Green Sharingan

Chapter 1

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A pleasant breeze came threw the semi-opened window making a certain kunoichi's hair move gently with the wind. She opened her eyes. Two months from now will be her birthday and she was glad no one but Tsunade, the only sensible yet just the same as the others kind of woman in her eyes, knew about it. The kunoichi gracefully yet lazily lifted herself up looking at the clock on her rose-tinted nightstand. 4:30. Seemed like an eternity since she had a good nights rest but who could blame her? After what she had just witnessed last year on her 17 birthday she still had nightmares. How she made it this far in life without plotting revenge no one knew except for those who really knew her. She thought of him. How he lost almost everything in life when he left to gain power. After that day feelings for him began to change in everyone. She shook her head. It was a shame. He could have turned out to be a fine shinobi in an honorable way but he chose something so desperate and now he had nothing but his Team Taka. The things they did were unreasonable. Over irresponsible revenge his whole life changed and he was the one to blame for his actions. The woman gazed onto a picture that looked like it was never dusted. She wiped the frame with a rag and gazed upon the picture. A sad smile formed her lips. Back when they were genin Team 7 was what they were but now they were enemies who barely knew each other as only former teammates. It reminded her of The Legendary Three tale. Orochimaru began to twist ever since the death of his parents some say but it just seemed like there was something more that made him that way. Early senility maybe who knows.

She walked over to her dresser and began to change into a pair of shorts and a tight yet loose T-shirt. She put on her black sweater and slipped on her ninja sandals so she could go out for a walk since she couldn't go to sleep.

She began to walk in a slow pace just going where ever her feet were taking her. The cool breeze tickled her face and played with her hair while walking the dim-lighted streets. She stopped abruptly. The sound of a twig snapping caught her attention. Then she began to hear footsteps and turned to see an Anbu with silver hair spiked to the side walk towards her carelessly.

"Kakashi-sensei you should try and be quiet when you're dressed like that" reminded the kunoichi.

Kakashi chuckled and removed his mask, "Very sharp tonight are we?" after getting no response he sighed, "You couldn't sleep again?" a nod was his answer, "Well come along Sakura, Tsunade wants you"

Sakura raised an eyebrow but followed her former sensei to the tower. As they were walking up the stairs she noticed that Kakashi kept glancing back at her but she chose to pretend she didn't see. When they finally got to the door he hesitated then opened the door slowly. They both walked in and Sakura looked at the Hokage. She looked tired -as always- and seemed a bit sober. Sakura coughed making the Hokage look up and stretch out a file. 'New' thought Sakura a bit surprised. She usually got missions that were a bit older than something that looked a few days old.

Sakura looked at the Hokage skeptically, "Shishou, what is this?" asked Sakura as she grabbed the folder.

"Your new undercover mission" replied Tsunade.

"Okay," Sakura began to look through the file "What about it?"

"Well in case you haven't noticed it's located in a war zone." replied Tsunade.

"So? What of it?" Sakura was getting annoyed. Why were they deliberately stalling her on a mission?

"Tsunade-sama, please allow me to join her!" pleaded Kakashi.

Tsunade merely shook her head, "Kakashi we both know she must do it on her own besides you retired"

Kakashi banged his hands on the desk "Well I'm coming back!"

"Kakashi you read the handbook. If you retire it will take two weeks at the minimum to come back" reminded Tsunade.

Kakashi whispered, "You know how dangerous this is. Do you really want to lose her even more than we did last year?"

Tsunade frowned sadly "I know but there is no other Anbu left who can do this undercover mission besides Sakura fits all the necessities."

Sakura spoke out, "Well if you're done talking about whether I can do this mission or not, may I pack now?"

Kakashi restored his usual cool posture, "You mean you're going?"

"Well duh!" replied Sakura like it was the most obvious answer in the world making Kakashi smile.

Tsunade's eyes twinkled with amusement toward her student, she came far "Well then you should know what you have to do there shouldn't you?"

Sakura smiled "Give me what you got!"

Kakashi smiled wider. How that girl could still smile he would never know, "Well go ahead Tsunade"

Tsunade's facial expression hardened, "You must heal the injured, track their enemies or anything possible to help them. Understood?" Sakura nodded "Good, because this mission is an S-rank mission and many of the enemies are S-rank criminals from each country"

Sakura nodded again "So I have to be alert and take advantage of anything I can or my ass is whipped cream?"

Tsunade folded her hands together and rested her chin on them before continuing holding back a chuckle, "Precisely. It is located in between all four major Villages and nearest to the Waterfall Village"

Sakura tilted her head, "Then why don't they handle that problem?"

Tsunade sighed, "Because they want nothing to do with them. Besides it isn't even related whatsoever with what they do"


"Meaning that they have no army to help them out" Tsunade replied somewhat annoyed.

