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Summary: He had always wondered if he was outside looking in, or inside looking out. But whichever side of the shattered windowpane his gaze was locked on, he could never erase the fact that he had looked back. He had looked back and that was what led to his own downfall.

. . .

Piece One.

"There are many worlds, and they share the same sky - one sky, one destiny." – Kairi.

. . .

The darkness was slowly fading to azure, peach and silver outside his window. The sun extended its rays to the cold, dead world, ready to return the life it had took from everything else. Clouds swayed their dusty hips at the beat of the wind against trees. It was Monday; the first day of a new week. The day when all things would have breath in their lungs and blood in their veins. The day when normalcy would act as if it had never left. The day when he would be birthed into this new world; this new Shibuya. But something inside of him died, just as everything started living again.

Outside the glass that kept him from the world and everything else in it; streetlights blinked red, teasing and pulling at the hoi polloi's strings. A cacophony of sighs, grunts and frustrated yells echoed on the melting sidewalks. It was the same streets, the same crowds, the same hoarse songs they all shouted to the heavens.

He should have felt relieved, calm, anything but what he was feeling. There was the bitter aftertaste of what seemed like guilt. Had he truly saved them? Or was there a deeper sense of evil not even he could fathom?

He, Neku Sakuraba, did not know the answers to his questions. Or did he not even understand the questions he was asking? Everything seemed more topsy-turvey than when he was in the Game. Perhaps it was that sense of returning back to earth and to gravity when one was out, lost in space. He had returned to whatever he had left behind after death…but perhaps he was better losing the things he had already lost in the Reaper's Game. After all, there was no longer a difference between losing and gaining, trusting and not…

Something had changed ever since he had regained whatever he had lost. As he found the courage to face the music, he glanced briefly outside. And in the world beyond his own, Neku Sakuraba found what he had always thought was missing; what he thought had changed. The world then shifted into black and white; the lines being so well defined Neku thought he could almost touch them. He had known what had changed; he always had.

It was him. He had opened his world; expanded his horizons. He had let his mind wander into the thoughts of others, in hope to find the thoughts that he thought were gone. But truth be told, Neku Sakuraba was afraid of this new him. Afraid of this new world.

. . .

He caught a handful of fine sand in between his tanned fingers. He then wondered if every living being was just as tiny as a grain of sand compared to the worlds beyond the reality he knew. He himself had his fair share of world-hopping and saving, but Sora knew that what he did for (to?) Kingdom Hearts would never be enough.

Sometimes, he could even hear Roxas' breaths instead of his own; Roxas' voice, the deceivingly innocent mumbling that constantly walked on the faint line between light and dark, instead of his own sunlit, oceanic yells. Even Kairi couldn't let go. Sora knew that if he looked at her long enough, he would see white blonde locks instead of bright red hair; and sometimes, he would even be transported into her room inside the mansion, just for a split second.

Ever since he and Riku had fallen from the sky and into the sea—ever since he was brought back home—Sora had been thinking over things quite often. He had tasted danged before—yes— even relished in its bloody taste…but he had lost too much because of his impulsiveness, his rash and volatile emotions. And it frightened him. The insatiable hunger for danger brought a new type of fear into Sora's newly sheltered life in Destiny Islands.

He feared himself; the danger and destruction his own hands were capable of doing. More than the darkness and so much more than the light...Sora feared himself.