"Hey Juju? You awake man?" Youlie whispered.

"Yes! I am feeling very not sleepy!" He whispered loudly.

"Shh!" Youlie shushed. "OK.. can we wake up Juha?" Juju whispered as he wagged his tail.

"Why Juha?" Youlie asked making Juju's tail stop.

"Uh... we can wake some others too!" he said.

"OK get her then! I'll get Shussie and Moonza, go!" Youlie said.

"Hey! Shussie! Get up!" Youlie said as she pulled her ear.

"Ow..." Shussie muttered. "Is it morning already? Damn! Why is the sun always doing this? I mean gosh, it's always on the run!" She added.

"No! It's still nighttime! We are just going to have a midnight stroll..." Youlie said.

"I wanna come!" Moonza said as she got up. Was she awake...?;

"OK.." Youlie said. Juju went closer to Juha as she slept, he looked at her three times. Juju pawed on her shoulder.

"Hey, wake up." Juju said. Then he started to nibble on her nose. "Juha!" Juju said.

"Uh... What?" Juha said opening her eyes and rubbing her nose.

"Half of us pups are coming for a stroll... Want to come?" Juju said as he got up.

"We might get in trouble." Juha said as he yawned and got up.

"No! It's just for a stroll! No one will notice!" Youlie said. "Shweet!" Shussie said.

"No way, I ain't coming." Juha said. "Awww! Please! Come!" Juju said as he begged.

"Alright, but only this once." Juha said. They quietly walked outside of the room and into another. "Wait! You don't wanna wake up the Chief! He seems pretty mean!" Youlie whispered. "Where have I heard that before?" Juju said.

"I don't know let's get out of here!" Youlie said. Meanwhile a happy Moonza was sticking out her tongue in happiness. When they got outside they felt the wind brush against their fur. All was quiet... They quickly ran outside the village to see a mountainous area in front of them.

"Wow look at the sky isn't it pretty?" Shussie said.

"Yeah!" Youlie said as her eyes sparkled. "I've never been outside this late!" Youlie said.

"OK.. um.. We're done with our stroll... can we go back now?" Juha said.

"Juha, Juha. You goody two shoes... We just started, we didn't have any fun yet!" Youlie said. Youlie pushed Juha on the tall grass.

"Hey!" Juha said. "Tag!" Youlie said as all the rest of the pups ran. After a few minutes later they lay on the grass looking up at the stars. Then they heard a loud growl. Youlie jumped up with her ears perked up. "What was that?" Youlie said.

"I don't know but keep your voices down..." Juha whispered. Then they saw two green bright glowing eyes.

"What the heck is that?" Youlie said. "Run!" Juju said as they started screaming and running. The mysterious figure roared and jumped out from it's hiding spot. It seemed to look like a cat of some sorts.

"Look! A fresh meal! I won't even break a sweat trying to catch all of you." He said as he grinned showing his teeth.

"We're not afraid of you!" Youlie said. "Yeah! We can work together and beat you!" Juha said.

"Please that cannot possibly happen!" He said as he licked his paw and wiped it behind his ear. Youlie snarled with her tail up. She went to bite his face. Her two rows of canines gripped him, from the bottom of his chin and the top of his nose. Blood started to squirt out which made the huge cat to roar in pain. With his powerful paws, he grabbed her and he threw her to a tree nearby making her whimper. The rest of the pups are shocked and run in to attack as well. Shussie went in to bite his tail, Juju jumps on top of the feline, biting it's ears and his paws clawed to his skin. The feline tries to shake them off but then Moonza jumps in. Her claws were in his eye and she bit his shoulder. Juha runs under him and bites his neck. Youlie limps to him and bites his leg. He roared so loud it could be heard from miles away, he then shook them off and they fell onto the grass. He was panting, blood dripping from his sides and face. "Sure put up a fight..." He said as he growled. The feline growled again and jumped on top of Juha with his huge paw on her chest.

"No! Juha!" Juju said.

Back inside the tent. Monrow woke up when heard this loud roar. He looked around, half of the pups were missing. "Oh perfect! Now I can get that black wolf in trouble! Oh and the silver wolf too!" Monrow said. Wuko was dreaming. He was on his back snoring. Monrow walked out the room with his ears down and making believe he is shocked. "Shinru! Shinru! Half of the pups! They're gone!" Monrow said.

"What?" Shinru said shocked herself. The Chief woke up a few seconds later.

"What? Who's gone? Where to?" The Chief muttered.

"I don't know they aren't there!" Monrow said.

