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Black Dog
"The Loss of Humanity"
Chapter Six

The search for Kohaku was fruitless. For miles, the gang traveled through the north empty handed. Villages knew nothing, and neither Inuyasha nor Kagome could pick up his scent. Sango suggested finally visiting the ruins of her old village. They had scouted Naraku's territory too long. Miroku concurred. Kagome remained on foot building her stamina while the others traveled by air. Inuyasha kept his distance. For that, the miko was thankful. Her distaste for him grew after their scuffle. She needed time to forgive.

Kirara landed in a clearing at dusk. Her chest rose and fell. They covered immense distance today. Inuyasha pressed forward not wanting a break. For once, Sango agreed. Her love for her brother clouded her judgment. The poor neko took the brunt of the consequence. Miroku had argued but the pleading look in the ninja's eyes crumbled his logic.

Shippou gathered fire wood. Kagome sought for water. She found a spring a quarter of a mile away from camp. She took the cat demon with her. Kirara needed to drink. A coat of warm sweat slicked down her fur. The miko apologized to her on behalf of the others. There wasn't much else she could do. Sango meant well.

Kagome lowered the cat youkai to the pool gently. Kirara lapped up the crisp water for several minutes. The priestess took her time and filled the pots with water. She decided she'd return to this spot when the moon was high. It'd been a couple days since she'd enjoyed a good bath. Mud and dirt caked her kimono and feet. She looked more rugged than lady like. She wished she could have traveled in her dog form. The wind against her fur would have felt wonderful. Kagome felt too confined in her human state. It was the price to pay.

When Kirara had her fill, she sauntered up to the miko and purred. Kagome smiled and placed her on her shoulder. The demon wrapped her fluffy tail around the woman's neck for grip. The miko scratched Kirara's head and then picked up the pots. The trip back to camp was comfortably quiet.

The smoke of the new fire began to cloud the camp. The kitsune beamed with pride at his achievement. Kagome placed the pots on the flame and placed Kirara on Sango's lap. Inuyasha dug through her pack and pulled out ramen. As the priestess went to grab it, Inuyasha pulled it away. "I'll make dinner," he stated. The inu hanyou never made a meal. Before she could argue, he ripped the bags open and tossed the noodles in the water. "Relax."

Miroku and Sango chatted quietly until the meal was done. Inuyasha served the portions while Shippou passed them along. Kagome requested a bit of water in hers. The half-demon complied. Like every night, the canine miko sat next to the fire. The flames whipped inches away from her skin. She rested the bowl to her lips and drank. The gooey noodles slid down her throat with ease. Chicken flavor tonight, she noted. Everyone preferred the chicken seasoning except her.

Shippou collected the empty dishes when he was full. Not a drop was wasted. Gradually, everyone lay down with their sleeping bags and pillows. Kagome waited until everyone was asleep before she gathered her bathing supplies and headed back to the spring. Her new lithe movements made it impossible to wake Inuyasha. He wasn't such a light sleeper as made the others to believe.

The second trip to the stream was quicker. Without the neko and carrying water, she covered the distance in less than two minutes walking. It was a dark night. The moon was a thin crescent compared to its traditionally whole beauty. Her brown eyes hypnotically stared at it. Tsuki carried many moons like the one above on its blade. Kagome realized she preferred this darkness. It reminded her of the western lord and the regal tattoo on his forehead. A crescent moon was the symbol of his honor, bloodline and power.

Kagome finally broke the spell and began stripping off her kimono. She fumbled Tsuki in her hands until she was completely naked. She strapped the sword back on her waist to control the transformation as she plunged into the water. The pool wasn't very deep. It came to her navel. Carefully, she treaded through the water. It was shallow in every position. She sighed and dunked herself. Kagome remained under the surface for minutes. Her slender fingers played with her hair ridding it of unwanted oils. When she rose for air, the miko grabbed a bottle of shampoo. She squeezed a dollop in her palm and massaged her scalp.

The miko continued her bathing routine rinsing out her hair, applying conditioner, and then scrubbing her skin raw. She only returned to dry land until she was satisfied. The missing grime brought up her spirits. She no longer looked like a mangy animal.

She packed her necessities back into the bag and sat on the edge of the spring. Her feet dangled in the water. Kagome didn't want to go just yet. It'd been a week since she'd had alone time. Sango insisted on accompanying her for baths. The miko couldn't deny her. It seemed like the only situation they could have girl time. Giggling in hot springs had been their most fun times together. Everything had changed though. With Sango's despair for her brother and Kagome's new transformation, the laughter ceased. The mood seemed always somber. The miko didn't know what to say to her. She knew exactly how she felt however. Souta would probably never be in her life again.

Despite the darkness, Kagome could see her canine reflection. It was a dark grey shade in the clear water. Its large eyes looked back at the miko in sadness. She knew she wore the same expression. A mirror image of herself displayed her heart in an animalistic way. Kagome never realized how much she missed her dog form until she traveled like this. She thought she'd be happy ridding herself of her canine foe but she wasn't. The miko honestly believed now that being a dog would be more soothing and simpler. This is how Inuyasha had to feel. He wanted the jewel to become human or demon, not between. The struggle was torture.

A strong aura tingled the priestess's senses. Kagome closed her eyes. Of course, he'd show up after weeks to see her wallowing in self-pity. How many nights had she waited for his return to be alone? As his presence became stronger, the miko opened her eyes and patted the ground next to her. "Come sit with me."