Sakura's eyes widened before shaking her head and focusing on what's happening, "I understand. I will accept this mission."

Tsunade nodded, "I expected as much. Now I want you to go home, take a shower and rest because tomorrow you are going early in the morning"

Sakura bowed and turned to leave. When she opened the door she heard Tsunade speak, "Oh and just to remind you once again it's an undercover mission so no one but Kakashi, Neji and Sai will know where you are" and said -Understood- before leaving to get ready for her mission the next day.

Sakura's POV

I began to sneak out of my window to leave for my mission when I thought of Naruto. I was going to miss that idiot even if he was as annoying and loud as Ino. Come to think of it they were both loud and annoying blondes. I smiled before leaping onto a tree next to my window. Atleast it will be nice and quiet.

I ran towards the gates and jumped onto the first branch I could. What did Tsunade-sama say how long it would take to get there? Three days? I shrugged. It didn't matter as long as I didn't have to put up with that annoying dog across the street. Oh, I forgot to mention that my neighbor owns a dog and he's so damn annoying! Woops! Did I saw that out loud?

~Two weeks later~

I threw myself on top of what was my new bed. It was soft and comfortable I'll give it that but every night I would be cold and I'd shiver so I endured. I would always endure and that's why I have gained respect from the few shinobi here. After resting my head on the pillow and under the sheets, the same cold feeling spread over my body like water. I began to shiver violently and yet I did nothing but try and go to sleep. And just when I was in the brink of sleep, I heard my door open followed with a sigh. I partly opened my eyes to see a shadow leaning on my doorframe, "K-kain-san? W-what are you doing here?" I sat up confused.

He walked in, "Well I came in to check in on you and it seems you are doing horribly"

I rolled my eyes, "Thanks but I think we both know that it doesn't matter"

He coughed nervously into his hand "Yes, well I figured you'd be that way so…"

I looked at the black, warm sweater in awe, "K-kain-san are you lending me your favorite sweater?" I asked in utter confusion.

Kain blushed, "W-well yeah! S-so just take it before I change my mind. Stop calling me Kain- san too okay? Just call me plain out Kain. We've talked about it before"

"Thank-you and don't worry I remembered everything that day" I smiled before reaching for the sweater.

"W-well, uuum," Kain coughed nervously trying to hide his extremely blushing face "Besides it's not like you're going to sleep. We've got a mission to go to" he stated oh so matter-of-factly while looking away in the other direction.

I groaned and got up to change into my ninja clothes. As I was taking off my T-shirt I realized Kain was still here. I turned around and threw my T-shirt at his face, "Get out!" I yelled before he left my room in a flash.

I slipped on a tight red sleeveless shirt, black shorts that stopped midway of my thighs, black boots, and bandaged my right leg before putting a kunai holister over it. Then I put my headband in my hair and put my other pouches in place. Right before leaving I grabbed Kain's sweater and put the hood on and stormed out.

I met Kain outside and he arched an eyebrow before motioning me to follow him. I did as told. as we were walking I noticed that our usual fast pace wasn't being used and it made me curious.

"Say Kain-san what exactly is our mission" I asked a bit uncomfortable with the fact that we weren't in a hurry at all but covering it up with sarcasm.

Kain smiled in what seemed like days, "The violent raids are lessening and it seems your coming here and fighting with us with that strength of yours has scared them off for a bit"

"Our mission is to take the village leader to and from a meeting in Konoha. Sound familiar?" asked Kain with a teasing smile.

I rolled my eyes, "You are such a dork," I playfully punched his arm which still made him flinch "and a pansy!"

He started rubbing his arm, "Well sorry but I don't have the super strength of a hero on steroids"

"What did you just say?" I ran towards him swinging my fists around for no particular reason. He started to laugh and jogged ahead of me while I continuously tried to hit his face. I finally caught him in a choke hold, "Say it!" I shouted.

"Say what?" he asked with a coy smile despite the fact that his life was in my hands.

"You know what I mean!" I shouted. What the hell was he waiting for? If he wanted a death wish he was going to get it bad!

"Fine" he chuckled. "You are a superwoman!"

I smirked before letting go. He was acting like a total smart ass, "You cocky bastard!"

He straightened himself, "Well this cocky bastard happens to be your captain" he remarked with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, yeah whatever. How long will it take us?"

Kain looked thoughtful, "Well it took you three days so triple that and it would be …a little over a week or more depending on him or her."

I groaned and that made Kain smirk before we took off in a run, "So how long till we get to the ambassador's house?"

He laughed nervously, "Oh, I'd say about a week if we don't stop except for emergencies or two weeks if we stop to stay in hotels and stuff like that."

I cursed viciously. Why the hell did it always take so long to get a person to a meeting and back?