"Oh dear!" Shinru said as she ran out with Monrow. "There are cougars outside!" Shinru said as she ran outside the village.

"Get off of Juha!" Youlie said.

"Ngh!" Juha said as she coughed up blood.

"You're mine!" The feline said. Juha grabbed his paw that was grabbing her and it started to glow a green light.

"What?" Youlie said.

"What is this?" The cougar said. Then out of the ground underneath him, there were vines growing out and grabbed his back legs and front legs. "What are these things? Get them off!" The Cougar said as he stood on his hind legs.

"What are those things that are grabbing him? How did Juha do that?" Moonza said. Juha quickly got off from his grip and ran back to her friends.

"How did you do that?" Youlie said.

"I don't know.. When I felt in danger I grabbed his arm by instinct and then I don't know what happened." Juha said.

"Hmmm..." Youlie said. Youlie's paws turned blue and suddenly blue bolts of thunder crashed down onto the cougar. "Wha?" Youlie said, "I didn't do that! My hands did that!" Youlie said.

"Wait.. If Juha and Youlie have powers that must mean the rest of us do to!" Shussie said. Then Moonza's paws turned dark purple and Shussie's turned Black. Juju lifted his paws and blue light surrounded it, suddenly a humongous hail stone fell from the sky and hit the cougar. Moonza summoned the powers of the Moon and little meteor like rocks started to fall onto the cougar. The Cougar was in great pain, he was nearly dying, his eyes were half way closed until, Shussie lifted her hand and then a beam from the sky hit the cougar with flames and burned him only leaving the skeletons of the treacherous cougar.

"Oh my god! What the hell did you do to him! He was already going to die!" Youlie said.

"Hey! At least it was quick!" Moonza said.

"Wow.." Juha said said as she just glanced at the dead corpse of the cougar that was attacking them.

"You five! Come here!" Shinru called as she arrived to them at the last moment. The pups turned around and saw Shinru.

"Awww shoot..." Youlie said.

"I knew this would happen..." Juha said sighing. They walked over to her with their ears down sadly.

"You know better than to go off in the night on your own! It's very dangerous!" Shinru said.

"We were going to tell you later on... I honestly think that this was a real misunderstanding... it's not like we were going to keep this secret away from you anyway..." Juha explained.

"Yeah we-" Youlie said. "Quiet!" Moonza whispered. Shinru looked into Juha's eyes, she was telling the truth.

"Alright, I believe you... I guess me and the Chief forgot to tell you that Cougars can come out and-" She stopped there when she saw the bones of a dead cougar lying there. "Wha?" Shinru said. "How did you?" Shinru added staring in shock at them.

"How did we what?" Shussie said.

"Is that... a cougar's skeleton? You killed it? How?" Shinru said.

"Ooooooohhh.." They all said.

"We don't know." Juha said. "We used cool powers!" Moonza said. "We don't know how though.." Youlie said. "Poderes del Mysterio..." Juju said. (a/n: Powers of Mystery, just had to put him to say that. xD)

"Well can you show me them?" Shinru said. The pups tried but they didn't work.

"Huh?" Youlie muttered.

"I guess it was just your imagination." Monrow said laughing.

"It was not! It was real!" Youlie said. "Yeah!" Moonza declared.

"Hmmm..." Juha said. "HMMMMMM! This is not working!" Juju said. "Hah! Those powers aren't real! If they were you would be able to use them!" Monrow said.

"Yes they are! We used them!" Shussie said. Shinru sighed, and sweat dropped.

"Apparently, how did the skeletons of the cougar appear there? It fell from the skies? The skies must be falling then! If that's the case! You've gotta be kidding me Monrow!" Juju said frowning.

"You know wolves can't have powers like some magical magician! You ain't THAT special." Monrow said.

"Maybe if you heard or listened to us maybe you would believe it, but apparently, your cactus buttoned bottom denies the truth and it makes you just look even more stupider in front of everybody!" Juju said. Youlie, Shussie and Moonza made a long 'ohhh' when someone was dissed.

"You're so childish! It was probably just a figure of your imagination. Besides! You can't prove anything!" Monrow said.

"I would if I could you pigeon brain!" Juju said.

"Ohhh, so you can't prove yourself then! Then you can't prove me wrong either? What's wrong Juju? No evidence for back up?" Monrow wined sarcastically. Juju growled inwardly, he wanted to bite him so bad.

"Stop! Just SHUT UP! My gosh! You have got to be shitting me!" Youlie said.

"No cussing Youlie!" Shussie whispered.

