Silently trailing,

I walk around,

spotting things,

hearing sound.

I spy a meal,

I go for it,

I get shooed away,

in an angry fit,

I try to comfort,

since my stomach growls,

I bring all I can to my kits,

as the dogs howl,

feeding them food,

I think to myself,

I will die soon,

the only person who fed them was myself,

my kits beg for more food,

as their stomachs growl,

I tell them that's all,

they begin to yowl,

I keep the tears to myself,

as they whine,

I pray and pray,

for a wonderful sign

A sudden screetch fills the air,

as I stare in despair,

a white van comes along,

they come to me like a song,

they pick my kits up,

when they are put in the van,

they are fed milk,

I felt like I was banned,

but they didn't forget me.

They picked me up,

and fed me milk, too

I examine my kits,

to see who is who,

When their all there,

the people drive off,

while we lay in cages in the back,

I fall asleep with my kits.

When we awake,

the people put us on a bed,

they take care of us,

as we rest,

One day, a family comes,

they smile at us as we meow,

the child smiles and points at my kit,

as she asks how,

they pick her up,

I wave goodbye,

as the child names her 'Katrina'

After a day,

I lay with my kits,

some lay down,

some sit,

I close my eyes,

as I dream,

before my sleep,

I happily sigh.

Well, this is a Cat poem since the last poem was a Dog one. I hope you enjoy it!