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Sven rushed out of the church, a large, limp black head bouncing on his shoulder with every step he took. Glancing down when he heard a low whine of pain, he winced internally.

"Sorry Train, but we need to get out of here fast!" he whispered to the unconscious panther. The pitter patter of feet reminded him that Eve was running after him. He swiveled his head around to make sure that the blonde was still close before turning back to the pavement and racing for the old reliable car that was only…on the other side of town. Cursing slightly, he lengthened his stride, trying to get out of the alley before he halted his steps all together, stumbling a little when Eve crashed into him.

"Shh!" he said, warning the little girl to freeze where she stood in the shadows.

Because streaking down the street were several dozen cop cars.

"Oh, crap." Sven muttered, looking around wildly from Eve to the black cat sprawled across his shoulders to the blocked exit as black and white sped by, red and blue lights flashing as sirens wailed. Another whine came from the cat as it's ears twitched, unhappy about the piercing sirens. Sven twisted around when he noticed that the sirens were fading and ducked a head out of the corner. The only car on the street was a small blue one…

"Hey! That's our car!" Sven shouted, and he raced out in front of the speeding car, ignoring the way Train's head bounced up and down against his chest.

"Sven! Watch out!" he ignored the warning and stopped in the middle of the street, watching as whoever drove the car stomped on the breaks, swerving the car so that it swirled around and the mirror tapped Sven on the stomach.

"What's wrong with you?" the green haired sweeper yelled, motioning with a hand that wasn't keeping Train across his shoulders. He watched as someone in a skirt and high heels stepped out of the car, flipping violet hair out of her eyes as she turned towards Sven.

"…Rinslet?" he asked, glaring at the thief-for-hire. Said thief glared at Sven with icy eyes as she strode over to him, joining with Eve as she scurried over too.

"Way to thank me for brining the car around! Sure, you vanish and then Train runs off without telling me anything! Where is that jerk anyway?" she asked, looking around for the chocolate haired sweeper.

"He's uhh…he's right here," he said, shrugging his shoulders to indicate the limp beast strewn across them.

"That cat is Train?" she shrieked, bending forward at the waist to prod Train. A low moan emitted from the cat again, and it's whole head twitched in aggravation.

"Yes. He was hit with a bullet called Lucifer. It contained nanomachines that turned him into a panther." Eve explained, coming up next to Sven. Rinslet had an expression of confusion and incredulity on her face as she glanced between the cat, Sven, and Eve before she started laughing.

"You guys are funny! No seriously, where's Train?" she asked, pausing from laughing to see where Train really was. Because there was no way he'd been turned into a cat, right? Her laughter slowed as she realized that neither of the sweepers were laughing, and that Train hadn't come out of the shadows.

"…Train?" she muttered, and the long black tail twitched as if recognizing the name.

"No way…" she breathed, and she leaned in close to pull open one of his eyelids, looking at the amber eye hidden beneath. One of Sven's eyebrows rose at the way she was investigating the identity of the black panther.

"If you need any more proof just check his left ear." Rinslet took his advice and lifted his head, ignoring the whine that came with the motion as she stared at the XIII branded on his ear.

"Would ya look at that! It is Train! Looks like he got shot in the leg!" she said, pointing to a bit of blood dried on his fur. Sven's brows furrowed as he looked down, and even Eve looked confused as she stared at the indicated area of cat. True to her word, there was a bunch of dried blood crusting around his fore leg and dripping down on his paw.

"I guess he kept the injury when he changed." Eve suggested, lifting the indicated leg and examining the wound.

"Don't touch that Eve! He could have fleas!" Rinslet shouted, and both sweepers gave her a look that said Really? She huffed a little.

"Just trying to keep you from freaking out." She said, stalking back to the car while throwing her hands into the air.

"It's a bit late for that! My partner just got shot and then turned into a freaking panther! And he's unconscious! What's not to freak out about?" Sven exclaimed scathingly. Eve glanced at Sven warningly at how harsh he was being. The green haired sweeper ignored the look and nodded for her to open the door and get in the back.

