Rima POV

It's getting harder and harder to live like this, stupid money, stupid lie and stupid everything! I can't take this any longer, my heart can't take it any longer, this is causing my breathing to become uneven and I just can't hold on any longer! I can't do this anymore! Get away from me!

My life is getting more and more complicated by the second, each day I wonder how much longer can I hold out for.

Suddenly I wake up, I'm covered in sweat, my head ache's, my heart beats are fast and I can't control my tears. I'm alone in my apartment; there isn't anyone to comfort me. Outside is still dark its 5:30am, its too early, but these dreams won't leave me alone. But I knew this would happen the moment I made my decision.

Everything about my life is a lie! Everything! I have nothing! My real identity is coming to haunt me. I sigh desperately, these lies won't be able to stand much longer, sooner or later I'm going to have to run away…again.

My name is Rima Hime and that's right, I'm a princess. I am princess Rima of Tokyo. When I was younger everyone treated me like I had some sort of disease, no one would play with me in fear of getting attached, no one would look at me like I was a…person. I ran away last year. My Mama and Papa are worried about me, I know that, I send them letters every so often letting them know I'm safe and I ran away willingly, but sooner or later I know I'll be discovered and my parents will find me.

I can survive with the money I brought from Tokyo. I planned this since I was 8 but I never really went through with it till I was 14 and now I'm 15. I made a new bank account under the name "Rima M." and placed all the money my parents have given me since birth. Once in a while I take out some money so I can go out, have fun and eat.

I'm standing out on my balcony, the sun is rising out, the darkness is being broken down and engulfed and the sky is brightening. As complete light takes over the city and the wind begins to dance, I can't help but smile, because someday my dark life will be embraced by the same light, I just need to find it.

It's 6:15am, I do this ever morning, I wake up in fear, I think about my parents and my wrongs and I watch the sunrise and the cherry blossoms dance with the wind. Then I get ready for school. I take a quick shower, get into my uniform and change my look. Let me explain.

When I was a child I'd always keep my hair down loving the feeling of the wind rushing through it and being carefree as I was. Now I tie my hair in a high ponytail (my ponytail is still however curls, because my hair has natural gold curls), my gold bangs cover my eyes and a black headband.

It's time to walk to school, I like to take my time and enjoy myself, these moments I'll cherish because its my freedom and my happy, real time for smiles. As I walk the breeze still blows, the sun still gives warm vibes and the people around still share their smiles with me.

However this morning's dream is still taunting me, I've just got to relax and close my eyes. I didn't realize until it was to late, how stupid that idea was. I'm walking slow across the road, my eyes closed in the morning. When all of a sudden I hear a loud horn, when I turned around the sight of a car just grazed my sight before coldness took over my body.

My body is still in shock, my eyes are closed tight, I feel numb, yet safe, and my whole body just went from complete chills to suddenly warm and peaceful. I don't want to open my eyes, I'm to scared, but I will have to eventually I guess. I slightly open one eye and once my brain understands what happens my eyes go huge. My voice is uneven, my hand clenches my heart and my eyes won't even budge.

My angelic voice just above a whisper as I unevenly say, "Na—Nagihiko why, what did you think you were doing?" As I give him a questioning look.

He just keeps in his knelt position holding my in front of the gates of the school people are walking by but I'm too distracted to care.

He just gives me his usually warm smile as he laughs a bit to himself, "Rima Chan you shouldn't day dream so early in the morning someone could kidnap a little princess such as yourself." Ending his laughs but his warm smile is still present. He ends his sentence with a wink.

"Um, thank you Nagi I've got to go." As I run off. As soon as I'm out of Nagi's sight I sigh loudly, before I realize something that causes me to tense up and clench my hands so hard in a fist tears are forming and I'm biting against my bottom lip. I gulp before I ask myself in a voice even lower than a whisper "Nagihiko Fujisaki, what did you say?" Does he know?

Replaying what just happened in my head

"Rima Chan you shouldn't day dream so early in the morning someone could kidnap a little princess such as yourself"

There are no tears forming anymore, but I gulp once again as my bangs cover both my eyes, as I say to myself quietly below and whisper "…princess…" this causing me to sigh…