Charmed and Narnia Crossover

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Chapter 8: Saving a Life

Piper took one look at the room she was currently standing in. Ashes and scorch marks everywhere, three cages set up. Suddenly she was scared for her son. He would have had to kill all these demons, did he make it?

The sisters then heard sounds coming from Wyatt's room; they rushed into the room to find the crib turned on its side, much like they did with the table, with Chris holding Wyatt to him protectively while occasionally using his electrokinesis fighting back, while Wyatt had his shield up protecting them both.

Chris looked up and saw them "Barbas! Use the source vanquishing spell" he yelled.

They all looked up to see that it really was Barbas, the demon of fear who had continuously made their lives miserable.

Piper looked from her sons back to Barbas, anger boiled inside her. She raised her hands blowing him back into the wall.

She strode forward to him, all the while doing the same action, effectivly covering the demon in blood.

"Piper, the spell. We need the power of three!" Paige yelled.

"Hmm, yes the power of three" Barbas smirked.

He threw Phoebe and Paige out of the room, locking the door.

"Looks like now you only have the power of one, how well will that fare do you think, against me?" he asked.

"I will kill you" Piper said, walking back into her son's protective bubble.

She crouched down "Why didn't you orb?" she asked Chris.

"Anti-orbing wards, which is why Paige can't get back in. The most she can do is orb stuff to her but that's about it" he said.

She sighed in frustration.

She turned back to Chris "Are you Ok? The attic-"

"I'll clean it tomorrow" he told her, smirking a little

Piper looked at him and whacked him on the back of the head, smirking herself.

"Talk about abuse" he rolled his eyes, smiling.

Piper couldn't help smiling herself "Are you ok?" she asked

He smiled "I'm fine" he told her.

"How many were there?" she asked, looking at Barbas, who had yet to make a move

"About a dozen" he told her.

Pipers' eyes widened

"Why didn't you-"

"Get out of there?" he finished for her. He shook his head "First of all anti-orb wards, second of all if I had gone for the door demons would have only blocked my way. And besides I couldn't leave Wyatt in a house full of demons no matter how powerful he is" he said, looking at his brother.

Piper smiled, knowing the feeling of protecting your siblings.

"Why isn't he making a move?" she asked

Chris shrugged "I don't know" Barbas was looking straight at them.

"So" Chris started "What's your plan now?" he asked.

"Well, I'm glad you asked" he told him. "You see all I have to do is use magic the knife with my blood and a good beings blood which I have, right here" he told them, pulling out a vial of blood "and I'll be able to get through the boys shield" as he told them his plan Phoebe and Paige were still screaming to be let in.

Piper momentarily looked worried while Chris frowned.

"But your atheme is right here?" he told him.

It was Barbas' turn to frown "I noticed" he hissed

Chris sat back down.

"He must be waiting for another demon to bring another atheme" he told Piper.

"We need to vanquish him" she said.

He nodded in agreement.

Piper sighed "I'm not saying a spell for another week after this"

Chris couldn't help but chuckle "Have you forgotten the whole Abraxas thing?" he asked.

"How could I forget? But how do you know about that?" she asked.

Chris shrugged "History, when the world went into turmoil I read up on a lot of things"

Piper nodded "Right, but now we need to figure out how to vanquish him without the power of three" she told him.

Chris thought for a moment "Technically we still have the power of three"

Phoebe and Paige were outside and pissed.

"What the hell do we do now? And why can't I orb?" Paige asked, fuming.

"Ok Paige, calm down we'll figure something out" Phoebe told her sister.

"Calm down? How can I calm down? Our sister is in there with our nephews and who knows what can happen. He has all these new powers and it's going to take the power of three to vanquish him" she reminded her sister.

"I know. But we're not going to get anywhere out here. Let's get back to the book and see if there's spell in there.

Paige sighed but nodded, knowing there was no other option.

"We're not going to lose them" Phoebe told her.

"You don't know that" Paige said, tears threatening to spill.

Phoebe and Paige walked back into the attic and looked around at the damage properly.

"How did Chris make it out of here alive? It looks like a bomb went off" Paige observed.

"I think he's stronger than we give him credit for" Phoebe told her sister "Did you see them things, like lightening or something"

"Well, when he first came he was part whitelighter, now I guess he's part Elder" Paige commented standing at the book with her sister.

"Yeah but even when he came to us. He's obviously a powerful witch" Phoebe spoke, trailing off.

"What are you thinking, sis?" Paige asked.

"He's a powerful witch, Pipers son" Phoebe said.

Paige looked at here "Did we leave you out of the loop 'cause I thought-"

Phoebe waved her hands at her sister "No, listen to me. Piper, Chris and Wyatt are all in that room" she told her.

"So?" Paige asked, frustrated.

"How many does that make?" she asked.

"Three" Paige responded "Including Barbas which make- wait a minute. There is three of them in their which, with our bloodline makes the power of three" she said, trailing off herself.

