The human body is a very complex object. It can continue to function under duress and for many years. A body can survive without a hand, very easily with prosthetics and therapy. Though there will always be the lingering feeling of something missing, a ghostly limb… The body can survive without a brain hooked up to machines forcing it to breath and the heart to pump. But the person it once was is missing and it no longer has any feelings. What made it special to you is gone. The body cannot survive without the heart, which beats, circulating the blood, storing the love.

The Jeffersonian forensic lab is a very special family. It functions as one body. Zack and Hodgins are the hands doing the grunt work with out the recognition. Bugs, particulates, and bones, their discoveries often break the case. Brennan is the brain; she has a high learning curve and a love for knowledge. Easily the most knowledgeable she directs the squints with ease and authority. Booth is the gun. He protects the body from harm. He saves them from injury and hurt. Angela is the heart she pulls the team together. She reminds the others of their work to help humanity. She gives the victims a face making her personally connected to each death, each fatality.

Without Booth, the team would be devastated. Brennan would stop going out in the field and work from 6AM-11PM, but they would move on. Without Zack, they would be hurt. Brennan would cycle through new interns who could never measure up. Hodgins would cease experimenting and bug racing, but they would move on. Without Hodgins, they would be upset. Angela's painting would be black and red, and she would cry every night to sleep. Zack would finally grasp the meaning of their friendship and race bugs saying the one that won was Hodgins', but they would move on. Without Brennan, they would be distraught and wounded. Booth would stick around until the pain overwhelmed him and he transferred to a new FBI branch. Angela would fall apart at the littlest things that reminded her of Bren, she would cry on Hodgins shoulder. Slowly, over the years they would all heal and remember her with fewer tears, all but Booth would move on. Without Angela, they would lose each other. Hodgins would fall into a depression and quit. Without the two, Zack would just have his work and leave to work at a place with less depressing memories. Missing all three Brennan and Booth would soon leave as well, staying in touch with each other while he was in D.C. with Parker and she was at digs anywhere but her home. They would fall apart, their team and their family…

What happens when the worst possibility becomes a possible reality?

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