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Chapter 3

The sun rose over the city. It's golden light encompassed the looming silver towers. The refractions from the glass and steel making it seem brighter and almost ethereal to those who were awake to see it. However that was not the sight that the two figures in the bed awoke to. No, in fact they may have not awoken at all, if not for the shrill ringing of a cell phone.

Two sets of eyes fluttered open. The phone demandingly rang again, pulling a groan of pain from Alicia, as she tried to process the flood of memories with a nasty hangover. It was Kalinda who managed to get up and deal with it.

"Thanks Kalinda." She whispered.

It took her a moment to fully realize what she said, and it stopped her short. Kalinda. She had slept with Kalinda. She had gotten drunk and slept with Kalinda. No, she didn't just sleep with her, she seduced her coworker and then proceeded to ravish and be ravished by her. Oh God. Oh God. This was bad, very, very bad.

Kalinda looked down at the phone, missing the slow panic that was over taking Alicia. It was Will. She checked the time on the clock by the bed; it was 6:03 way too early to deal with anything, with only three hours of sleep and a mild hangover. She looked over at the bed, hoping Alicia was in better shape, no luck Alicia looked incapable of anything truly coherent at the moment, so she answered.

"Hello Will."

"Kalinda? What are you doing with Alicia's phone?"

"We got a little intoxicated last night, and we got a room. Was there any thing you needed?" Kalinda turned to face Alicia, who looked like she might just be in shock.

"Ah, no. I just wanted to make sure she was all right. Tell her I'll see her at the office on Monday." Kalinda could hear the suspicion in his voice, but there was nothing she could do about that.

"Goodbye Will." With that she hung up, and made her way to Alicia.

For a moment they both just sat there, looking at each other. This was a first for her, not the sleeping with another woman, but the first time she ever cheated on someone, with a co-worker no less. Could it be considered cheating if her husband had cheated first and was in jail? Her husband, who she was still considering divorcing, who had broken the vows they had taken. Well it sure as hell wasn't something she ever thought would happen to her. Nope, whenever she pictured the future this was not what she saw. She never saw herself seeing pictures of her husband and a call girl splashed all over the news. She never saw her own face blank and emotionless, standing next to him while he held a press conference admitting the affair. She never saw herself moving to a small apartment with her two kids, and trying to be a good single parent. She never saw herself having to become a lawyer because the rent was due, and they had no money. She never saw herself having an affair with her much younger female co-worker, who she could now say with certainty was not straight. No she never saw this coming, and it was actually pretty damn funny.

Kalinda became worried, as Alicia's eyes glazed over, "Are you okay?" She whispered. Kalinda was startled as Alicia started laughing.

She paused for a little and said just a softly, "No, I'm great, my husband, the man who was supposed to be faithful till death do us part, has prostitute mistresses, is under investigation by the DA's office, and is currently in the process of being released from prison. I went from a mother of two and full time housewife to a single parent, barely making ends meet, working as a lawyer, and having a drunken one night stand, if that's what this is, with you." It came out fast and somewhat jumbled, and then Alicia started laughing again, only this time it was edged with hysteria.

Alicia laughed until she cried, great wracking sobs that shook her frame. Kalinda wrapped her arms around the crying women, with only a slight hesitancy. It was too much for Alicia and she started crying harder. It was as if the dam had finally broken and everything she had kept in was pouring out. Kalinda wonder if she had ever had time to deal with Peter's betrayal and all the subsequent fall out. Alicia had the press constantly following her, people everywhere watching her every move for the slightest crack, her mother in-law taking care of her kids at the only pace away from the public eye, and she had to be strong for her kids on top of that. This woman didn't even seem human, the way she handled everything calmly and without fear or anger. The media had called her frigid, but she wasn't. Alicia was full of fire, passion, and empathy. Life was very rarely fair, but it seemed that it really had a bone to pick with Alicia.

The sobs had finally subsided, and it seemed that Alicia had cried herself to sleep. She was leaned against her, and Kalinda just couldn't find it in herself to pull away, instead she lay down, taking the quietly sleeping Alicia with her. Kalinda stroked Alicia's hair, relaxing in the warmth of the other woman's body. There was a lot they needed to discuss, but for now, she just wanted to watch her sleep. It was like there were two different Alicias, the one who rarely ever showed emotion, and the one that loved hard and was hurt easily. Slowly Kalinda drifted off.

It was only a little while later when Alicia woke up. Her eyes fluttered open, slowly adjusting to the light in the room. For a moment she was filled with confusion. She was not in her apartment, and there were arms wrapped around her. She turned her head, and saw Kalinda. The haze of confusion dispersed and she gave a softly whispered, "Oh."

She tried to untangle herself, but it lead to Kalinda tightening her grasp. There was a moment of panic when she thought that Kalinda was waking up. She didn't really know what she was going to say. What could she, her husband was getting out of jail and coming home soon. She could just chalk it up to vulnerability and too much to drink, but it wasn't just that. She had pursued Kalinda, not the other way around. She knew that she was attracted to her, and she had had her suspicions about Kalinda, but she was the one who was married.

Oh God, Peter. What the hell am I going to say to him? Should I even tell him? Do I even want him back in our lives? Her mind kept spitting out questions, and then there was one that stopped everything. What about Kalinda? Yes, she could admit that she was attracted to the dark woman beside her, and yes it seemed to go both ways. Her kids had already been put through so much could she really subject them to another scandal? Alicia paused in her musings; she realized subconsciously she had been thinking of her and Kalinda in the future. This, what ever it was, was not just a one-night stand, but was it? Maybe that's all it was to Kalinda, a drunken one-night stand.


Alicia turned her head startled. Kalinda was awake.

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