The night grew more cold, a box surrounded by a dark, foggy forests to the right, and a wide open plain of grass to their left. Their was a cliff nearby and the moon was shining brightly over it. The box had shuffled. In the box there were wolf puppies left all alone to fend for themselves. They hadn't had any food or water for weeks and they will soon starve, and they have a limit in surviving. "I'm so cold..." One said as it shivered noticeably. There were 9 puppies of different colors of fur and eyes. They were really skinny from hunger. And no animal whatsoever has come to adopt these pups. They were somehow afraid of them.

"I wonder why has nobody adopted us?" Another, a silver wolf said.

"I do not know..." a white coated wolf pup said.

"I hope we don't starve here! I'm getting hungry! Somebody better adopt me!" a grayish brown pup said annoyingly.

"Why do you always think about yourself only?" the silver pup said equally annoyed.

"Please, stop your bickering and calm down." the white wolf pup said.

"Humph! Let's just go to sleep already!" the silver pup said. All the pups gathered around each other and lied close for warmth. It would soon be an even colder night.

"Goodnight." they all said to each other, closing their eyes for tomorrow would be another day of surviving...
In the distance there was a tribe of Wolves. They seemed to have markings all over them. But one could not see the color of it for it was midnight. Their was a wolf brown as chocolate, with a crown of feathers over his head. The rest of the pack just had one or two feathers on their heads, the wolves were just either a color of silver, brown, Grey brown or black. "Alright! We are going back to our tribe! There were no signs of cougars in the plains. Seems to me it was just a mere illusion!" The Chief said as he kept leading his team in a path.

As they walked a silver wolf shouted making the whole team stop, "Hey! Look over there! What is that?"; The team looked over where he was looking at and they saw a strange figured thing.

"A box... What of it?" The Chief said.

"Well... I guess it is.. but what's on the inside?" he said.

"That curiosity of yours..." The Chief said as he walked over to it calmly. When he looked inside he saw wolf puppies, he could tell they were starved at how skinny they were. "Wolf puppies!" He said.

"Wolf puppies!" a black wolf said as she walked over to the box and stood next to the chief. "Oh.. poor things..." she said sadly. "They need care! We must take them!" She said begging.

"Alright! Midnight Plains! We need to carry these puppies to the tribe! Or they will die here! Move it!" The Chief said, each of them taking one pup in each of their jaws. They quickly ran to the tribe. They had arrived and their tribe were still lurking around talking to one another.

"The Chief! The Chief is back!" A wolf said. "The chief! were there any cougars out there?" Another said. "Welcome back! Team!" A wolf said.

The Chief nodded and went inside his hut with the rest of the team. The Chief placed the wolf on a cushion, the rest of the team placed the other pups close to it. "Oh... who will take care of i- them?" The Chief said. Nobody seemed to volunteer until-

"I will..." the black wolf said.

"Shinru? How can you possibly take care of these pups?" The Chief said.

"I will." Shinru said approvingly.

"Alright then.. if you insist... Wolves! Bring in food for these pups!" The Chief said. After a few minutes they brought in moose meat for the hungry, starving and sleepy pups.

"Wake up children..." Shinru said, but they kept sleeping.

"Wake up! On the double!" The Chief yelled, and the pups quickly woke and sat up straight.

"Oh dear! You scared them!" Shinru said.

"They had to get up! and they weren't listening!" The Chief said glaring at them.

"That still gives you no right! To yell at these pups that are clearly, aren't YOURS!" Shinru said. The rest of the wolves gasped.

"Silence! How dare you speak to the Chief like that? I was the one who agreed to take them with us! I could just as easily throw them away!" The Chief said.

"Chief.. Now now, that is no way to speak to a female!" A mysterious wolf said. The Chief and the others looked back, they saw a black wolf, over her face she wore a skulled mask. They had colorful feathers on it and some markings on it. "My, my! What beautiful pups! Whose are they by any chance?" She asked.

"Shunajh! Tell your daughter! Shinru! That it is not my problem that these pups do not listen!" The Chief said.

"Choji! It is true that it is not your problem that they do not listen, it is not their fault either nor my daughters or anyones...Though my daughter is right, you cannot treat pups that were left alone to care for themselves in that manner. They went through to much to bare any more burdens... especially from you..." She said.

"Grngh!" The Chief growled. "Alright! I'm sorry! Sheesh" looking at Shinru.

"Thank you very much," Shinru said as she looked back at the puppies who just sat there watching the whole scenario. "Well dear pups go ahead and stuff yourselves!" Shinru added. They all squealed and ran to the food and started to rip it apart. Though strangely another different white wolf pup just sat there watching her friends stuff their selves.. "What is the matter? Do you not want to eat?" Shinru said.

