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Well, this is the first fic I've written in a while. I decided to do this fic because I really felt that Kagura's story is just tragic. I read the Manga, but I've yet to watch the new series from Japan, I may not, not because I don't like it, but because I think the Manga was kinda enough. But enough rambling about me, I'm going to try writing a fanfiction story for the first time in... geeze... a few years, that is for sure.

I'm going to try and make this as in character as I can. I don't like it when Sesshoumaru suddenly goes I'm going to be open about my feelings! :D or suddenly Miroku decides he's going to hook up with Naraku and go off into the sunset, and Naraku also seems to think cool, I can live with this.

I think the T-rating his appropriate for this fic, though I may go up to M for no other reason than I write pretty violently when fight scenes come up.

I've been writing this for a few days, about 6, before its actually being posted. I have up to Chapter 3 finished. I'm not sure how quickly I'll post chapters, until I know I have a good idea of how long it takes me to put chapters out. Oh, and I think I suck at Summaries,

The Winds of Time:

Act I

Chapter I: Kagura's Death.

It was quiet in the field of flowers save for the rustling of the plants as the gentle breeze blew through. She was by herself, alone. There was no soul for miles from where she now sat, crumbled in a pile as blood leaked from her body. Her face matched her spirit inside... weak and sad. She was alone, was this what it was to be free? To be alone? To be in pain? There was a sound up ahead however a moment later, as red eyes turned upwards.

Shock, shock was the first thing running through Kagura's mind. He came? The tall figure with beautiful silver hair stood in front of her, looking down at her, his face as unreadable as always. All Kagura could do is murmur his name for it took almost all her strength just to speak.

"S...Sess...oumar...u?" She asked in a broken tired voice.

There she was, broken, weak, barely even able to speak. Sesshoumaru could only just look at her for a moment. Sympathy, some level of sympathy was fitting for this time. The Wind Sorceress, formerly someone with near limitless amounts of energy and a fierce determination, was now just this broken shell of a creature before him. Her surprise to see him was not unexpected though one thing in her face was. She looked as though just him being there brought her hope. Hope for what? He wondered idly to himself.

"I followed the scent of blood and miasma." He responded to her shock in his cold manner.

In that moment, the look of hope in Kagura's eyes vanished, as her head moved down slightly, she looked more... resigned now, resigned to a fate of a lonely death. He hadn't come for her, he'd come only to hunt Naraku. She was even now, nothing, just a puppet as she always had been, her strings were cut... and no one cared, did they ever care?

"I see." She responded weakly. "You were expecting Naraku." She concluded

"Are you disappointed that I am not Naraku?"

To watch what was left of Kagura's resolve shed from her was a sad sight to watch. Sesshoumaru had not come for Naraku, he had come for Kagura, and now he had found her. Her mood was not unlike her heart, dying, poisoned to its core by Naraku. He had sent her out here to die alone, so that she may suffer with the one thing she had always wanted, her freedom. Sesshoumaru could determine this with grim calculation. Smelling her blood on the wind had been a bad sign to begin with, before arriving to this. But even now, he could hear her heartbeat, the slow, tired beat of her heart.

"I knew it was you". Sesshoumaru confessed, his face and voice still not having any distinguished emotion within it.

Her eyes widened in surprise, it was a good surprise, her heart jumped as well. He'd come here knowing it was her. The thought was as warming as it was heartbreaking. He cared, perhaps little else, but he cared. In her final hour he'd come to make sure she did not die alone, that she knew someone would remember her, and remember her as more than just Naraku's puppet, as a plaything for a demon. He would remember her as Kagura, as who she was.

Then came the sound of a sword being drawn. Perhaps he was to finish her off, a quick death, an act of kindness? Her eyes barely lifted up, even when her head no longer had the strength to do so, he was drawing Tenseiga, the sword of life, the sword which could heal the dying and bring the dead back to life. She knew he could never express emotion for her, or for anyone, through words of kindness or through a smile, if anything when Sesshoumaru smiled it was a good idea to run, but through his actions you could see how he felt. And in that brief moment she saw more than just his care for her, he saw compassion, a will to finally help her after she'd tried for so long. She fought back tears from her eyes. He was going to save her.

Then it tugged in her chest, she felt the miasma pouring from her body, she was losing her grip, she could no longer speak as it poured from her lungs. Sesshoumaru only stood there with his sword, he was yet to swing, he was yet to do... anything at all. And then she realized something. He couldn't... he couldn't save her. No one could.

Tenseiga cannot save you, Kagura. The thought was at the surface of Sesshoumaru's mind as he just looked down at her. Slowly he sheathed his sword and knew what his role would be from this moment onward. He would stay with her, stay with her until the end. She would not die alone.

"Are you leaving?" Sesshoumaru finally asked after a moment, it was a pointless question, but he had little else he could do. He could not save her, and her time was running out.

"Yeah..." The first word barely left her lips, black smoke almost coming from them. "It's enough."

To see you again was enough, Sesshoumaru... one last time. That was her parting thought. Now the wind up picked up all around them moving in a swirl as her body simply began to fall apart, becoming nothing but smoke as her one feather flew into the air. She had just enough strength to look up and smile at Sesshoumaru. She was nothing now, nothing but the wind itself.

As her body disappeared Sesshoumaru regarded what had just happened, taking it into his mind. The only thing which had caused the twitch, seemingly in his mask, was she she'd smiled. She had smiled at him, it meant so much for him to be there for her. Even then it was just an uncharacteristic movement of his eyes, it could not be anymore. Kagura was gone now and he could do no more for her. He had failed to save her.

As Inuyasha and his friend's approached Sesshoumaru. There was one figure far away which had watched the exchange. A fist was tightly balled as teeth grit against themselves. This was not how this was supposed to go. He hadn't understood how this could have all gone so differently than it was supposed to? This was why he'd been sent back, he [i]knew[/i] it, with a scowled look about his face. Something had changed the time flow, how everything was supposed to go. He knew something had been wrong when creatures he knew were not to die, had started to die. Menomaru was one of the first indicators.

Especially considering with Hyogia Menomaru dead, no one had killed Naraku. And that was why this was happening, along with that damned sacred jewel. His eyes then traced to two other figures, the ones who'd caused all this to go so wrong. Inuyasha and Kagome. He could feel the aura around the girl herself, this priestess with strange clothes. They were the reason he'd lost everything. A near transparent hand pressed against the rock, squeezing a moment, trying to influence the world around him enough to even cause the rock to crack, yet nothing happened. He needed a stronger daemonic aura to constitute himself, and then he'd set things right. By killing that foolish girl and Inuyasha.

End Chapter

So this is kinda my breaking point from the canon, after this, events aren't going to go as planned.