"Ok Eve, I'm gonna put Train next to you and I need you to keep him from sliding around," he said, and the blonde nodded before slipping into the far side of the small car and snapping the belt into place.

"Ready Sven," she said, and the older sweeper allowed Rinslet to help him lift Train into the back seat where they dropped him down sideways with his head thudding against Eve's leg. She blushed slightly but regained her cool when she noticed Rinslet smirking at her. No way would she let her know that she was embarrassed by this! Looking away defiantly, she let her hand drift around the cat's neck, pretending for all she was worth that this was merely a stray that they'd picked up. The seat snapped back and Rinslet slid into the passenger side while Sven started up the car. It stuttered a few times before powering up and shooting forward, puttering down the street as it slid past the police cars and headed for their hotel. Once they were sure that they had cleared the police, Rinslet smacked Sven on the arm and started peppering them with questioning.

"What the heck happened in that church? Who shot Train? Why didn't Train duck?" she asked, glancing at Eve once in a while for a few answers.

"Creed Diskenth shot Train. Eve already told you that he had a bullet named Lucifer that contained nanomachines that changed his DNA. He turned into a panther. As for the reason he didn't duck…if he had, I would have gotten hit." Sven stared at the road during his whole narrative of the event, swerving now and again when the road turned. Rinslet looked shocked at the story, but kept silent. Eve hadn't bothered to say anything, instead she busied herself with flicking the panther's soft black ear back and forth, watching as occasionally he'd twitch that or his tail in annoyance, and she smiled fondly at the unconscious cat.

Of course, he didn't stay that way for long, because some driver was drunk and driving on the wrong side of the road. Sven pounded on the horn while swerving into the other lane, sending everyone in the car, including Train, sprawling across their seats. A loud yelp sounded from somewhere low, and Eve looked around wildly to see bright amber eyes glaring up at her. She stared at him wide-eyed as his mouth opened wide, showing pointed fangs and razor sharp teeth as he growled. His maw snapped shut as he shook his head and looked down. A surprised hissing noise came from him, and he jumped up on the seat when his tail flicked near his ear. He was yowling for all he was worth, and Eve found it necessary to inform Sven.

"Uhh Sven? Train woke up and now he's…umm…freaking out." Sven whipped his head around to stare at the spazzing cat, only to lean back as it lunged for him. Rinslet's scream was drowned out when the large black cat howled long and hard, pawing at the green haired sweeper as he whined and growled in irritation.

"Sven pull over!" Rins shrieked, and she pointed to a rest stop that was thankfully only two miles down the highway.

"Train calm down! We'll explain everything in a few moments, so just shut up!" Sven shouted over everything, and he pressed his foot down on the pedal so that the car shot forward racing past dozens of others until they screeched into the parking lot, resulting in Train screeching even louder as he tried to figure out how to stand on four legs and failing miserably. He yowled when he slammed into the side of the car as Sven took a particularly sharp turn. Eve reached out and grabbed him around the neck, keeping him stationary as Sven found a parking spot.

As soon as a door was open, a black blur shot across Sven and landed outside, where they found a black cat spinning around wildly, twisting his head from side to side as he tried to figure out what the heck had happened to him. Sven managed to recover and got out first.

"Train! Train calm down and let us explain everything! Train!" he shouted, trying to calm the distressed sweeper-turned-cat. But as soon as he was out of the car, Train leapt at him, and, unaware of his claws, accidentally dug them into Sven's shoulders as he attempted to stand on his hind legs. Sven yelped, swatting at his paws as he tried to get the panicking cat off of him.