The white pup did not move... except when she just lowered her head and looked the other way. The Silver and the black pup looked around to see their other friend but the white one was not there. They looked around with meat stuffed in their mouth, they looked back and saw her sitting on the cushion looking away. "Wut's wong wit her?" The Silver pup said trying to talk with the meat stuffed in her mouth, but little pieces fell to the floor and she stuffed it back in her mouth.

"I don't know.." The black wolf doing the same thing. They both swallowed their food. "Let's take a piece back to her!" The black pup said.

"Yeah!" The other said. The black wolf ripped out a piece of the moose and carried it back with the silver pup to the white pup. When they reached her they placed the meat down. The black pup with his nose, pushed it closer to her. The white pup looked up and saw her friends in front of her. She looked down and saw the meat on the floor. She looked back up, and the black pup looked very happy with his tongue out to the sides. And her other friend just smiled at her. "Go on.. eat it.. it's not poison or anything..." The silver pup said. The white pup hesitated to sniff it but she did. Then she started to eat it piece by piece. "That's right! Stuff yourself!" The Silver pup said happily. Then the white pup stopped eating and looked up sadly. "No! Continue eating!" She said sternly. Then she continued eating. A brown Grey fur mix looked up from the meat and saw the white wolf eating... The black pups meat.. He growled and walked over to them.

"This is how you treat a girl! Pf-ft! I should have known you'd give her low quality food!" He said.

"That's no way to say that to him! Aren't we all friends!" The silver pup said going in front of him.

"Please... friends? who needs them? The only friend I see here is that pretty wolf over there!" He said. The White wolf finished eating and stood up.

"Why?" she said. 'Wow so that's how her voice sounds.' the black wolf thought day dreamily.

"Out of my way squirts!" The Grey brown wolf said as he pushed the black pup aside and the silver wolf and gave them a nasty look.

"I really don't like that wolf..." the silver pup whispered into the black pups ear.

"Who doesn't?" he whispered back.

"Hey, you have a pretty voice." he said.

"Grrr!" The silver pup growled as she bit his tail.

"Ow! Get off!" He said as he kicked her face.

"Hey! That wasn't nice!" The black wolf said as he got up.

"So? Says you!" He said.

"Well shut up!" The silver pup said. He growled and jumped on top of the silver pup. She started fake whimpering and crying.

"What's going on?" Shinru said. The pup got off and backed away.

"He bit me!" She lied.

"No I didn't you wuss!" He said.

"Now now! That's no way to talk to her! Now go with the others and leave her alone!" Shinru said.

"Humph!" He said as he walked away, by the time he got there the pups were finished with the meat.

"Can we go outside?" The pup under Shinru asked.

"Yes.. but don't wonder off.." Shinru said.

"Come on guys!" She said as ran outside with the others.

"Huh?" The Black wolf said. When they got outside it was snowing!

"What is this?" The silver pup said.

"It's snow little ones!" a wolf said that was walking by.

"Ok!" The silver pup said. They all ran outside the village and under a tree.

"I don't know about you guys but.. I think we should stay together.." The black wolf said.

"Nah...We're old enough to go off.." The silver pup said.

"We're only pups..." A Grey one said apparently, she wasn't satisfied of her location.

"Get over it.. Don't be such a scaredy cat!" The pup that was bullying the silver and the black pup said.

"You know... I think we need names... Other wolves have names! It's like we're the only ones who don't have any!" A cheerful pup said.

"I want my name to be Juha!" The white pup said wagging her tail.

"I guess I'm Juju!" The black pup said. The Grey brown wolf snorts and just glares at him.

"I'm... Youlie..." The silver pup said as if it was scary.

"I'm Moonza!" The cheerful said.

"Um.. um.. I amm... Denzo.. i guess..." The Greyish black pup said shyly.

"I'm Wuko!" A chubby brownish wolf said.

"I am... Zilee.." A tan with white wolf said.

"I am Shussie.. or Breeze... I don't know!" Another white wolf said.

"Humph! I am Monrow!" The bully said.

"Wowwwww that's so cooooool..." Youlie said sarcastically to him.

"I can tell you two are not going to be very good friends..." Juha said. Then Juha gasped when she saw something flashing in the night. "Ooooohh..." She said as it went on top of hers and Youlie's nose.

"Gah what is that?" Youlie said. It seemed like it's tail was flashing. "Hey! I wonder what it taste like!" Youlie said as she grabbed one in mouth, she chewed 2 for two seconds and spit it out. "Ew! That's nasty!" Youlie said.

"I guess they're just to be seen... not eaten.." Juha said.

"I wanna try!" Wuko said as he ate one. "Not bad..." Wuko said. Then all the girls just got grossed out and said 'eewww'.

"How can you eat that?" Youlie said.

"It taste perfectly fine..." Wuko said.

"Everything taste good to you..." Moonza said.

"Well..." Juha said as she sighed a moment later.

