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Train pawed the end of his tail back and forth on the edge of the couch, not really listening as Tearju explained how Train now had little nanomachines crawling along his DNA. He'd heard most of it already-this was old hat. His tail swung back and forth, and Train was just getting lulled to sleep by how peaceful the environment was when…

"WHAT? A BILLION DOLLARS?" The shout sent Train jumping to his feet, and in the process jostling his ribs. He yowled in a mix of pain and protest as he was rudely wakened. Sven was on his feet as well, glaring daggers at Tearju as she sat calmly in the chair facing him. Train looked between the pair before glancing at Rinslet for help. She shrugged.

"Apparently, the technology that could return you to your original form would cost around a billion dollars." Train's eyebrows rose at this, and he too gaped at the Professor. A billion dollars? That was like…more than their house! Tearju was trying to calm Sven down.

"There is another possible way that he could change back, but it would require a lot of concentration on Train's part."

"Then our chances are shot." Rinslet muttered. Eve smiled slightly as Train turned to shoot a glare at the thief. She shrugged.

"What? We all know you can't concentrate on anything but food." She replied. Sven waved a hand to stop the one-sided argument.

"What does he need to do?" Tearju turned to look at the panther in question.

"This is all theory, but since the nanomachines in Lucifer and the nanomachines in side of Eve are the same, it should be possible for Train to control the nanomachines in side of him with his thoughts, just as Eve does." Eve found it necessary to demonstrate, wings growing from her back momentarily before they shrank. Train raised one of his hackles in a sarcastic sneer before he turned back to the Professor.

"You should just have to concentrate on what you were like earlier, and then, you should change back." Train gave her a look that asked if she was sure, and she shrugged.

"As I said, it's just theory. It'll take a while, so don't get discouraged if…" Train had already turned away and had his eyes scrunched tight. His whole body was tensed, and he looked deep in concentration. The cat huffed after a few moments before opening his eyes wide and looking around. After he glanced down at himself and saw that he was still a panther, he growled. Sven smiled sympathetically.

"It's alright Train. Ms. Tearju said that it could take a while…" But the panther had regained his feet and was pacing away from the foursome. Rinslet and Eve stared after him, watching as he jumped deftly onto the banister of the stairs and started climbing the slick surface. His claws clacked as he paced up and down the staircase.

Tearju, however, was watching Eve. She startled the girl by calling her name.

"Eve, mind if we had a word?" she asked. Eve glanced between the Professor and Sven before nodding and following her older counterpart into the newly 'cleaned' kitchen. Tearju sighed softly and slid around to lean against the counter, elbows taking most of her weight. Eve took up a position opposite her, lifting her own frame up onto the relatively clean counter and turning to stare at the scientist. They sat in silence for a few moments before Tearju broke the silence.

"I couldn't believe it when you showed up. I really thought after I left Toreno's that that would be the last time I saw you." Eve looked at her.

"Why did you leave?" Tearju shrugged.

"I got tired. Tired of all the experiments, tired of them not caring. I didn't want to be a part of it anymore, so I left. Dropped off the map and moved here." Eve gave the doctor a hurt glance.

"Why didn't you take me?" Tearju stared at the girl in shock, guilt creeping in behind the first emotion. Her answer took a little time in coming.

"I wanted to. Gosh Eve, you have to know I wanted to. I looked through all of the security schedules and at all the cameras, trying to find a way to get you out…but if it was improbable for someone to get it, it was impossible for someone to get out."

"Train got in. I got out." Tearju sighed, frustrated.

"Eve, I'm not a bio-weapon. I'm not a panther." Eve frowned.

"Train wasn't a panther when he broke in. Neither was Sven."

"I'm not them, Eve. I can't do everything like they obviously can. I'm just a scientist."

"But aren't you brilliant? Couldn't you have figured a way for me to get out?" Tearju sighed again.

"No, Eve! I create experiments and omelet recipes. Not escape plans!" Eve figured it was time to move on.

"Fine. Why did you make me in the first place?"

"Would you rather I didn't?" Tearju asked patronizingly, pushing her glasses farther up her nose. Eve shook her head.

"No…" Tearju smirked lightly before pressing the matter.

"Eve, I created you with the most noble intentions on my mind. I never figured on them turning you into weapon." Eve laughed coldly.

"What else could they have done with me? Used me for World Peace?" Tearju winced at this, and Eve was proud for a moment before guilt seeped in.

"I prefer to see good intentions in people." Eve looked at her incredulously.

"What good was there in that…man?" She asked, leaning forward from her position on the counter. Tearju shrugged.

"I never met him. They just told me they would back my research on nanotechnology and that they wouldn't be checking up on me too much." Eve rolled her eyes.

"Because a deal like that is genuine." Tearju rolled her eyes.

"I was younger, and I wanted to do the research. Call me crazy, but it worked." Eve glared at her.

"Sure it did. I nearly died, and you had to run off. Brilliant plan, if I do say so myself."

"Alright, it was a stupid idea, I shouldn't have made you, let's just go back in time and I'll turn down the deal!" Eve was about to reply, but then the phone rang. Tearju glanced at Eve before picking it up.

"Hello?" Eve tilted her head forward to listen as she dropped her voice.

"I said no! How many times do I have to tell you, I'm not coming! Find someone else to do it, I've given you my answer!" The phone clacked loudly as the Professor slammed it back into its cradle.

"Who was that?" Tearju jumped when Eve questioned her.

"Oh…just some salesman who's been calling me too often."

"Why don't you call the police?" Tearju shook her head quickly.

"No, he'll give up eventually." Eve nodded at her appraisingly before she let herself down off the counter.

"I think we're done." She pushed open the door and walked out into the living room. Train was now pacing up and down the banister of the landing on the second floor, still glancing down every now and then at the group settled on the couch. Sven was sitting in the arm chair feet propped on the coffee table. Rinslet had her feet curled up beneath her on the couch. (Eve wondered whether her high heels were poking her legs.) She moved to sit on the extra chair, pulling one leg up and leaving the other to dangle. Tearju walked in after, leaning against the door frame, watching the foursome.

Everything was silent for a few minutes, the only sound being Train's claws clacking against the polished wood of the railing.

(Then the explosion happened.)

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