"Oh right, sorry, anyway, STOP THE STUPID FIGHTING SO WE COULD GO HOME!" Youlie said. They started to walk back home slowly. Juju let it go but Monrow decided to continue on.

"Like always, you lose Juju, you will never be a leader if not a Leader's pet! Haha!" Monrow laughs.

Juha decides to step up for the innocent pup. "Monrow, you have no sense of dignity? Can you just shut up already? You talk about Juju not being able to be leader, but look at you! You're being more immature than HIM! And you actually think you can be a better leader. If you want to be a good leader, lose the attitude!"

Monrow winces and he frowns lowering his ears. "Fine fine.."

"Thanks..." Juju mutters angrily. Juha looks at him, him looking forward with an angry stare, she has never seen him like that before. She felt the vibe too, and looked back foward.

They returned back to the village, into the main tent of the country. The Chief was angrily waiting there. "What were you pups thinking!" The Chief yelled.

"We weren't-" Juha started but was interrupted by the Chief.

"That's it! All you pups know better than to sneak off! You do not know the dangers outside this village! Were you the one who planned all this!" The Chief yelled at Juha, she was the one who spoke first so he decided she was the head of the group.

"N-No but-" Juha said afraid.

"That's enough out of you! I'm tired of all you pups making a wreck out of everything!" The Chief yelled. Juha's ears went down and her eyes were watering.

"Hey don't only yell at her! It's my fault! I did it! I planned to sneak out in the night! I told everyone to go so I said, it would be fine!" Youlie said.

"What?" The Chief said.

"Hey don't forget I worked in that too!" Juju said, he was still in his frowning state.

"Heh! They should be punished!" Monrow suggested. "And they shall be!" The Chief said.

"But! They're just pups! They didn't-" Shinru said.

"Silence! I am the chief! You follow my orders or you are banished from this village!" The Chief said.

"I would rather be banished than to listen more of your foolish talk!" Shinru said.

"Hey don't banish her!" Shussie said. "Yeah! It's not fair! We will hate you if you do!" Moonza said.

"Go to your rooms! NOW!" He roared.

"I would like to know why are we punished?" Juha asked standing there bravely questioning the chief.

"Because! You went out in the night! There are dangers lurking outside of this village and further more-" The chief was interrupted by Juha.

"You're so mean! How were we supposed to know that! None of this was explained to us! You didn't even give it a single thought!" Juha countered.

The Chief stayed silent for a moment, she was right, he had never told them about the rules of this village. "Whoa.." Youlie muttered.

The Chief made a loud growl, they all yelped and ran inside the room where the rest of the pups are. "Don't even try Youlie!" Juju said as he pulled Youlie from her growling stance.

The pups when they went inside the rest of the pups just stood there shocked and worried. "What happened?" Zilee said.

"We got in trouble... cause of Monrow.." Youlie said.

"Aww! He is such a snitch!" Wuko said. "Yeah I know! But Juha told the Chief off! You should have seen how she silenced him right there on the spot!" Shussie said.

"Ooohh.. I wish we were brave enough to do that.. that Chief is EVIL!" Wuko said.

"Yeah! But we're punished too..." Youlie said.

"All of us?" Wuko said. "No.. only us..." Moonza said.

"Well this really sucks! I wonder what our punishment is going to be!" Youlie said. Youlie just stood there wondering unhappily of the event of their punishment will take place in. Meanwhile with the Chief and Monrow.

"Of all the Ancient Wolves! Help me! That white pup... What is her name..?" The Chief said walking back and forth.

"It's Juha, your chiefiness!" Monrow said.

"Juha, eh? Well, I'm sure she is to get the worst punishment of all..." He said.

"Hey! Why?" Monrow asked. "Did you not see how she spoke to me? Or do you need to be punished to see that as well?" He said glaring at him.

"No, but she is kind of telling the truth." Monrow said.

"Kind of ma'boy? I don't think so... She talks just like our Ancient leader Tomahawk... Could she be? No! That insolent pup cannot be her! That was a story, from the... uhh... ten weeks of rain and suffering, I think... this was six years ago or was it seven... The story of the 7 Ancient Warriors of Canniend Tribe, this name was passed down from pack to pack. Until it came down to our village... In the fortieth day of rain, the warriors all died and the village, was forced to move to a new area, because the old village had been surrounded by a dark and nasty fog. By then the place had dissipated and never to be seen again. It is a rumor that, THAT same Village is now a mirage lurking and being visible to only those with the power of Nature." The Chief said explaining the story of the village's past. "And now that same rumor is haunting me now. I can already think of it... Tomahawk used to say something... She said, 'Working together until the end, We pray for our victory in each battle up until we comprehend, that not all lives can survive a battle. One wolf or more is always lost, and it is usually the most important wolf of us all. If we are to win we must not underestimate our opponent, that leads to carelessness and that leads to defeat in a battle.' And instead of one wolf being lost, all of them fell. Because they were all important. They had an important role, to keep that darkness away from the old village, but... For some strange reason it is said, in an ancient cave somewhere that has been sealed away, That the wolves had gotten very ill and on the fortieth day of rain they would die. And they did. Darkness had come back."