"Ouch Train! You're hurting me!" If any animal had been able to show emotion, Sven would have bet on the Train-panther as a look of horror spread into his amber eyes when he jerked away, landing on all four paws as he backed off, crumpling to the ground when he tried to put weight on his injured leg and staying with his tail curled near his head. Sven glanced down at the little bits of red blooming in sets of four on each shoulder. Wincing at the slight stinging that came from each, he moved forward towards the panicked cat, motioning for Eve to come with him as he tried to get close without panicking him.

In the end, Eve was the one that managed to get close enough, and she sat cross legged in front of Train, waiting patiently until he flickered golden eyes to look up at her.

"Hello Train." He growled back, frowning at the way he couldn't form words. She giggled.

"You're a cat, in case you didn't know. A big black panther." She said, tugging his tail tauntingly. He flicked it away before 'glaring' at her half-heartedly. His gaze switched over to Sven and Rinslet who were off to the side before turning back to Eve.

"Do you remember what happened?" He gave an exceedingly Train-like shake of his head before placing it back down on his crossed paws.

"You took a bullet for Sven called Lucifer. It was filled with nano machines, and they turned you into a cat." She smiled a little when his ears twitched slightly in feigned annoyance. Somehow, even if he was a cat, he could still give off a feeling of being carefree and amused. Eve watched as his tail reached up to his wrist and tapped on it: time. She bowed her head and shrugged.

"I don't know how long it'll take. Creed said it was permanent." At the name, the cat leapt to his feet, hissing viciously until he turned away, prowling over to Sven and Rins. He stumbled a little, and Eve raced over just in time to keep him from falling flat on his face, as funny as that would have been.

"Train, I think we should look at your leg first," Eve commented, shoving him slightly so that he dropped to the ground again. He seemed to roll his eyes, and the blonde guessed it meant It's only a scratch! She motioned for Rins to grab the first aid kit out of the ratty car. The violet haired woman hurried to pull the bright red case from under the seat and hand it to Eve, who unzipped it before realizing that she needed to wash it out.

"Sven, could you please get me a few wet paper towels?" she asked, looking at the green haired sweeper while keeping a hand on Train's chest to keep him from getting up. Rinslet snorted at the way the cat huffed before flopping back down, annoyed. Sven ran off to get the supplies and returned moments later with a few dripping wet paper towels which he handed to the blonde. She nodded to him, before grabbing Train's leg and dabbing at the dried blood. The cat managed to hide a whine of pain as Eve scrubbed away the dirt that had started to collect on the open wound.

"Almost done Train. We just need to bind it." She dug around in the bag before pulling out gauze and a bandage, which she wrapped around his leg before taping it tight.

"All done!" she said, and with that, she stopped pressing down on the cat, allowing him to jump to his feet, flicking his tail in agitation as he stalked over to Sven and head-butted his leg. Sven swatted his head at which point the cat gave a hurt growl and slunk behind Rinslet, wrapping his tail around her ankles as he flattened his ears against his head. Eve frowned, and Rinslet slapped him.

"Ow! What was that for?" Sven yelped, backing away until he bumped into the car.

"He just took a bullet for you, and you slap him? He's a cat for Pete's sake!" the thief shouted, reaching down to pat Train lovingly on the head.

"That was rude Sven." Eve commented seriously. Sven looked from Eve to Rinslet to Train and back again, confused as to how they had all ganged up on him. They stared at him a few minutes longer, watching him sweat until…

"You should see your face!" Rinslet shouted, and she burst out laughing, followed by Eve. Even Train was chuckling, in a weird, throaty bark. Sven looked confused for a few more moments before realizing that they had all been pulling his leg. He frowned a little before chuckling as well.

"Alright, you had your fun. Now how are we going to change you back?" he asked, bending down to the panther's level. A black shaggy head ducked up and down in the cat equivalent of a shrug.

"First, we need to make sure no one shoots him because they think he's a wild animal," Eve said, and she pulled the ribbon out from her pocket and moved to put it around his neck.

As soon as it came close to his face, the panther balked, hissing as he streaked away from Eve and dashed under the car, belly scraping the ground as he tried to fit. Sven sighed in annoyance.

