Disclaimer: Not mine, just having some fun.

Pairing: Kalinda/Alicia

Rating: M

Summery: Had it been 7 shots instead of 4.

A/N: I know that by 7 shots speaking would be problematic to say the least, but just play along for me.

There they sat at the bar. The glasses lined up on both sides totaled 14.

"Let go!" Kalinda pulled on Alicia's confiscated phone.

"No!" but it slipped and it was safely back in Kalinda's pocket.

They laughed in a way that could only be described as drunken.

"You know Will feels the same way about you."

No he doesn't. Even if he did it doesn't matter."

It does. I phone Will, I tell him we're in a bar and your too drunk to go home, so your getting a room upstairs. Alicia, one night, no repercussions."

"And tomorrow…"

"You wake up."

"It's just not me Kalinda."

"Anything is you . Everything you want to be, is you."

The chime of a confiscated cell phone reached their ears. Alicia leaned over to grab her phone from Kalinda's pocket. She misjudged the distance and smashed into Kalinda knocking them both off the bar stools. Thankfully the wedding was just getting out so no one noticed. They pulled themselves up leaning on each other as much as possible trying not to have a repeat performance.

The bartender made his way over, "I'm going to get you guys some rooms, there is no way your going home tonight."

"I've got to call my kids."

Kalinda made the call, slightly more coherent than Alicia.

The previous phone call was forgotten as the two made their was to their newly acquired rooms. Leaning heavily on each other as they stumbled to the elevator.

"Are you gay?"


"Are you gay?" Alicia repeated. "Come on we are talking about every single little detail of my life here, it's a simple question."

"I'm private."

"Uh, come on."

"What does it matter?"

"It doesn't."

"So why'd you wanna know?"

"Because I want to know."


"Because, because I want to do this."

Alicia leaned over and kissed Kalinda. It was chaste, simply lips to lips, but they felt the zing of electricity though their bodies. They parted. Alicia and Kalinda looked at each other. Neither of them could recall who moved first, but they clashed together. Tongues fighting for dominance, as hands began to explore.

Kalinda pushed Alicia away, "We shouldn't do this. Your drunk."

"So are you. What were you saying, 'One night, no repercussions'."

"And tomorrow…"

"We wake up."

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