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"Hey Princess! Why are you moving so fast? We have plenty of money!" The call came from a spiky, brown haired man walking alongside an older man who wore a hat to cover up green hair. A small bell jingled on a red ribbon tied around the first man's throat as he smiled wide, revealing pointed white teeth. The teeth of a cat.

"Because I am hungry." Came the simple reply. The blonde who had responded turned slightly, long hair swinging as she twisted to see the ex-assassin frozen in the middle of the street, mouth hanging down so that it almost met the XIII branded on his chest.

"That's my line" he shouted, and Sven patted his partner's shoulder.

"Easy there Train. We're all hungry, and I'm almost out of smokes. We all just need to cool down." Train grumbled about being hungry enough to eat an elephant before following the older sweeper that had moved forward to catch up with Eve. Black booted feet didn't make a sound as they pounded down on bricks as he raced to pull up with his family.

Fifteen minutes later, they stood in front of a small restaurant that boasted an all you can eat buffet. After leading Eve to a table, they left her to her book before aiming over to the bounty posters.

"Let's see…50,000…35,000…70,000…Ooh Sven, look at that one! 700,000!" Hades clacked in its holster as Train shouted, shaking Sven's arm enthusiastically. Sven scanned the wall until he saw the new-looking poster Train was rambling about.

"Hmmm, Dominic Connor…wanted for the murder of seventeen people…no known location…..This shouldn't be hard." The green haired sweeper snatched down the poster, examining the red haired, dark eyes, huge muscled man that stared out of the picture. Train stayed at the table long enough to order a large glass of milk before bee lining it for the buffet table. Sven glanced at the hungered man before turning back to Eve. Handing her the bounty paper, he turned to the waitress and ordered a coffee.

"This man…he looks familiar. I do not remember where, but…" Sven glanced at the picture before shrugging unconcerned.

"Maybe he was in the paper or something, I don't know." He stopped talking when Train returned; carrying a plate that looked like it should at least weigh ten pounds. The thin man was nearly hidden behind the huge mound of crab legs that covered his amber eyes. Said eyes sparked with energy as he attacked the plate like a man who hadn't eaten in three days…well, that might have been because they hadn't eaten in three days but still. Sven continued his conversation with Eve about where she could have seen the man, but the blonde was continually shaking her head.

The tinkling of a bell drew the pair's attention to the door (Train was still eating) where they saw a man who had red hair slicked back into a long ponytail underneath a large brown cowboy hat. His black boots clicked on the floor as did the dual pistol holster slug around his waist. Sven noticed that Eve had stiffened and was examining the man. Sven noticed that Eve had stiffened and was examining the man, but figured that she was just being curious. Train had glanced up and then focused again on his food, although something about that man unsettled him. He pushed the thought away as he took another gulp of milk.

Said gulp was spilled over his lap when Princess jumped to her feet, knocking into Train's elbow and in extension, his milk glass.

"Whoa there, lil' Princess. What's up?" the amber eyed ex-assassin dabbed at the front of his jacket with the paper napkin that was planed next to the silverware that he had skillfully neglected to avoid. Her next words froze him solid.

"That man…he is from the bounty!" Without a word, she took off after the red-haired man. But somehow, the cowboy had known Eve would come after him and was out the door before Eve had started running. Sven merely stared after the blonde haired girl, figuring that she could handle herself. Train; on the other hand was still frozen, mind going as fast as it could, processing all of the little things that added up to one big thing. 700,000 for only seventeen murders…how new the paper looked…how the man had continued watching their table the whole entire meal…

The brown haired sweeper gasped as he leapt to his feet, knocking into the table and sending the dishes rattling. Streaking off after Eve, the Black Cat didn't give Sven the chance to question him. Bright sunlight hit him as he burst out the door, and he blinked it away, struggling to follow the long blonde hair that was trailing behind Princess. Drawing Hades, Train ran forward, calling out to Eve as he did.

"Little Princess, no! It's a-"Train lost sight of the blonde as she cut down an alley and he streaked after her, only to skid to a halt when he found her trapped in the grasp on the red haired man with a knife to her throat.