"Train, come out now!" he said, but the cat shook his head, and hissed again.

"Why won't he let me put it on?" Eve asked, and everyone was surprised at how well the panther-Train could pull off a skeptical look.

"How are we supposed to know? He can't talk or write!" Rinslet exclaimed. Sven thought for a moment before a smile broke out on his face and he shook his head.

"Rins, you're wrong! Train, do you think you could write in the mud with your claws?" he asked, ducking down so that he could see Train nod from under the car.

"Alright then, come out. Eve, don't try and put his choker on yet," Sven warned, and they watched as the cat slunk out from under the car and prowled over to a patch of mud. They waited as Train struggled to form letters with his claws. It took several minutes, but eventually they could read the message- The only one who can tame me is myself. Sven raised and eye brow as he stared down at the panther that sat proudly next to his message.

"So how do you propose you put your necklace on?" he asked sarcastically. They all fell silent as he started scratching out a message-Put it on the ground. Eve looked skeptically at the cat, but she dropped the red ribbon on the ground and let him do what he wanted. Glancing up at Eve warily, he flicked his tail as a warning before ducking his head inside the ribbon, using his uninjured paw to bat it into place. The bell made a satisfying jingling sound as it swung under his chin, and it seemed as if he were smirking at him as he sat down smugly.

"Alright, so you put it on. Congrats." Sven said, and he waved a hand in annoyance as he looked around at the other two.

"What do we do now?" Rins asked, sitting down on the hood of the car. Eve shrugged, sitting next to her. There was a heavy thud and the three watched Train leap onto the top of the car and curl up, wrapping his tail around his legs.

"We should go back to the hotel like we planned." Eve stated, head bent as she sighed.

"Think we should eat first? We actually have a little bit of money we could use to buy take out." Sven stated, and Eve looked up hopefully.

"Really?" She asked. Sven nodded.

"What about you Train? Train?" Sven looked to the top of the car to find that he had fallen asleep in the warm sun.

"Lazy bum…but we couldn't go into a restaurant either, so I guess the hotel it is." Sven said, and he shrugged at the grumble that came from Rins's direction.

"Room service? Really?" she asked, but Sven gave her a warning look, nodding to where Train's tail had started to twitch in his sleep as if he were agitated.

"Room service it is," Rins said, and she hopped off the roof of the car, swiftly followed by Eve. Sven wandered over to the side of the car and he prodded the cat awake, at which point Train took his time stretching before he jumped off the roof land landed deftly on the pavement before sneaking through the open door and curling up once again on the back seat. Eve climbed in after, sitting behind Rinslet as she slid into her seat again. Sven was the last to get in, starting up the car in a matter of seconds and then pulling out of the parking space and driving onto the highway again.

Eve jumped slightly when she felt Train lean against her leg, head curled up right next to her knee as his tail flicked contentedly. She relaxed a little when she realized that he was asleep, and hesitantly began stroking his fur, smoothing down the ruffled hair until they all flowed smoothly in one direction. As focused as she was in her task, she didn't realize that they had reached the hotel until the car stopped spluttering and Sven turned off the engine. She looked up when she saw the bright lights of the street lamps, and then began waking Train, tugging on his tail and then poking his nose tauntingly, watching as first his nose twitched, and then his ears, until finally, he blinked open his eyes and glared up at her with amber eyes as if asking why she'd woken him up.

"We're here. You're gonna have to find a way up on your own-it's not like we can just walk inside with you behind us." She said, giggling a little at the way he frowned slightly before twitching his tail in annoyance. Sure, he may be an animal, but he could express himself. She clambered out of the car, stretching as she blinked in the fading light. She barely heard the sound of padding feet and she twisted just in time to see a flash of black dash out of the car before leaping from one balcony to the other, swiftly scaling the building until he reached on open window and slipped through.

Hopefully, he wouldn't wreck whoever's room he'd snuck into.

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