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Pairing: Kalinda/Alicia

Rating: NC-17

Summery: Had it been 7 shots instead of 4.

A/N: As you few who are reading this have most likely noticed the rating has upped to a happy NC-17 hopefully you all know what it means, and if you don't this chapter may be skipped, but later chapters under this rating may be vital to plot progression. Just thought I'd cover all my bases.

They stumbled into their room, barely managing to open the door before clothes began to fall. They never even paused when the door slammed shut behind them.

Kalinda's fingers swiftly unbuttoned Alicia's top, her hands seeking the creamy flesh beneath.

Alicia attacked Kalinda's mouth, trailing lower to her neck leaving a bright red mark sure to bruise. Kalinda's nimble hand quickly rid Alicia of her pants and panties. Her grip on Alicia's hips made her gasp as the line between pain and pleasure blurred.

Alicia could not move her hands fast enough. Kalinda's clothes were beginning to become a nuisance. When at last she freed Kalinda, her hands began to memorize every curve and dip they could touch. She committed to memory all the places that made her moan and hiss in pleasure.

Kalinda felt Alicia's back arch in pleasure as her hands kneaded her breasts. Kalinda fell onto Alicia as they crashed into the bed. Kalinda followed the curve of Alicia's body, playing her like she was her own personal instrument.

Alicia panted as Kalinda's fingers continued to travel lower, but not where she wanted the.

"Kalinda" she breathed, pleading apparent in her whisper.

Kalinda's only reply was to smirk her eyes glinting mischievously as she continued to carefully and skillfully tease Alicia to the brink.

"Please!" Alicia begged

"Please what?" Kalinda growled.

The alcohol burning in her veins loosened her normally cultured tongue as she whispered, "Fuck me."

Kalinda sang lightly, " I can't hear you." Her voice while light was heavy with lust.

"Fuck. Me." Alicia spoke the words so slowly Kalinda could feel their weight in the air around them. With a devilish glint Kalinda slipped two fingers into Alicia's wet and wanting body.

Alicia gave a strangled cry as Kalinda's fingers began to move. Slowly at first, so achingly slow, it was painful. Kalinda rubbed her clit in a circular motion that had Alicia gasping.

"More!" demanded Alicia.

Kalinda, not one to refuse such a request added a third finger into Alicia's slippery folds. Pumping them in and out faster and faster. Feeling Alicia's silken walls shudder around her, she slowed, denying her, the release she so desperately wanted. So slowly did she move that Alicia became incoherent.

Kalinda would quicken her pace to bring Alicia close, so close, only to bring her back down. Alicia was devoid of her voice, panting was her only form of communication, as Kalinda repeated her actions twice more. Alicia felt like she was going to implode.

Finally Kalinda took pity on Alicia and she curled her fingers, reaching the ever elusive spot, bringing Alicia to climax. Alicia shattered. Before she had returned to reality, Kalinda brought her to orgasm twice more.

Alicia could take no more. She flipped Kalinda, gaining some leverage finally. She thrust her fingers into Kalinda, who could only arch her back in pleasure. Alicia thrust fast and hard. Delighting as Kalinda came abruptly, her nails clawing deliciously into Alicia's back. Alicia moaned at the pain Kalinda inflicted on her. It only made her continue to fuck her in an animalistic show of dominance.

At long last they collapsed against each other, sated. Their bodies covered in sweat, comfortably intertwined, as they fell into a dreamless sleep.

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