"Wow, and you think Juha is her rebirth or something... Like.. a daughter, something like that?" Monrow asked interested.

"Like I said I do not think that insolent pup can be her Descendant!"

"Insolent pup? Huh, Nevertheless, she is one heck of a wolf." Monrow said.

"She looks exactly like that wolf in the ancient cave, ugh, forget this, anyway, about your friends that went off, I thank you for telling me."

"Heh.. Thank you it's all in a days work." Monrow said.

"How about you decide their punishment? Since you were the one who told me.." The Chief said.

"Hmm... how about... How about we burn them?" Monrow said.

"No no no, the elder would not like that." He said.

"Oh.. how about... well... how about..." Monrow thought out loud.

"Throw them into a river?" The Chief said.

"No no we need more than that!" Monrow said.

"Yeah you're right..." He said.

"Throw them into a pit of crocodiles?" Monrow said.

"Yeah! I don't know any crocodiles but I know where the Alligators live!" The Chief said.

"Are you two going mad!" Shinru said, walking in as she had heard the part of the punishment.

"No!" Monrow and the chief said.

"It's just what they deserve! 'Cept Juha of course..." Monrow mumbled the last words.

"And YOU are going to watch!" The Chief said.

"What!" Shinru said unhappily. "You can't do this to them!"

"Oh yes I can. I am the chief!" He said.

"I hate you so much I can't even express it right now!" Shinru said as she fumed outside the tent.

"Well!" The Chief said. Monrow walked away and into the room where he and the other pups slept.

Monrow came jogging in ready to make an announcement. "Hello, whoever went out in the night... is in for a great punishment!" Monrow said. Juha looked up at him with her curious eyes.

"What kind of punishment!" Youlie said.

"Oh? Well! I guess you'll be thrown into a pit of Alligators." He said looking at his claws.

"A pit of what!" Shussie yelled.

"No way! We can't be eaten by Alligators! We're to young to die!" Moonza said.

"Aw.. that's too bad." Monrow said sarcastically.

"You know what! I'm going to bed!" Youlie said.

"Me too!" Moonza said. "You chose our punishment I presume?" Juha asked. "It's not like you are punished." Monrow added. "Nuh uh! Whatever pain they feel, I shall hold on my shoulders." Juha replied.

"Yeah! Plus you shouldn't be talkin' since you're outnumbered. Juha is on MY side. So nyeah!" Youlie said sticking out her tongue.

"Aw shut up!" He said. "What did you say! Why don't you say it to my face!" Youlie said growling at him.

"Just drop it and go to bed!" Wuko said. "I am getting sick and TIRED of you! I've had enough of this! I hate it when you judge others I hate it when you criticize! And I HATE IT WHEN YOU BULLY PEOPLE JUST TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF!" Youlie yelled. "Whoa take a chill pill!" Juju said. "Arhhhh!" Youlie yelled in anger.

"Youlie! Take a deep breath... In... out... then... TRY HARDER ON YELLING AT HIM. JUST LIKE HOW I'M YELLING." Juju yelled. Then the Chief barged into the room.
"Youlie and Juju keep on yelling." Monrow said. "Yell one more time and you'll be in big trouble with our elder! Even though she's nice, she is very stern!" He warned. "ARGGHHHHHH!" Youlie yelled like a pirate. "That's it! In the morning you and Juju will go to the elder in the morning!" He said as he walked out of the room. "Harshie Marshie Lemon Squashie!" Juju said. Making everyone laugh. "Let's just go to bed guys! We have an awful day ahead of us." Juha said as she made a droopy face. They all walked to the cushion they were sleeping on and they all lay down and cuddled for warmth. Monrow just slept elsewhere feeling that he could not sleep with these "losers" as he called them, except for Juha he thought, yes he didn't think that of her, but she was sleeping close to with 'Him'. He growled inwardly, he would surely get payback on Juju. If it was the last thing he did...