"Why not talk about each other?" Zilee suggested.

"Yeah! Who's first?" Youlie said. "Denzo! You first!" Youlie said.

"Uh.. why me?" He squeaked timidly.

"Because you are our special winner!" She said.

"Uh... um... My name is Denzo.. I am very.. very shy.. but.. I really like to do stuff..." He said.

"Like what?" Youlie said.

"Uh..." He said. "Let's just leave him alone okay? I don't think he want's to talk..." Moonza said.

"Awwww, Okay who's next?" Youlie asked. "Since you wanna' defend Denzo, how about you Moonza?" Youlie suggested adding a grin.

"OOh! My name Moonza! I am a very cheerful type of wolf! I like doing a lot of stuff like run around!" Moonza said quickly.

"Ok! Who's next? Again..." Youlie said. "Ugh... Monrow?" Youlie said unhappily.

"Why do I even have to be with you pups. But since I'm such a great wolf let me explain myself." Monrow said.

"Huh, great wolf my butt..." Youlie said.

"Okay! My fur is a really rare so no one in this world has it!" Monrow said.

"I've seen LOTS of wolves with THAT crappy color of yours." Juju said, making everybody laugh. Monrow looked all around, annoyed that such insolent pups can laugh at HIM. Monrow walked up to Juju his nose touching his and made a loud growl.

"Well you cannot insult your pack leader!" Monrow said through gritted fangs.

"Hah! If anyone should be leader! I's should be Juju! Also what kind of growl is that? I've seen cats do better these days!" Youlie said.

"Do you even know what a cat is?" Monrow asked.

"Um.. Yeah! They have teeth and a face and a tail." Youlie said.

"Well, let Juju prove it! Prove he is a leader!" Monrow said making a smirk. Juju just glanced at Youlie, making a 'What have you gotten me into face'.

"Monrow just leave him alone, Why can't you find something else better to do? If you like to challenge others, try and challenge me." Juha said. Monrow made a low snort and just backed away from Juju.

"Why do you always protect this loser?" Monrow asked.

"Because he's my friend, but you wouldn't understand that now would you? Let me define it for you, friend is a person you know well and regard with affection and trust, and if you don't like that. Deal with it. Oh, and add that to your dictionary. Because the word bully in your mind has to be erased, completely, learn how to be nice like others." Juha said adding a frown.

"Ugh.. who needs friends anyway?" Monrow said as he walked away.

"I think we should start going now, it's getting kind of late.." Wuko said.

"Aww already? We haven't finished talking about eachother... ugh okay.. Let's just go.." Youlie said. They all ran back into the village, they still saw everybody outside.

"Uh... where is our house or home or hut or cabin or bed or sink or toilet or-"

"Wuko! Where are you getting these things?" Zilee asked.

"I dunno. I just said it." He answered.

"We don't have one! Or any of those other things you said..." Youlie said.

"Oh god... where is she?" Shussie said.

"Who? You mean that nice black wolf? What's her name?" Youlie said.

"Shinru..." Juha said.

"Oh yeah!" Youlie said.

"But where exactly is she?" Juju said.

"Uhh..." Youlie said dumbly.

"Hey! Excuse me." Shussie called to someone.

"Yes?" A wolf said. "Do you know where is the nice black wolf lady?" Shussie said.

"Not like that you monkey's ass! Ahem.. Do you know where Shinru is." Monrow said commandingly.

"Ugh...Pups, Excuse his bad manners.. Do you know a black wolf with the name of Shinru? Sir?" Juha said politely.

"Oh yes, just run into that tent right there where the chief lives." The wolf said.

"Thank you!" All the pups said except Monrow. They all ran inside the tent and they found Shinru inside. "Shinru!" The pups said.

"Hi guys!" Shinru said turning around to meet their happy gaze.

"We made our own names!" Zilee said.

"Oh really? Please I would love to hear them!" Shinru said enthusiastically as she laid down.

"I am Monrow!" He said proudly. "Very nice name." Shinru said.

"I am Juha!" The white pup said. "Lovely!" Shinru said.

"I'm Youlie!" the silver pup said.

"I'm Zilee!" She said.

"I'm Moonza!" Moonza said in a hardcore manner.

"I'm Juju!" He said. "I'm Wuko!" The chubby wolf said.

"Denzo..." The black Grayish wolf said shyly. "I'm Shussie!" The other white pup said.

"Beautiful! Beautiful names! But now it is time to go to bed." Shinru said.

"They're not even ours? Now they have names?" The Chief said as he walked in.

"I did not give them names.. they made it themselves... and plus let's just leave it like that..." Shinru said as she got up. She led them into another room of the huge house like cone tent. "Alright kids! Bedtime!" Shinru said. After she turned off the lights and left the room, it was about 30 minutes later and they were fast asleep, except Youlie and Juju...