprint.

Author Notes: So yeah, that's it. That's the last little bit of this story. At least, as a continual sequential chapter thing, I might write out an epilogue or something. Don't expect it any time soon though. This took a long time to write because it was always joking around with conventions of Evangelion and fan fic of that kind. You can mix comedy and drama in small batches but actually trying to play certain things too seriously just made it a drag to try and write. I'm not the kind of writer who can turn it on and off, more or less a boulder that is either rolling downhill or it's stuck waiting to get rolling again.

A lot of the more early weirdness was the result of posting it on a fanfiction forum first for kicks, hence the weirder disclaimer gags and such due to propensity of the membership for running off the rails completely out of their minds on the inner workings of the mind of the janitor briefly mentioned in chapter 1. I'm exaggerating obviously, but I really didn't want people convincing themselves of something I in no way set up and then getting pissy about it like I was the asshole here. But hey, that's what happens when you write something, even if you speak the same language two and two can make for fish apple pie huh?

Whatever, it's done and I can close the door on this thing for now. Thanks for those who read and enjoyed it, maybe we'll get together to kick out the jams again some time.

Until next time, Space Cowboys and Girls...