Lord of the Dance Fanfic

The story of the Lord of the Dance- Authors Note

After seeing the "Feet of Flames" show in Hyde Park on Youtube, I became so facinated that I started looking for fanfictions on the internet. Thankfully I found some, but after reading all of them I still wasn't satisfied. I felt that I wanted to write one of my own- so here I am :)

I became facinated by the nameless Lord of the Dance character and his background. We know nothing about his real name or how he became the Lord of the Dance. How did he and Cara(the spirit) come to have such a friendship? How did he met Saoirse and the Gypsy Morrighan? When did the Lord met Don Dorcha and how did they came to be eachothers nemesis? and so on..

In this story, I will tell the Lords past(and maybe some parts that's taken from the Hyde Park show), and how he became the nameless Lord of the Dance.

A warning: i'm not so very good in english, so there may be some gramatic and spelling mistakes, but I hope you don't mind!