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I awoke with the moon shining through my window. It was the only thing keeping my room lit. I could hear Charlie's snores from the other room but other than that it was peacefully quiet. I remembered I had drifted to sleep a couple hours ago, what I couldn't remember is how Id gotten in my bed. I looked down and found myself dressed in some silky purple pyjama shorts and a light blue and purple tank top. "Don t worry Alice stopped by and got you dressed, she said it was probably the only way you wouldn't complain about her fashion decisions" Edward said noticing me eying the clothes. "As for the PJ's she said you could keep them, they do suit you by the well" He was smiling at me from the rocking chair in the corner. "Oh um OK, thats good, the PJ's aren't that bad anyways." I replied with a smile. "Go back to sleep, I'll be here when you wake up." I looked a him for a while and with a shy smile I patted the spot next to me. He got up from the chair and made his way towards my bed. He lay down and I wrapped my right arm around him. It was a hot night outside and the temperature of his body was perfect to keep me cool. I closed my eyes and once again drifted into a dreamless slumber.


I watched the scenario passing by as I looked out the window of Edward's car. We were currently driving down to the Cullen's house which could be better described as a mansion. Esme had invited me over to have lunch even though I would be the only one who would be eating.

Carlisle would also be removing the cast I was still wearing from the James 'incident' a couple of weeks ago. School had also ended fourteen days ago and I had spent most of my summer vacations with Edward.

Sometimes we came to his house and he would play some songs for me on his piano or some days we stayed at my house watching sitcoms, movies or now recently a TV show about Vampire's. We found the show pretty hilarious because they portrayed vampires in a very stereotypical manner with fangs and bats, if only they knew.

I was so consumed with my thoughts that I didn't realize we had arrived at the Cullen's house. Edward came around at vampire speed to open the door for me and take my hand to pull me out.

We walked up the steps and were greeted by Emmett's booming voice.

"Hey there I thought I smelt clumsy human." He enveloped me a hug that lifted me up my feet.

During the few days after the baseball game that almost cost me my human life Emmett and I had become very close. I could imagine him as the big brother I never had even though I acted older than him on many occasions.

"I was waiting for you to come. The Vampire show is on in fifteen minutes!" he said. He had decided it was now his favorite show after he sat down one evening while Edward and I were watching it. He mostly watched it to point out the flaws about vampires but Edward said he once sat down to watch previous seasons for two days straight. He also had a movie collection that included all of the vampire movies ever created, and I'm not kidding every single one.

"Fine we'll watch it." I replied. I then heard the clearing of a throat and turned around to see Alice standing behind Emmett.

"As much as I would love to sit here and discuss vampire shows with my vampire brother's I also want to greet my favorite human." she said with a smile.

"I'm sorry. Hi Alice, besides how many other humans do you talk to on a daily basis?"

"True but thats better for you because it will make you my one and only favorite human plus it means I can take you shopping!"

"Seriously Alice? I thought I made it clear that I don't like to try on clothes for hours on end and besides my wardrobe is perfectly fine as of now."

"Come on Bella, it will be fun I promise. Plus I already now we are going anyway Ive seen it, remember?"

"Fine." I reluctantly gave up because I knew Alice would win in the end.

I looked around the room and noticed that Rosalie wasn't there but I didn't ask because I think I already knew the answer. Jasper was in the corner looking a bit uncomfortable he mumbled a

"Hello Bella, nice to see you" and I gave a polite response to his greeting. As we entered the kitchen we were greeted by Esme and Carlisle cooking what smelt like lasagna.

After I had dinner and we watched the recent episode of the vampire show Carlisle asked me if we should proceed to get my cast removed.

I got up with Edward by my side and we walked up to Carlisle's study. He had many instruments you would only see in a doctors office and I asked myself why would have this if no one in the family ever needed a doctor.

Edward placed me on the medical bed and Carlisle proceeded to take my cast off. Once he took it off, my leg felt a whole lot lighter than accustomed for the past few weeks.

"Do you want to keep the cast Bella?" I didn't really want to keep the cast because it brought back bad memories so I told Carlisle to just dispose of it. Edward seemed to like my idea, I guess he didn't want to remember anything either.

"For now you will have to take it easy and do some exercises to reestablished regular movement in your leg but other than that you are set to go Bella."

"Thanks Carlisle, for everything" I said.

"My pleasure Bella. Ill leave you two alone for a second" Carlisle replied as he got up and went out the door.

"How do you feel Bella?" asked Edward while he kissed my temples, my cheeks, the corner of my mouth and my lips.

"Amazing" I shakily replied while Edward keep moving his lips back and forth across my face.

"Thats good because Alice wants to take you shopping, and Emmett and Jasper have a lot planned as well, they want to take you zip lining, roller blading and bowling. And I myself would like to go and take you to the beach and have a private picnic. I weighed my options; would I rather shop till I literally drop with Alice, make myself look more clumsy with Emmett and Jasper or have a nice quiet private 'picnic' with my boyfriend. He looked at me and I knew he didn't need his mind reading powers to know what I was thinking so he took my hand and said, "How about we sneak out the back window."


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