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I was roaming in the forest, it was dark but why was I alone? I screamed searching for Edward but he was not in sight.

Then as I turned around I saw something that looked like flames coming out of the trees as I looked closely I noticed that it wasn't flames but the red hair of no other then Victoria.

I tried screaming but nothing came out it was as if my world was on mute. Her eyes were dark red with black like bruises around them, she came closer and I couldn't get my feet to move, she was coming closer her teeth were inches from my throat I could feel her razor sharp teeth on my neck,she was going to bite...

"Bella, love wake up!"

I brought my head up rapidly causing a head rush but then I noticed my surroundings, I was in my room and Edward was sitting next to me on my bed.

It was just a dream...just a dream, I kept telling myself.

Edward brought his arms around my waist and asked me if I was ok, I just nodded. "Are you sure," he asked once again.

"Yeah im fine," I assured him, not wanting to worry him.

"Ok I will be back before school to pick you up, I have to go change." He said that and with a kiss on my forehead, he left.

I tried forgetting about my nightmare, Victoria was gone she fled after Edward killed James, she wouldn't come back.

I grabbed my bag of toiletries and headed towards the bathroom.

I wanted a shower so bad, my nightmare caused me to sweat a lot, I couldn't go to school all sweaty. Then I remembered today was the last day of school, my last day as a junior, well maybe not the last day of being a junior, if Edward changed his mind.

He probably wouldn't, he didn't want me to be a vampire like him, but I wouldn't give up, I knew what I wanted.

I decided to forget about that for a moment and relaxed under the shower as the hot water calmed me.

I came out wrapped myself in a fluffy towel and started drying my hair.

I went to my room still wrapped in a towel, Charlie had already left for work so I was alone.

I walked into my room and I almost started screaming but then I noticed it was just Alice.

"What are you doing here Alice?" I asked her.

"Nice to see you too Bella" she said in quite a sarcastic tone.

"Sorry its just that you scared me."

"Its ok, but just to answer your question I brought you some clothes for our last day, you have to look nice on our last day of school."

As soon as she said that I turned around but she was already blocking the door.

"You cant get away, come on Bella fashion is fun," she assured me.

She then carried me back to my bed and pull out something from a bag.

Great shes going to dress me in something uncomfortable and tight.

She started dressing me but I protested, " Alice I can dress myself you know."

"Ok fine but you better wear those clothes, I will be in the hallway," and with that she walked out of my room.

I started getting dressed and when I was done I noticed it wasn't uncomfortable or tight, it was kinda cute.

It was a jean skirt, with black leggings, a blue t-shirt and she even gave me some black converse sneakers, but of course I could only wear one sneaker because I still had a cast on my leg.

I actually looked good, it even showed the curves that I didn't even knew I had.

Alice then came back into the room and I smiled at her, she knew I liked it.

She started putting come stuff on my face but I also noted I didn't need that much makeup and when she was done I stared at the mirror, wow Alice knew what she was doing.

"You like it?"

"Wow," I said.

"I'll take that as a yes, see you at school!" and she left out the window in a blink of an eye.

Two minutes later Edward's car came and parked, then I heard a knock at the door.

I grabbed my backpack and opened the door, and there he was like a dream, a god like figure, Edward.

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