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Rima's POV

I woke up, early, as I always do. It was the same thing over and over, except lately no nightmares. I than sifted in my bed and saw how the sun was rising earlier and earlier each day. I decided I was going to get some fresh air, before I went out with Nagi today.

When I was trying to get up I was easily pushed back down. I questioned myself for a minute and than I saw a hand. At first I was questioning myself if I should scream, cry, scream and cry or beat the shit out of the guy trying to rape me when the hand gripped my tighter and I felt all warm inside.

Than out of no where a glow brighter than the sun rising appeared around Nagi and me. I bathed in the glow it was warm and refreshing and so magical I couldn't help but love Nagi more for making me feel this way. I stared at his sleeping face with light eyes and I guess he could feel my presences because he smirked and than woke up.

"Rima Chan, don't get all perverted I didn't touch you last night," Nagi continued to smirk.

I giggled, "I know you wouldn't," I than kick him out of bed, it seemed random and he fell rubbing his head laughing lightly.

"Ok, what did I do wrong this time," he chuckled getting up.

I raised an eyebrow, "this time?" and started laughing

"Well I'm always doing something wrong aren't I?" I pushed him lightly and spoke, "Get ready for our date, I want to go around town and see Tokyo," I said smiling.

"Date?" Nagi smirked, I than blushed, "whatever you call it, now get a move on boy, or I'll ask you friend Aihiko, Masato." I winked at him.

He sweat dropped, "Alright I'm going, just don't call my mom." I laughed as left my apartment and started running home.

3 hours later

Wow and they say girls take forever to get ready? He better have a good explanation or else WHACK! SPAM! BOOM! I'll kick his butt or I'll pay some random guy to kick his butt probably, his mom. I start giggling.

The door swings open and I see Nagihiko, his breathing is uneasy and he huffing and puffing. He than slams my door and relaxes with a loud sigh.

I tap my foot at him and raise an eyebrow. "Ok, where have you been and I don't want any lies. I know you we're Nadeshiko once but not even girls take that long to get ready and walk a block to an apartment."

In between gasps I hear him say, "grace….father..…God….putting you above…balance…"

Ok now I'm worried, not because his breathing is all messed, but because he just said father. I'm guessing he encountered my father. "Nagi breathe and than talk."

There's a long wait and I'm almost 95% sure he's asleep because his eyes are closed so I thought to myself, I can either check if he awake the Rima way or the Princess way. I take a second to think and than WHACK! I whacked him hard; the Rima way is the best way.

"Ooow! I wasn't asleep you know. How can you be called a princess by hitting people" I heard him say as he rubs his head and smiles.

I smile back, "I can't be a perfect all the time and I thought you were asleep" remember I said there was 95% chance I guess that 5% was right.

"Here let me explain everything and tell you what happened." He said, he is now composed and calm as always. That's my Nagihiko.


I was walking back to your apartment like 2 hours and 30 minutes ago when your father bumped into me. And since I'm usually kind I said hello. He said that I needed to help him. Sooo I did. He was holding dance lessons and told me, to prove my grace to dance with every girl that paid him $5 (my God I thought he was a rich man =_=)

I danced with all the girls and they all left either blushing or smiling, your father's mouth was like touching the ground and I was sweat dropping. Afterwards I told him I had to go because 1 hour just passed, but he said to prove my balance I had to bake him a cake. (Balancing food, like not too much sugar or flour)

I was like; does this guy even know who I am? I can totally do this so why do I need to prove myself. Another hour later and the cake was ready and it was amazing I guess because people started lining up to get some. Your father's mouth was even farther towards the ground, that's when I double sweat dropped.

I was about to leave because I didn't want to be any later when my father told me that I passed the test. I was about to happy dance when he laughed.

But weren't you suppose to put her above all? You chose to put me above her; I will however accept you as long as Rima does. His smile than softened up and he gave me a smile. You'll make a great husband.


Here we are now Rima, I'm so sorry I was late! Forgive me; it was so I could be with you I swear. He looked at me with wide eyes. My frown softened into a smile and I laughed with him.

"Alright, I forgive you." He than embraced me and I blushed a bit.

"Thank you for going through all this crap for me Nagi." He than laughed anything for my princess.

After that Nagi didn't want to go out but he wanted to sleep so I stayed in the apartment with him as he slept. I was out on the balcony sitting. My father said Nagi would make a great husband but were not ready to get married yet. For now I'll just decline taking over Tokyo and the day I'm ready to wed is the day I'll become queen. I don't know if I'll be a good queen though. I'm just glad to finally have realized that God never cheated me; he just gave me a blessing in disguise.

I than smiled at the thought of Nagihiko one day being my king.

The afternoon stayed bright and thanks to summer the sun came up sooner, but I'd like to believe that the light coming from Nagi and me are the reason the dark doesn't come out as much now.


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