Summery: Harry's fulfilled the prophecy and is no longer needed or wanted by those in power in the wizarding world and by extension most of the population. Vegeta no longer has a partner to train with and is getting desperate though not enough to marry an annoying woman to have a child of his own to spar with. Blood adoptions, Sayains, Wizards and a boy who always wanted a father, a truly perfect solution bringing these two together... right?

Vegeta's P.O.V.

'Bulma, how he hated that infuriating woman, but how could he train without her equipment? the only sparing partner he had ever had that was worthwhile had been Kakarott. Now he's dead and my strength is going to atrophy. His brat is no good either always listening to that stupid mother of his and studying. Stupid boy. Combat smarts and survival training is all one needs to know to live. Damn if I had a sparing partner, or maybe a son... nah takes too long to get to fighting age. Damn it.' Vegeta thought as he flew through the sky. Catching something out of the corner of his eye. A figure on a broom? coming to a landing on a near by cliff. 'who is that? Oh well it's not like I don't have time to kill. Hell it might be amusing' Vegeta landed a short distance away behind a few trees shortly before he started to here the figure start to mumble to himself.

"stupid fickle gits, bloody hell, damn sheep. Should have just let them die damn it. Defeat the greatest to their safety and what do I get? Nothing. No worse than freaking nothing I get branded a Crazy nut job and all because their stupid leader feels threatened politically. Humph. Be better off without me huh? Yeah right you all would be dead and I wouldn't have to put up with this shit. On the run from Azkaban prison. Can never rest because of a stupid Genetic tracker. Sigh If only. If only I could find someone that I wouldn't be ashamed to be blood adopted by. I'd share their genetics and strength... yeah right. Like that person exists."

The boy, no young warrior if his mumblings were true was just thing Vegeta needed. 'that blood adoption thing share my genetics and strength I'd have a sparing partner and a son in less than a few days at most! This could really save him from his board-um. And the boy with his hair like that sticking up all the place he almost looks like he already has Saiyan heritage. Well If he wants strength and family he's going to get it and much more than he bargained for.' " Hey Boy! You want a father I'm right here."

"Who's there? And for what purpose do you want to be my father?" the boy called out quickly raising a … some sort of ornamental stick? "Lumos" the boy said bringing light and flicking it toward my voice. Dodging the light I noticed it stop. 'what? The boy really is a magician! He defiantly will be mine. To have Saiyan strength and Earthling magics he will be the greatest of warriors... besides myself anyway.'

I step forward. " I am Prince Vegeta, Royal warrior of the Saiyan race. I wish for a son and a sparing partner. You I believe will do well enough for that." the boy canceled his light and lowered his wand. "Your word you speak the truth Prince Vegeta." he asked warily. " My word boy. What is your name my son." I said smirking. the boy shifted on his feet and smirked back. "I'm not your son yet Prince. My name is Harry James Potter, but I was hoping you could change that."