Charmed and Narnia Crossover

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Chapter 1: Other Threats

Lucy could hardly believe it. A few weeks ago she and her brothers and sister had helped defeat the White Witch and now they were rulers of Narnia, when the same few weeks ago they had just been regular kids waiting for a war to finish so that they could return home to their family.

Susan was in the same mind-set as Lucy. She missed home but realized that she had responsibilities here now. She decided that she would look up the history of Narnia. This history, in her opinion, was quite interesting, as tending to the creatures of this world was of course.

Edmund decided he would help in any way he could. He still couldn't stop the guilt that he had nearly betrayed them all, nearly killing Aslan in the process. So anything that he could amend that the White Witch had ruled, if they wanted it changed, he fought for it.

Peter wished he could be as happy as his siblings were, however, as he was High King most warnings and threats that had been coming through were sent directly to him. From what he could tell there was another force who wanted to rule the land. He of course would not let that happen, however, it seemed that the creatures they were dealing with were beyond his and his siblings' expertise.

The eldest of the siblings was walking through the castle to a room full of his own personal advisors. He didn't want anything getting out about this new threat until he was sure they could be dealt with; the only problem was that he didn't know anyone that would be able to defeat the monsters who were trying to attack.

As he walked in, his advisors rose out of respect. He signalled for them to be seated and he sat himself.

"Any word on the new threat?" Peter asked, getting straight to business.

"No, my liege. Though we have been able to find out who they are," one of his advisors, William, spoke.

Peter waited for him to continue. "Well," he asked, "who are they?"

"Sir, it seems that they are from another world, your world we believe. However, they keep themselves in the shadows, wreaking their havoc secretly," another advisor, Oscar, told him.

Peter nodded thoughtfully. "Criminals?" he asked, hopefully.

They shook their heads.

"Then would somebody please tell me what we're dealing with here?" he asked.

"It seems we're being attacked by demons, your Highness," William admitted.

"Demons?" Peter repeated, sceptically.

"Yes, we realize this is a bit of a stretch. We know humans believe there is no such thing. But we are positive that demons are trying to take over Narnia."

"But why?" Peter asked, curiosity taking over his scepticism.

"Well, it seems that their Underworld is without a ruler at the moment. They have tried ruling the Earth, however, good witches keep interfering with their plans. It seems to us they want to try and attack somewhere, where they believe, there is less power," William explained.

Peter sighed "Is there any way to defeat them?" he asked.

"Well, your Highness, it seems that there are special potions and spells that are to be used," Oscar told him.

Peter nodded. "And what do the rest of you think about this?" he asked, wanting opinions from all of his advisors.

"It seems the most plausible explanation," one exclaimed.

"I would like to search all other possible areas, however, I must agree with the others" a woman told him.

Peter nodded, believing this was a good idea. "You keep on with that while we explore this demon theory," he told her.

The woman nodded and left with the other man to do some more research.

"William, Oscar, is there anybody who can help us?" Peter asked.

William nodded. "We believe there are powerful witches, the most powerful witches of all time, who will be willing to help. We hope so anyway. They come across demons every day and will know what to do."

Peter stood up. "Right, how do we get in contact with them?"

"Well sir, they are from your world, however, it seems that they know some other magical creatures from their own world. We can send a message to the wood nymphs and hope they get the message in time," Oscar told him.

"Ok, do that and I'll warn my siblings. If what you've told me is true, I think we're going to war."

The advisors nodded and retreated from the room leaving Peter to his thoughts. Narnia isn't ready for another war, Peter thought, we barely succeeded last time. Most people got out safe. I can't risk them. Peter sighed. But I don't think I've got a choice.


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