"Take another step Black Cat, and it'll be the biggest mistake of your life." Train froze, Hades aimed at the man holding Eve.

"I could shoot you, grab Eve and be gone before you had the time to blink." Came the cold, confident reply. Golden eyes watched as the man shook his head, chuckling slightly.

"Oh, I don't believe you could Heartnet. Because you see, my clothes are made of orichalcum. Because I am…" At this, the red haired man raised a hand to his face, and grabbed the skin at the hairline.

"Number 10? What are you doing? I'm cleared with the numbers!" Train shouted, adjusting his gun so that it was aimed right between the now black haired man.

"Obviously not. You see, Numbers IV and VIII are both eager to meet up with you again."

Train shook with anger at the mention of the two Numbers that were crazed with killing.

"Why did you tag along? I thought we were…ok..." Train trailed off, listening carefully; until he heard a door swing off in the distance.

"Well, they told me it was a mission from Number I, so I had to come. Besides, I wouldn't mind seeing how you plan to deal with this." Train snarled, and lunged forward, only to stiffen as he heard a low, mechanic whine.

"Wha-?" he started, but all of a sudden, the word turned into a scream of pain as 5,000 volts of electricity shot through his lithe frame. Eve watched with tears in her eyes as the man she considered her older brother fell to the ground, hunched in on himself as he tried to figure out where the pain was coming from.

The sound of loud footsteps broke her gaze, and she looked up to see Sven running up the alley. She squeaked, and Train must have heard, because he managed to raise his shaggy head and crack open pained amber eyes to warn the green haired sweeper.

"Sven, stay-!" His weak warning was halted as the pain increased, and he cried out, eyes snapping closed in an effort to block out the agony. Sven stopped suddenly, looking from the hunched form of Train to the scared position of Eve to the curious expression on Xiao's face.

"What have you done?" He roared, stepping forward menacingly as he raised his attaché case. The black haired Number glanced up at him before staring back down at Train.

"Why, I was ordered to catch a cat, but I needed a little bird as bait. The little bio-weapon here worked perfectly. Ooh! Look!" he said, and his eyes lit up, smiling as he watched Train. Sven looked down to see that Train had gone limp, and was lying lifelessly on the dirty brick ground.

"Train!" He shouted, bending down to shake the other man, only to recoil at the shock he got.

"What did you do?" He yelled, rounding on the Number. Xiao looked at him appraisingly before glancing at one of the man he had stationed on his right.

"Cut the electricity." The man nodded, ignoring the way Sven's mouth dropped to the ground.

"You were electrocuting him? Why?" Xiao chuckled again.

"How else am I supposed to catch a cat that can dodge every bullet I throw at him? But enough of that, now we need to move him. Try anything, and I'll have to kill the little girl. You're gonna take him to the black van that's parked a few blocks away, and then you're going toput him in the trunk. After that, you climb in the front seat next tomy man. I'll get in the back seat with the little bio-weapon. Is that clear?" Sven was about to protest to bringing Eve, but when he saw the guns aimed at himself and Train he realized that it was hopeless. He nodded, shooting Eve an apologetic glance that she never acknowledged because she was too busy looking at Train's limp form.

"Fine." Xiao gestured with his knife at the ex-assassin. Understanding the motion, Sven bent down and picked up the horrifyingly limp body of his friend. Train groaned as his head lolled over Sven's arm before falling silent. The little bell tied to his neck jingled as Sven stood up, well aware of the guns still pointed at him. Catching Eve's eye, he nodded encouragingly before Xiao pushed her forward. Another man led the way out of the alley and down the street.

Glancing down, Sven was given a slight shock of surprise when he saw that Hades was still in its holster. How had Train managed to keep it? He winced again as Train groaned, realizing that he had been jostling the limp form whenever he moved. He made more of an effort to keep his arms stationary so that the golden eyed man wouldn't be needlessly moved. The older sweeper sighed as he glanced back at Eve, noting the way she walked with her head bent.

"What have you gotten us into Train?" The still form of the Black Cat didn't give an answer.

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