Okay, so I wanted to give this to you guys, but only if you showed an interest in it. I received a message requesting it, so my dears, a short one shot!


It had started out as a normal week between the King and his Warlock. The throne room rang with the shouts of their heated debate. The guards posted outside the doors began talking about the weather when the room fell silent. This was not uncommon yet when no laughter followed the guards glanced at one another and looked inside.

The two where not facing one another and clearly not pleased with the other. The guards glanced at each other again, a sense of dread coming over them at the sight.

The first day of the pair not even talking to one another had made the city start whispering. It was odd to see the pair so at odds. When the silence continued the nerves of the people started to flair up. What had happened between their dynamic ruling pair?

The week was nearly over and the two had not said a word to one another since their fight. The people where fearing that it was the end of their time of peace was over, Gwen who had recently become queen took notice more than anyone else. She was going to have no more of their behavior.

She sent word out to both of them she wanted to dine with them for lunch. When they arrived the tension was thick. "The two have been friends for just about as long as you have known one another!" She said firmly to the two of them. "Now you two will not leave this room until you settle whatever argument that got you into this in the first place!"

She left the room closing the door behind her and locking it. "It's your fault…" Merlin uttered darkly towards Arthur.

"My fault?" Arthur asked rounding on Merlin. "You're the one who bloody well refuses to enter the Wizard Games! A tournament that would keep you in practice should any magical attack be lunched at Camelot!"

"No one in their right mind would even think about harming a blade of grass here!" Merlin retorted. "Need I remind you I have no match in power!"

"Then what better way to remind them without actually causing harm?" Arthur questioned back. "It is only a display of what you can do. Just do something large without any words!"

"It is not that simple!" Merlin said in protest. "What you are talking about is a faulting of power. I wear these to repress my strength!" He held up his arms showing the armbands that covered the dragon markings. "I do not need a reminder that I am so different than even magical world!"

"Your acting like a girl about this!" Arthur said slamming his fist down on the table next to him send a splatter of mashed potato onto Merlin's pants.

Merlin looked at the splatter with a raised eyebrow and then turned his gaze to Arthur. "Now Merlin, that was an accident!" He said knowing that this pair of pants was one that Merlin's own mother made for him as a gift on his last birthday.

A flash of an impish smile was on Merlin's face before his eyes glowed for a brief moment and the gravy boat tipped itself over on Arthur's new cape. "Oh that is it!" The King said picking up a pie and throwing it at Merlin's face. A food war broke out between the two. To anyone standing outside you would think that they were killing one another.

Merlin lifted the bowl of pudding to dump on Arthur but slipped in a puddle of gravy. Needless to say he fell on his rear and the bowl landed on his head. Arthur snorted trying to hold back his laugh as he crotched down before Merlin. "Why are we even fighting about this?" He asked starting to crack up at the site before him.

Merlin slowly removed the bowl from his head. "No idea…" He replied wiping his face of thick dessert. He looked at Arthur with his cheeky grin. "You got pudding on your face…"

"No I didn't." Arthur said with a frown. "I was no where near you-" His had to close his eyes as Merlin clapped his hand on Arthur's head and covered his King's face with it. "Ah, I stand corrected…" He then lunched at Merlin grinning like a fool.

Gwen entered the room to see the two men laughing on the floor as they wrestled. "Boys…" She muttered before leaving them to bond.

"So are you going to join the games?" Arthur asked after they had finished their brawl and where sitting next to one another leaning against the table.

"Someone needs to represent the city." Merlin answered with a grin. "Just nothing too flashy please."

"I was thinking a bright pink…" Arthur answered causing them both to go into a fit of laughter.

The next day the Kingdom relaxed seeing the two of them acting like nothing happened, yet no one could understand what was so funny about pudding.

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