Naruto was extremely bored. Shikamaru was off playing smart ass for Temari, Kiba was walking with Akamaru, seeing as to how stores didn't sell collars his size. Ino was in the shop and Naruto didn't want to be anywhere near there (what would the ladies think if they saw him walk into a flower shop?). Neji, Tenten and Lee were teaching Konohamaru and his team some pointers while Choji was in a family barbeque with his clan. What's his face… um…? Shaka? Sharo? Shiko? Oh, Shino! was off in Who knows where doing who knows what. Sai was on an Anbu mission with Captain Yamato or 'the walking tree' as Naruto had dubbed him. Kakashi insisted that he was much too busy enjoying a normal day even though he knew it was about Icha Icha Paradise. But what bothered Naruto the most was that Sakura had been gone for weeks and no one was worried.

'Oh you baka! Sakura's fine! She's probably off looking for more ways to train her self tirelessly just like you! I swear! It's like the whole Team 7 are sadists' scolded an annoyed Tenten. Well it was time he did something about it instead of doing nothing but waiting for Sakura. It was time to go to the Big Mama herself… Tsunade.

With Sasuke

Sasuke sighed slightly annoyed with the loud bickering of a red head and sharp toothed Oto shinobi. How can they always find a way to fight over something so simple? First, it was over who got the last bagel for breakfast (that Jugo just happened to have eaten watching their fight) then it was about a stain on Suigetsu's shirt! He swore it was like watching a married couple.

Sasuke sighed and closed his eyes ignoring the annoying teammates behind him. Then if things couldn't get worse, Karin screeched and he felt a thud …and a big one. Sasuke looked up and saw that Karin was on the floor covered in dirt. Sasuke got up and walked away into the town they recently took refuge in. He was bored as hell and Jugo hasn't come back from the patrol he was taking. So Sasuke decided to take a walk to calm down it was a hobby he picked up on after he left Konoha.

Since his life almost always involved the dobe and pink- haired fangirl ,who some how wormed into his heart, that in order not to go do something stupid like that of what they did in the past, he had to take long walks. sometimes his mind would wander back to when he was 12. Sure he barely knew a thing about their personal life but they were there for him even though they knew everything about him. Even when he was in the worst state of his life, they never brought it up… well not Sakura. Sasuke shook his head. Why was his head always heading in the direction of the past? His life was durable now. He didn't need friends who would be there for him no matter what. He needed teammates that would do simply what they were told. That unfortunately wasn't going to happen since Suigetsu wanted to see how good he was, Jugo wanted to know if he was worthy of being Kimimaru's 'reincarnation' and Karin was just …something.

Sasuke began to pass by a dango shop and stopped in his tracks, ignoring the whole female population with hearts in their eyes. His mind once again wandered back to his old friends. Sakura liked dangos didn't she? Yeah, she did. Every time they had a picnic or something she'd bring dango. Sasuke smirked and walked away. She always brought him something that wasn't sweet though since he disliked all things sweet. His mouth began to water when Sakura surprised them all by bringing tomato soup. Sakura gave Sasuke the leftovers since he loved it so much. If there was one thing Sasuke liked about Sakura, it was her cooking. How he missed her cooking. That dobe would always hog the food though so they ended up telling him the wrong time so they could eat before the blond idiot finished everything.

Sasuke heard a twig snap behind him and turned to see a surprised Jugo looking at him, "What?"

Jugo smiled, "You were smiling Sasuke-san"

Sasuke's eyes widened before putting up a poker face, "I see."

"I won't tell anyone. Promise" Sasuke nodded. He respected Jugo for minding his business and he made a good person to rely on. They began to walk back to the apartment they were renting when Jugo broke the silence, "So what were you thinking about?"


"You know when you were taking a walk" reminded Jugo.

"Ah" Sasuke really didn't want to talk about his old friends especially to someone who was in his new team.

"If Karin wants to sleep in your room again. I'll pretend I didn't hear and sleep there"

Well that was a good compromise. "I was thinking of my old teammates"

"Were you close?" Jugo was amazed that the Uchiha actually had a connection with people and still thought of them.

"You could say that" In truth Sasuke felt close to them but he felt distant not that it was a surprise. His whole life he was alone. Words of comfort and promise didn't help him any more.

"Oh. Did you care about them?"

Where is this coming from? "I risked my life for them many times over as they did for me" Sasuke replied with a distant tone.

"Oh" Jugo looked at Sasuke with curiosity. For a moment he thought he heard a bit of sadness in his voice. It was strange really talking about Sasuke's past life. It seems his connection with them was a very big part of his life as his life as an avenger was.

When they arrived to the door it swung right open to reveal a panicked Karin.

"Sasuke I sense 2 powerful chakras coming this way!" warned Karin.

"How fast?" asked Sasuke calmly.

"They're already in the village!"

"Alright stay here with Jugo while I check it out"

And with that Sasuke ran off in search of the two powerful chakras.

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