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"Hey." Ichigo lazily called as he saw Rukia enter his bedroom window with something rolled up under her arms. "What's that you got there?" He asked looking up more intently from his position at his writing desk.

Rukia plopped herself onto Ichigo bed as she unrolled two magazines.

"This is the latest Chappy serialization!" She said, her eyes shining in awe, her voice trembling in anticipation.

Ichigo sighed, disbelieving that the Kuchiki princess could be such an idiot.

"And the other?"

"Huh? Oh that's just the latest issue of the Seretei Communications." She absentmindedly answered as she flicked the magazine to Ichigo and refocused her attentions to the Chappy gold she now had in her possession.

Ichigo caught the magazine and without a second glance opened it up to the third page where he immediately spotted his name in red caps. The headline read:


According to a new report released recently by a panel of top literary minds, Ichigo Kurosaki has been dubbed a raging homosexual. The report follows on the heels of the detailed and extensive investigation into the Living World 'internet' site called '.'

The findings, published in multiple 'fics' as they are known, support speculation that Kurosaki is indeed gay. Various articles romantically pair Kurosaki with various male partners inclusive of Sixth Division Lieutenant, Renji Abarai, Fourth and Sixth Espada, Ulquiorra Cifer and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez together with Sixth Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki and the Quincy, Uryuu Ishida.

"I always knew that Ichigo was gay." Said Yumichika Ayasegawa, Seretei's resident homosexual. "It's quite obvious really. No straight man could possibly be that oblivious to Orihime Inoue's massive breasts! However, what I don't understand is how come there's no pairings of Ichigo and ME! He's with everybody else! I feel really left out."

Ayasegawa was of course referring to the wide spectrum of yaoi filled articles involving Ichigo with a host of partners of the male species inclusive of people he is trying to kill (former Fifth Division Captain Sosuke Aizen), people he has never even spoken to (Primera Espada, Stark), people who look like twelve and thus suggests a fetish for paedophilia (Tenth Division Captain Hitsugaya Toshiro) and people who live within him (most notably, his inner Hollow, Hichigo.)

According to his family however, Kurosaki does very little in the way to detract from the gay rumours and pairings. His father Isshin Kurosaki says,

"Like any good parent, I want my son to be out in the world screwing girls left right and centre, but he doesn't seem interested in it. Even when the girl came to him, Ichigo still didn't take the opportunity to get into my third daughter Rukia's pants. Oh Masaki! I have failed you so! Our boy would rather get into Renji's pants than sleep with our third daughter!"

Former Second Division Captain and Kurosaki's mentor, Yoruichi Shihouin, also supports this claim (not Isshin's incestfest, that is), stating that Ichigo actually "blocks his eyes" when he sees her naked form. "Very strange for a teenage boy to do," she commented.

Despite some articles that hint at a possible and vague connection with one Rukia Kuchiki and Orihime Inoue, it is glaringly obvious that articles from the internet site, , is in full support of Kurosaki being partnered with multiple male personalities. When questioned as to why the surge of yaoi pairings for Kurosaki, former Twelfth Division Captain, Kisuke Urahara, answered,

"Ichigo is a man followed by his biggest reputation. When he saved Rukia Kuchiki from her execution, did anyone remember? A few. When he rescued Orihime Inoue from Hueco Mundo, does anyone really recall that? Meh, not really. But he sucked one cock..."

Rukia looked up from her reading on the bed suffocating from the massive reiatsu that was pouring out of Ichigo. A thick heavy aura encircled him as his eyes screamed murderous intent.

"Ichigo?" She tentatively called out.

"I'm gonna kill them!" He ground out.