Phoebe nodded "Right, right. But how do we tell them this?"

Paige shook her head "If Chris is powerful hopefully he's smart too 'cause I don't think there's anything we can do"

"I hate feeling so helpless"

Paige nodded in agreement, rubbing her sisters back "So do I"

Paige sighed and walked over picking up ingredients

"What are you doing?" Phoebe asked

"Making a Source vanquishing potion. If they haven't figured it out maybe this will give them the push" she said, pointing her finger at her sister.

Phoebe nodded "I'll help you"

"What do you mean technically we have the power of three?" Piper asked "Paige and Phoebe-"

"Mum, listen for a second. You guys are the Charmed Ones through your bloodline, right?"

Piper shook her head frantically, one eye always on Barbas "So?" she asked.

"There are three people in this room from the same bloodline" he told her.

Piper looked at him then Wyatt, realizing what he was getting at.

"Will it work?" she asked

"It's worth a shot, right?"

Suddenly they saw a potion orb in from nowhere

"Looks like Aunt Paige and Aunt Phoebe had the same thought as us" Chris said, as if confirming his theory.

Piper nodded, before they could put their plan into action there were suddenly many more demons which had shimmered in

Chris closed his eyes, once they vanquished Barbas they had to get rid of these demons, and Wyatt was still here in the crossfire.

"Ok, quickly" Piper said, not seeing any other option.

They grabbed each other's hands, standing up. Wyatt in his crib standing, Chris holding him, reading to pull him back if necessary.

"Do you know the spell?" she asked

Chris nearly laughed "You made us memorize it"

Piper smirked "Good" she said, before turning her attention to the demons in front of her and started chanting, for the final time that day. She hoped, and threw the potion at Barbas' feet making smoke go up around him.

"Prudence, Penelope, Patricia, Melinda,
Astrid, Helen, Laura and Grace"
Piper chanted

As she chanted she saw Barbas being consumed in fire from his feet upwards, he turned in rage to the three witches. "How?" he wondered for a moment before realizing as he did he smiled. "I'll be back" he told them.

"Halliwell witches stand strong beside us
Vanquish this evil from time and space"
Chris finished chanting.

He saw Barbas being consumed in the fire even more so, but the demon couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

"You know I'll be back" he smiled, and then started screaming as the last effects of the spell took place.

Chris laid Wyatt back in his cot before he turned his attention to the remaining demons along with his mother.

The demons looked at each other; it sinking in their leader had just been vanquished.

Piper and Chris raised their hands to start fighting when all the remaining demons, one by one, shimmered out.

They looked at each other for a second.

"Why do you think they ran?" Chris asked

"'cause their cowards" Piper replied, annoyed.

Chris smiled "Come on, Paige and Phoebe are probably-"

Before he could finish they had orbed in, the wards being lifted when Barbas was vanquished.

"Worried, speak of the devils" he finished, rolling his eyes.

"Don't give us that look mister; do you have any idea how scared we were?" Paige told him.

He was about to reply when he was pulled into a hug by his aunt who had just scolded him.

Phoebe went over to her sister and Wyatt.

Chris laughed "Ok, you can let go now" he told her.

Paige refused

"Aunt Paige?" he questioned.

"Don't scare us like that again" she told him.

"Scouts honour" he mimicked his aunt, remembering what she had said from the castle back in Narnia.

She smiled and went to her other nephew while Phoebe took her turn to hug her other nephew.

"So, you figured out the bloodline thing then?" Paige asked Piper

"Actually Chris did" Piper told them, smiling. "Speaking of which, how did my son become smarter than me"

Chris smiled "Don't worry. You're smarter than Wyatt" as he finished the smile turned into a full on grin.

Phoebe whacked her nephew for Piper, who just narrowed her eyes.

Chris laughed at this.

"So first you scare us then you insult us" Paige shook her head.

"Well, technically I didn't insult her. I insulted Wyatt, you've just insulted her by insinuating Wyatt grows up to be unintelligent" he smiled.

Paige wanted to retort, but realizing she couldn't come up with a counter argument she just stuck her tongue out

Chris rolled his eyes "Some things never change"

Suddenly Leo orbed in the room, just having spoken with the Elders.

"So I spoke to the other Elders but they still don't kno- What happened?" Leo asked, looking around.

"Oh you know" Piper started "Saved a country called Narnia, Chris saved his Wyatt, Wyatt saved us, then the three of us vanquished Barbas with the Source vanquishing spell as he was the new threat" Piper said "Not much"

"Does someone want to explain this to me?" he asked

Suddenly Wyatt yawned

The others laughed

"Little guys exhausted" Phoebe said.

"Well I'm not surprised, he did good today" Chris said, adoringly.

"Let's leave him sleep" Piper suggested.

"Then someone's going to tell me what happened right?" Leo asked.

Paige put an arm round Leos shoulders "May want to get comfy, it's a going to be a long story"

"When is it not?" Leo asked, walking downstairs with the others.

"Touché" came her reply.

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