The tai-youkai's large form came from behind. Kagome could feel his warmth immediately. He bent down and sat where requested. The miko didn't look at him. She kept her eyes glued to her reflection. Not a word passed between them.

Kagome shifted her eyes from her canine appearance to Sesshomaru's in the water. His face was turned to hers. She could see an endearing expression on his face. He didn't realize she could see it in the water. Instead of creating a crash of happiness, she felt pained. How dare he look at me like that, she thought. She wanted nothing more than to be with him. The inu youkai spoke well with his actions showing he didn't reciprocate her feelings. Yes, they made love but he disappeared. It was as if this was some kind of sick game and she sure as hell couldn't take it anymore.

"Sesshomaru," she whispered. "Why are you here?"

He didn't respond. The emotion on his face was wiped clean. Once again, he was a stoic demon made of ice.

"You know visiting me like this is torture."

"How does this Sesshomaru's presence torture you?"

The miko kicked her feet in the water destroying their image. Could he really be that fucking clueless? She turned her neck to stare straight into his golden eyes. The look she gave him was a mixture of negative emotions. He didn't respond with any of his own. Sesshomaru remained calm and expressionless.

"I love you Sesshomaru. How can you not realize that," she choked. "I know I cannot have you. I'm still half human and still beneath you. I thought for a moment when we made love under the stars that something happened but you left. I haven't seen you in weeks. Why play this game with me?"

"This Sesshomaru does not play games."

"Then why are you here? Do you come here to check on my well being? As you can see, I'm struggling as before. I don't think I'm ever going to get used to this. I hate strutting around like a human all god damn day. I wish I could just be free but I can't. Your coming here doesn't help my situation."

Sesshomaru glared at her. Kagome wanted to laugh. What she didn't expect was for him to tackle her on the ground. His arms pinned her down and his body covered hers. Their eyes remained locked. The miko's heart was racing. She was naked and still wet from her bath. Kagome had forgotten about her clothing. God she hated wearing that kimono. Her canine instincts were beginning to surface. Tsuki couldn't rein her counterpart's primal needs. She loved this demon however masochistic it was.

Their lips met with startling electricity. Kagome opened her mouth immediately. The duel of their tongues commenced. Sesshomaru's fangs bit into her bottom lip earning a moan. The taste of her blood filled her mouth making the passionate kiss unreal. Her body squirmed underneath him begging for more.

The tai-youkai rose to his knees and began undoing his pants. Kagome watched him impatiently. He stood quickly, threw them off, and returned to his position. His clawed hand grabbed her right breast and began teasing it. The miko watched him, eyes glassy. His mouth traveled down her face to her nipple. The demon licked the sensitive area and nibbled. Kagome's moans deepened.

Sesshomaru wedged himself between her legs and felt her escalating warmth. He didn't stop his attention to her breast. His eyes locked on to hers. Kagome forgot how to breathe. The look in his eyes was like before but filled with undeniable want. He had never shown her this. She never wanted to lose it.

With hard force, the western lord plunged into her. A spark of pain hit her. He noticed her wince and remained still. Kagome smiled wrapping her now free hands his neck. She kissed him hungrily pushing her body against his length. A rumble vibrated through is body like a purr. His body followed her orders and ravaged her. His thick member bringing the all familiar pleasure she missed.

Her moans echoed into the forest. The darkness cloaked their glistening bodies or so she thought. Sesshomaru abruptly stopped looking over her. Kagome whimpered until she felt it. The playful aura of Inuyasha was close, very close. The miko shut her eyes. He was watching them and coming nearer.

"What the fuck is this," the hanyou bellowed. The miko cringed but clung on to Sesshomaru as if he was her last life line.


"The hell I will you fucking bastard!"

Kagome opened her eyes when she felt Sesshomaru pulling himself away. His appendage slowly pulled out of her wet folds. The demon lord's eyes were filled with rage. White turned to red. She could hear Inuyasha pulling out Tetsaiga. Another brotherly battle was about to commence.

"Leave half-breed."

"No! Who the fuck do you think you are? You're fucking Kagome! What the hell is wrong with you?" Kagome noticed a slight hesitation in his voice. She picked herself up and turned to the hanyou. His molten eyes bore into her. The miko watched him take in her disoriented body and swollen lip. His anger doubled.

"I'm going to kill you, you son of a bitch!"

Sesshomaru took a step towards him but Kagome blocked him. "Don't," she pleaded.

Inuyasha watched the display in utter disgust. Kagome willingly slept with this asshole. Her tanned hand was pressed against his chest. He ignored the fact that she seemed more than pleased earlier in the throes of passion. He honestly couldn't believe it. She betrayed him in the worst possible way. Without more thought, he plowed into her. Kagome fell to the ground. The hanyou snatched away Tsuki. Instantly, her body morphed into her large black form. She looked at him with depressed eyes. Inuyasha jumped backward and snarled. "Fuck you Kagome, you bitch."

Everything happened too fast. Unrecognizable pain filled her. Inuyasha hated her. The man that she stood by with through thick or thin took away the last bit of her humanity. She rose to her feet. Giving neither inu a last glance, she ran. After running day by day, her paws thudded on the earth. No one could catch her. She didn't want them too. A broken howl tore through her body. Kagome wanted nothing more than to disappear.